Flying Star Feng Shui outlook – June 2013

After a brief hiatus, your monthly Flying Star Feng Shui outlook is back! Here’s the outlook for June 2013:

The June Flying Stars move into place June 6 through July 7, 2013. (Click on the image to make it bigger.)
June 2013 Flying Star outlook

Southeast – This is a great area to spend time in if you’re a writer or a student. The Stars sitting here are ideal for success in both of these areas this month.

South – The Double Illness Star is here for the month and sits with Grand Duke Jupiter, which is a yearly energy. This is a bad combination. Avoid sleeping or spending more than 2-3 hours in rooms that are in the south area of your home this month as this area is prone to creating illness.

Southwest – This is an area that is ideal for romance and creative endeavors. If you’re married it can create arguments between wives and mother-in-laws.

West – The Double Robbery Star is here which is not good for finances. This area is prone to theft and financial loss this month.

Center – This are contains two difficult Stars and is bad for just about everything. Avoid the center of your home as much as possible this month and be sure to place your feng shui remedy here to reduce the effects of the Stars. You can get ALL of the monthly activations and remedies here: June Flying Stars

East – This area is prone to arguments, disagreements and other conflict. Expect to hear more news about additional fighting in the Middle East this month.

Northeast – This area is ideal for career planning, gaining promotions at work and making financial progress through your business and/or career. You definitely want to stimulate this area with the right feng shui activation and you can find them all right here for the month of June:June Flying Stars

North – This area is good for travel but you may disagree about where you want to go.

Northwest – This area is ideal for just about everything: money, career, getting help you need, friendships and more. Spend lots of time here this month!

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Flying Star Feng Shui Outlook – August 2012

The Flying Stars move into their new positions for the month on August 7 and will stay there until September 6, 2012.  Here is your outlook for the month:

Southeast – This area is experiencing double negative energy this month as the Robbery/Violence Star meets the Disaster Star.  The southeast is the area of money, wealth and banking which indicates more  bad news about banks, financial firms and the stock and bond markets not to mention the economies around the world.

On an individual level your more prone to things like losing your wallet, accidentally leaving your wallet or purse somewhere or having money taken from you in a less than pleasant way.

South – Conflicts could arise at work with the Stars that sit here in August.  This is particularly true for middle aged women and people in the fashion or entertainment industry.   Expect more news about celebrity breakups or even seeing high profile people disagreeing publicly. 

Southwest – This is another tough direction and brings conflicts over money to marriages, partnerships and other close partnership-type relationships.  If you’re in business with someone you may find that money is tight this month or that you disagree on how to spend money you have in your business account.  If you’re married or have a live-in roommate or significant other you share expenses with you may find someone isn’t holding up their end of the bill sharing which will definitely bring conflict this month.

East – This direction is one of the bright spots of the month.  If you’ve been hoping to get a financial bonus or have a door of opportunity open up for you this month it could happen.   

Center – This direction is good for windfalls, too.  Alternatively, you could unexpectedly receive money you invested or loaned some time ago.

West –
The west is a good area for general abundance and good fortune so spend as much time in the west area of your home this month as you can.

– The double Illness Star sits in the NE for the month so if you are prone to illness or have a chronic illness avoid this area if you can.  Even if you are a healthy person the effects of the double Illness Star can affect you by leaving you feeling run down and tired mentally, emotionally and/or physically.

 The double Illness Star can also mean that schools may have to cut their budgets due to unexpected loss of revenue.

North –
The Relationship Star flies into the north which is good for making connections with people through your work.  

Northwest –
The double Robbery/Violence Star sits in the area of helpful people and travel.  This energy can bring about more travel related accidents and even increases the chances of terrorist type activities around the world. 

If you’re traveling at all this month the trip may well cost you more than you anticipated so bring extra cash.

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Flying Star feng shui outlook for September 2010

As with every month, September brings new feng shui energy and with it new opportunities and challenges. 

Here is your feng shui outlook for September 8 through October 7, 2010:

September 2010 Flying Star outlook

September 2010 Flying Star outlook

 Let’s take a closer look at the possibilities September has in store by direction:

Southeast – The southeast is the area that represents wealth and this month’s Flying Stars create financial loss so it is possible that you could have expenses that exeed your income, that you lose your wallet or that you pay too much for something and aren’t able to return it or get a refund.  There is also a small chance that robbery could occur but I find that this is rare.  If you’re front door is in the southeast or faces southeast use another door to come and go from your home this month.

South – This area represents fame and recognition.  Since the Flying Star energy creates difficulties for young children you could find that your child doesn’t get the recognition he or she thinks they deserve, that they get passed over for an award or that they lose a game or competition they were sure they would win.

