What’s your Kua number?

If you’re only familiar with Western Feng Shui you probably didn’t know you have a Kua (pronounced kwah) number.

In classical Chinese Feng Shui everyone has something called a Kua number.  This number is based on your birthday and gender.

Kua numbers range from 1-9 and each of these numbers has specific beneficial feng shui directions and specific challenging feng shui directions.  Kua number 5 is the only one that is divided into Male and Female because it represents the yin and yang energy in feng shui.   You can find your Kua number by clicking here.

When you know your best directions and you know which Flying Stars are sitting on them for the year and for the month, you can increase your odds in picking the best months to:

  • meet new people
  • launch a business
  • start a sales campaign
  • visit the doctor
  • start a new exercise routine or diet
  • get married
  • travel
  • do anything else important to you!

When you use your Kua directions in conjuction with the Flying Stars activations you have an edge in increasing your luck and who couldn’t use a little more luck each month?

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Kua numbers

I’m in the process of writing up a Flying Star Feng Shui forecast for a client of mine in Arizona and she’s about to have an amazing year in 2011.  She’s sure to be happy to hear that because the Stars for 2010 were pretty crappy which, in turn, made 2010 a challenging year for her though she never complained about it.

Anyway, I got so excited about what’s coming up for her that I posted a comment on Facebook saying I wish I could be a fly on her wall this year to see how it all unfolds because it’s all so positive.  Someone else responded and asked if I was talking about them. 

 Well, I wasn’t but as it turns out this other person has the same Kua (pronounced kwah) number as my client in Arizona. 

A Kua number in feng shui is like your sign in astrology.  And like your astrological sign your Kua number is based on your birthday.

So for those of you interested in knowing what your Kua number is I thought I’d post a chart for you here: Kua numbers 1210

Kua numbers 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are in for a surprisingly good year.  Much better than 2010 for sure.

Kua number 1, 3, 4 and 9 may find 2011 to be mixed.  Some will go through unexpected changes, others may find they work harder than last year, while the rest experience an unexpected winfall or learn how to maximize their listening skills and sense of humor.

I’m in the process of finishing my book of forecasts and predictions for each Kua number for 2011 and will let you know when it’s available.  Cheers!