Flying Star feng shui outlook for September 2010

As with every month, September brings new feng shui energy and with it new opportunities and challenges. 

Here is your feng shui outlook for September 8 through October 7, 2010:

September 2010 Flying Star outlook

September 2010 Flying Star outlook

 Let’s take a closer look at the possibilities September has in store by direction:

Southeast – The southeast is the area that represents wealth and this month’s Flying Stars create financial loss so it is possible that you could have expenses that exeed your income, that you lose your wallet or that you pay too much for something and aren’t able to return it or get a refund.  There is also a small chance that robbery could occur but I find that this is rare.  If you’re front door is in the southeast or faces southeast use another door to come and go from your home this month.

South – This area represents fame and recognition.  Since the Flying Star energy creates difficulties for young children you could find that your child doesn’t get the recognition he or she thinks they deserve, that they get passed over for an award or that they lose a game or competition they were sure they would win.

Southwest – This area represents marriage and partnerships and this month’s Flying Stars increase the odds of food related illness.  So if you’re going out on a date with your partner you may want to be careful about what you eat.  Throw away leftovers in the refrigerator and expired foods too just to be on the safe side.  Women are more prone to food related illness then men at this time.

East – If the east is your personal Career direction (which is based on your birthday) and you’re looking for a job you may find that things don’t go your way this month due to the road blocks the Flying Stars have on money and career.  It’s also possible that any funding legislation up for a vote in Congress won’t get passed or will be delayed until better Stars fly in this area.  Unemployment figures are very likely to rise this month nationwide.

Northeast – This area is prone to fire related accidents so be sure to put out any candles that are lit in the northeast before you leave the house or go to bed at night.   It’s also an area prone to bickering among women so if your office at work is in the northeast area of the building and you’re a female be sure to hold meetings in another room this month.  The north would be ideal for that.

North – This area represents Career in feng shui and the Stars are actually double edged this month.  On one hand  fire related accidents are possible.  On the other hand you could find that you achieve some kind of recognition or award from your peers.  This is a great month to attend networking events whether you have a job or are looking for a job.  If the north is your personal Career direction this should be a good month for you at work especially if you’re a man.

Northwest – Whatever you do don’t act on any investment advice you get this month because it’s very likely you’ll lose money if you do.  If you like to play the lottery or gamble odds are even higher than usual that you’ll lose your money so if you absolutely must give your money away give it to your credit card company or mortgage lender.  This is not the month to set up a new IRA, meet with a financial planner or implement new financial strategies.

West – This area is associated with Children and Creativity.  With such a good Flying Star combination the west is a terrific area of your home for your school aged child to study.  If this area isn’t available have them face west when doing homework or studying for tests this month. 

Center – If your family room or kitchen are in the middle of your home, avoid discussing emotionally charged topics here this month with your partner because it could lead to further conflict rather than successful resolution.  On a positive note this area is terrific for real estate right now so if you’re a realtor try to make phone calls and answer e-mails from the center area of your company office or from the center of your home.

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