Southwest – This area represents marriage and partnerships and this month’s Flying Stars increase the odds of food related illness.  So if you’re going out on a date with your partner you may want to be careful about what you eat.  Throw away leftovers in the refrigerator and expired foods too just to be on the safe side.  Women are more prone to food related illness then men at this time.

East – If the east is your personal Career direction (which is based on your birthday) and you’re looking for a job you may find that things don’t go your way this month due to the road blocks the Flying Stars have on money and career.  It’s also possible that any funding legislation up for a vote in Congress won’t get passed or will be delayed until better Stars fly in this area.  Unemployment figures are very likely to rise this month nationwide.

Northeast – This area is prone to fire related accidents so be sure to put out any candles that are lit in the northeast before you leave the house or go to bed at night.   It’s also an area prone to bickering among women so if your office at work is in the northeast area of the building and you’re a female be sure to hold meetings in another room this month.  The north would be ideal for that.

North – This area represents Career in feng shui and the Stars are actually double edged this month.  On one hand  fire related accidents are possible.  On the other hand you could find that you achieve some kind of recognition or award from your peers.  This is a great month to attend networking events whether you have a job or are looking for a job.  If the north is your personal Career direction this should be a good month for you at work especially if you’re a man.

Northwest – Whatever you do don’t act on any investment advice you get this month because it’s very likely you’ll lose money if you do.  If you like to play the lottery or gamble odds are even higher than usual that you’ll lose your money so if you absolutely must give your money away give it to your credit card company or mortgage lender.  This is not the month to set up a new IRA, meet with a financial planner or implement new financial strategies.

West – This area is associated with Children and Creativity.  With such a good Flying Star combination the west is a terrific area of your home for your school aged child to study.  If this area isn’t available have them face west when doing homework or studying for tests this month. 

Center – If your family room or kitchen are in the middle of your home, avoid discussing emotionally charged topics here this month with your partner because it could lead to further conflict rather than successful resolution.  On a positive note this area is terrific for real estate right now so if you’re a realtor try to make phone calls and answer e-mails from the center area of your company office or from the center of your home.

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Nobel Peace Prize Baffling and Ironic, But Perfect Feng Shui

Today is one of those days that started off with confusion, disagreement and even irony all packed into about a 1 hour span of time.

First, the Nobel Peace Prize winner for 2009 was announced in Norway.  When the name Obama was said the whole room filed with stares of disbelief and confusion. 

Apparently President Obama has made quite an impression on the Prize Committee members by doing absolutely nothing in the short time he’s been in office.  Now if only Bono Vox, Leuren Moret and other people who are working diligently to bring about world peace would just STOP doing anything they just might have a chance at winning.  I hope they’re taking notes for future reference.

Then less than an hour after the Nobel annoucement the U.S. bombed the moon. 

Now I understand that the bomb wasn’t for war purposes but don’t you think it’s really ironic that a U.S. President would get a Peace Prize an hour before we send a bomb into new territory?  You couldn’t plan the timing any better than that.

If you saw my previous Flying Star article  ( you know the feng shui reason behind bombing the moon right now.

But the other feng shui Flying Star that was triggered when President Obama was announced as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is the Double Conflict Star in the area of feng shui tied to Wisdom.  The way it’s being played out is that people are in disbelief and even disagreement with the Prize Committee’s choice for this award.  In other words the world is questioning their Wisdom.

Normally the media doesn’t comment on things that seem controversial but even Matt Lauer of the Today show was questioning the Committee’s decision right after the annoucement was made.  After all Obama joins the ranks of such prestigious winners as Doctors Without Borders, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. 

When you put them all together you get something that brings that Sesame Street song to mind: One of These Things Is Not Like the Others. 

The Prize Committee can say whatever it wants but people aren’t stupid.

As we head into 2010 expect things to get more strange because next year’s feng shui energy will amplify what’s going on in the world even more.

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Feng Shui Glimpse into Bombing the Moon

Tonight I almost fell out of my chair when I heard the national news headlines.  Here’s why.

The new month (in feng shui terms) begins October 8th.  On that day all of the feng shui Flying Stars change their location for the month and land in different areas of the feng shui bagua for the next 30 days.  This happens every month so there’s nothing unusual about that.

But what is unusual is that we have a Flying Star combination in the Center gua that only happens once every ten years and that is the Fire Star combining with the Military Star.  When these two Stars come together they double the energy of the Military Star and since the Center gua sets the overall ‘theme’ for the country each month news, discussions and events are going to revolve around this topic.

Now when I first  saw this I had a strong feeling that this mean an increase in fighting or even a possible new war somewhere on the planet.  It definitely bodes well for an increased military presence which could be local, state or even federal government in your own backyard.  In any case it felt very unsettling to me for some reason that I couldn’t quite explain.

And then I turned on the national news and heard that NASA will broadcast bombing the moon this Friday, the day after the energy of the double Military Star kicks in.   What’s even more strange is that the Military Star is also associated with the moon, stars and other planets.

