Flying Star Feng Shui – predictions for 2011

Flying Star chartFebruary 4, 2011 launches the new Flying Star year in feng shui and I know a lot of people who will be glad to say good-bye to 2010.

Even though there are only 9 yearly Flying Stars and their meaning never changes the directions these Stars sit in do change.  And when they move to a new direction the energy they bring affects a different segment of the economy, people in your home and can bring their own set of benefits or challenges.

The reason I like Flying Stars Feng Shui is because it has a predictive quality so when you know how to read the Stars you have a good idea of the outcome they’re likely to produce. 

Today’s blog is all about the Flying Stars outlook for 2011 so let’s take a look at what possibilities lie ahead for the world this year.

Southeast – Well hallelujah!  Finally a decent Star sitting in the southeast this year.  Well, sort of.  In 2011 the Windfall Star sits in the area of wealth and banking.  This means that the financial industry and banking should receive some kind of financial help or opportunity and it’s likely to come completely out of the blue.  It could be in the form of more bailout money, additional revenue from the new fees they tack on to client accounts, or something else we haven’t even tought of yet. 

We may even see an easing of banking regulations that allows new banks to open up more easily or gives existing banks and financial institutions more leeway in meeting reserve requirements or something along those lines.

The challenge with the Windfall Star sitting in the SE is that the southeast is wood energy and the Windfall Star is metal.  In feng shui metal and wood clash (think of a metal axe chopping down a tree).  That indicates that the financial windfall or opportunity that lands on the financial and banking sector, while nice when it happens, will end up being a problem in the grander scheme of things. 

Additionally the Windfall Star is tied to the military which means that we’re likely to see military spending increase this year.  This is a good sign the deficit will increase and maybe even taxes.

South – The Illness Star sits in the south which is the area of Fame, Recognition and middle aged women.  This Star has several meanings.

First, it can bring actual illness.  If you’re a middle aged woman with chronic health issues or health issues that are diffucult to control DO NOT sleep in the south area of your home this year.  Don’t sleep with the top of your head pointed south either.  This also goes for you if you’re pregnant.

Since the south is tied to the entertainment industry it’s likely that we’ll hear more news stories about celebrities with mental, emotional and/or physical health problems this year.  That includes stories about people other than Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen entering rehab or going to the hospital in 2011.

Because this Star is also indicative of hard work middle aged women are more likely than any other group to find that they’re working more hours or given more projects and assigments to work on than their counterparts.  The crummy part of this is that all this hard work isn’t likely to bring any recognition for you until next year but the efforts you put in now will pay off for you so just keep that in mind.

Southwest – This is the area of partnerships and marriage as well as motherhood and the Relationship Star sits here in 2011.  That means more couples are likely to get married this year, more business partnerships are likely to be formed, it will be easier to find someone to date if you’re looking for a partner and you’ll have a better connection with your mother this year. 

If you’re a mom and have been thinking about joining a mom’s club or starting a mom’s group this is a great year to do it.  You’ll find lots of other mom’s who are receptive to you and your ideas.

The Southwest is definitely an area of your home and office you’ll want to activate with feng shui this year.  My book Flying Star Feng Shui 2011 has all the remedies and activations you need to support this Star as well as the other eight Stars this year.

East – Admittedly, the east is going to be a trouble spot this year.  The east is tied to government, health and family and this year the Disaster Star sits here.  Ugh.  It’s this Star’s location that has kept me from publishing this blog article sooner because Disater, families, government and health are not words anyone wants to hear in the same sentence.

The Chinese Feng Shui Masters call this Star the Disaster Star for a reason.  It brings serious accidents, financial loss, war, calamity and in rare cases death. 

What this tells me is that we can expect major problems in government at all levels (local, state, national and global).  This can be in the form of big changes no one really wants but that can prove to be beneficial in the long run.  It can mean that more countries go to war this year.  It also means that citizens rising up against their government officials and government systems is going to be more common this year.

With the Disaster Star affecting health we could see that the health care industry experiences major problems this year which could come from the government and in turn affect families in a negative way.   Big changes are definitely in store for doctors, nurses, hospitals and health insurance companies that’s for sure but those changes are not likely to be for the good of the health care providers or health care recipients.  I think that however this unfolds it will end up surprising a lot of people, especially those who trust the government to do what’s in the best interest of the people.

The challenge is going to be that any changes implemented this year that are seen to be threatening, harmful or not in the best interest of the people being affected by those changes (those people being citizens and/or gov’t officials) will not be tolerated.  Revolt is very likely to result.

I do have to say that leaders who see the big picture, have the best interest of their country and people at heart and who are able to articulate the benefits of change they’re proposing are likely to win people over.   If that’s the case then even though the proposed changes may feel disruptive to many people as they’re being implemented in the long run those changes should prove to be beneficial. 

Center – The center of the feng shui bagua holds the Voilence/Robbery Star this year.  This Star sets the ‘theme’ for the year which indicates that many people will be talking about violence: how it affects us, how to reduce it, gun control, etc. 

Because this Star is in the center it indicates that we could see an increase in voilent acts this year (and this ties in with the Disaster Star on families and government) as well as more robberies.  If civil unrest does increase globally then more robberies would naturally follow since violent protests are often followed by looting.

If your home is shaped so that your front door opens in the center of your home you’ll want to put your Flying Star feng shui remedy here to reduce the effects of the Robbery/Violence Star.  You’ll also want to come and go from a different door if possible because the more you use this door the more you trigger the energy of this Star.