So the moon is coming together with a military bomb in perfect feng shui timing.

How weird is THAT? 

Feng shui is so clever in giving clues about events and it’s not just for the world at large because feng shui Flying Stars affect you too.

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The Fated Feng Shui of Euna Lee and Laura Ling

Euna Lee and Laura Ling

Euna Lee and Laura Ling

Periodically I send out a request on Twitter and Facebook asking if anyone has a current event they’d like analyzed with feng shui.  Well Susan Somerset Webb on Facebook stepped up to the plate to ask about the feng shui of Euna Lee and Laura Ling the two American reporters who were recently released by the North Koreans courtesy of former President Bill Clinton.

In order to look at their capture and release we really have to look at the whole reason Laura and Euna were there in the first place.  Both were reporters for Al Gore’s television station, Current TV, and crossed over into North Korea illegally.  They were arrested in March 2009, suspected of being spies.

Here’s the thing about this.  There is a branch of feng shui called Flying Star and under this type of feng shui there are 9 Flying Stars, each have their own meaning.  Each Flying Star sits on a particular direction (N, S, E, W, etc.) for the year and this year the Conflict Star sits in the Northeast. 

If you look at a map of the world North Korea is in the Northeast part of the world meaning they are likely to create and/or experience more disagreements, arguements, fighting, etc. than other parts of the world. 

On top of this the Northeast represents writing and journalism so this industry is likely to experience conflict as well.  Both Euna and Laura doubly exposed themselves to this energy by way of their careers AND being in North Korea this year.

Looking at Laura’s personal feng shui it’s obvious that 2009 is going to be challenging for her career and her relationships.  She has the Violence Star on her Success direction meaning the possibility of a violent event occuring as a result of her job is greatly increased.  Additionally she has the Disaster Star on her Relationship direction meaning that something bad could happen as a result of her relationship with a friend, family member or co-worker. 

These are very troubling Flying Stars to have to deal with when you look at them in conjunction with the Flying Stars on North Korea and on journalism.  This combination is just like holding a bomb that can go off at any time.  I believe that because Laura’s personal feng shui is so negative this year that her Flying Star energy was the trigger for both women getting arrested but fortunately Euna was with her.

Here’s what I mean.

Euna Lee was exposed to the same negative Flying Star influences because of being a journalist and being in North Korea but her personal feng shui was much better than Laura’s.  Euna has the Windfall Star on her Success direction meaning an opportunity was likely to land in her lap as a result of her career and that opportunity turned out to be former President Clinton agreeing to negotiate her release.

On top of this her Relationship direction has the Illness Star on it.  That may sound bad but this Star is not always as negative as it sounds.  In fact it can mean that through hard work your efforts pay off and Euna being an employee of Al Gore’s television station paid off in ways she couldn’t have imagined.

It turns out that Euna’s Relationship direction is tied to television and media broadcasting.  This means that people at Current TV were working hard behind the scenes (namely Al Gore)  to help the two women to get out of this situation.  In all honesty if Euna had not been with Laura I don’t think their release would have come as quickly and Laura would have been there until next year had she been by herself.

And now to Kim Jong il.  His feng shui actually played a role as well.  His Success direction has the Conflict Star on it and he certainly has been creating a lot of problems around the world this year between missle testing and holding these two women hostage.  This may actually escalate in October when this Conflict energy doubles so stay tuned.

So why would he be willing to let these women go given his nasty disposition (or should I say nastier?) this year?  Well Euna and Laura can thank the Flying Star on Kim Jong il’s Relationship direction this year.

Kim Jong Il’s Relationship direction is tied specifically to helpful people, leaders and heavenly support (this is why this guy is not likely to be booted from power).  In other words he has people looking out for him and powerful people helping him throughout his life.  This year the Star of New Beginnings sits on his Relationship direction meaning he is likely to meet and/or become friends with someone new and powerful and that person turned out to be none other than Bill Clinton.  Just what his Relationship direction predicted this year.

You may be wondering why none of this happened earlier since these Flying Stars are on these directions all year.  Well the answer would be that there are also monthly Flying Stars and at the time of Euna Lee and Laura Ling’s release the same Flying Stars that were in the Northeast and on Laura, Euna and Kim’s personal directions for the year were also there for the month.  This pairing up of feng shui Stars doubled the energy for everyone involved.

Because of this the meeting between Clinton and Kim Jong il was likely to be very intense with a lot of posturing and strutting going on by the North Korean dictator.  But the end result was worth it.

Feng shui is so much deeper than furniture arrangement and color schemes and it’s because feng shui’s history goes back over 5,000 years.  When you can find a classical Feng Shui consultant who can help you decipher the meaning of your Flying Stars it can help you navigate any waters that lie ahead.

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