West – The Fame Star sits in the west in 2011 and that means we may see more child actors gaining fame and recognition than usual now.  It’s also an indicator that technology will be in the spotlight this year which can be that new gadgets come out that people love, someone in the tech industry gets a lot of press this year (my thoughts turn to Steve Jobs who is in poor health) and even new breakthroughs in technology that get a lot of attention.

Because the west is also tied to creativity artists and writers who have been struggling to get noticed may finally get the break they’ve been waiting for and experience stardom. 

Northeast – The New Beginnings Star is in the northeast which means that education reform is going to be a hot topic of discussion.  Many schools may begin changing the way they teach and/or evaluate students’ understanding of subjects they’ve studied.  This goes for public and private schools as well as colleges and other schools. 

Because the Flying Stars on education have been tough the past couple of years there are schools that may decide to close up shop this year or merge with another school to stay in business or grow in a new direction.

The northeast is also the area of spiritual wisdom.  This means new ideas about spirituality and even new spiritual leaders are likely to emerge.

North – This is the career direction and the Conflict Star sits here this year.  Since the north is also related to middle aged men this is the group of people that will be most affected by this Star in the workplace. 

Disagreements at work and employee related lawsuits are likely to rise with this Star.  Because this Star can also bring divorce we could hear more stories of couples splitting up due to career related issues that affect couples like job loss, working too many hours or even one spouse not wanting to move if the other gets a job offer in another town.

Humor is a good antidote for this Star along with your feng shui remedies.

Northwest – The Abundance Star sits in the area of helpful people and travel in 2011 which means it will be a lot easier for you, me and everyone else to get help we need when we need it.   If you find that you need advice or help this year be sure to ask for it.

The northwest is also tied to the aerospace industry and travel industry.  With the Abundance Star sitting here these areas should do well financially this year.  Even though plans to go back to the moon and the space shuttle program are no more NASA may get a new assignment from the government this year that allows people to keep their jobs.

In addition to the yearly Flying Stars you have your own personal feng shui Flying Stars that specifically affect your career, health, relationships and decision making.  How will your Flying Stars affect you this year?  You can find out all this information and more in my book Flying Star Feng Shui 2011Click here to get your copy now.

Nobel Peace Prize Baffling and Ironic, But Perfect Feng Shui

Today is one of those days that started off with confusion, disagreement and even irony all packed into about a 1 hour span of time.

First, the Nobel Peace Prize winner for 2009 was announced in Norway.  When the name Obama was said the whole room filed with stares of disbelief and confusion. 

Apparently President Obama has made quite an impression on the Prize Committee members by doing absolutely nothing in the short time he’s been in office.  Now if only Bono Vox, Leuren Moret and other people who are working diligently to bring about world peace would just STOP doing anything they just might have a chance at winning.  I hope they’re taking notes for future reference.

Then less than an hour after the Nobel annoucement the U.S. bombed the moon. 

Now I understand that the bomb wasn’t for war purposes but don’t you think it’s really ironic that a U.S. President would get a Peace Prize an hour before we send a bomb into new territory?  You couldn’t plan the timing any better than that.

If you saw my previous Flying Star article  ( you know the feng shui reason behind bombing the moon right now.

But the other feng shui Flying Star that was triggered when President Obama was announced as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is the Double Conflict Star in the area of feng shui tied to Wisdom.  The way it’s being played out is that people are in disbelief and even disagreement with the Prize Committee’s choice for this award.  In other words the world is questioning their Wisdom.

Normally the media doesn’t comment on things that seem controversial but even Matt Lauer of the Today show was questioning the Committee’s decision right after the annoucement was made.  After all Obama joins the ranks of such prestigious winners as Doctors Without Borders, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. 

When you put them all together you get something that brings that Sesame Street song to mind: One of These Things Is Not Like the Others. 

The Prize Committee can say whatever it wants but people aren’t stupid.

As we head into 2010 expect things to get more strange because next year’s feng shui energy will amplify what’s going on in the world even more.

If you’re interested to know how Flying Star feng shui can affect you then you’ll want to check out for more information.

Feng Shui Glimpse into Bombing the Moon

Tonight I almost fell out of my chair when I heard the national news headlines.  Here’s why.

The new month (in feng shui terms) begins October 8th.  On that day all of the feng shui Flying Stars change their location for the month and land in different areas of the feng shui bagua for the next 30 days.  This happens every month so there’s nothing unusual about that.

But what is unusual is that we have a Flying Star combination in the Center gua that only happens once every ten years and that is the Fire Star combining with the Military Star.  When these two Stars come together they double the energy of the Military Star and since the Center gua sets the overall ‘theme’ for the country each month news, discussions and events are going to revolve around this topic.

Now when I first  saw this I had a strong feeling that this mean an increase in fighting or even a possible new war somewhere on the planet.  It definitely bodes well for an increased military presence which could be local, state or even federal government in your own backyard.  In any case it felt very unsettling to me for some reason that I couldn’t quite explain.

And then I turned on the national news and heard that NASA will broadcast bombing the moon this Friday, the day after the energy of the double Military Star kicks in.   What’s even more strange is that the Military Star is also associated with the moon, stars and other planets.

So the moon is coming together with a military bomb in perfect feng shui timing.

How weird is THAT? 

Feng shui is so clever in giving clues about events and it’s not just for the world at large because feng shui Flying Stars affect you too.

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