What’s your Kua number?

If you’re only familiar with Western Feng Shui you probably didn’t know you have a Kua (pronounced kwah) number.

In classical Chinese Feng Shui everyone has something called a Kua number.  This number is based on your birthday and gender.

Kua numbers range from 1-9 and each of these numbers has specific beneficial feng shui directions and specific challenging feng shui directions.  Kua number 5 is the only one that is divided into Male and Female because it represents the yin and yang energy in feng shui.   You can find your Kua number by clicking here.

When you know your best directions and you know which Flying Stars are sitting on them for the year and for the month, you can increase your odds in picking the best months to:

  • meet new people
  • launch a business
  • start a sales campaign
  • visit the doctor
  • start a new exercise routine or diet
  • get married
  • travel
  • do anything else important to you!

When you use your Kua directions in conjuction with the Flying Stars activations you have an edge in increasing your luck and who couldn’t use a little more luck each month?

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Charlie Sheen’s feng shui karma number tied to drug problem

Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half MenYes, I admit it.  I’m a big fan of Charlie Sheen’s show Two and a Half Men.  In the show Charlie is everything that is repulsive to me.  He’s a womanizer, he’s a drunk and he’s self absorbed but for some reason this show makes those qualities humorous and we have Chuck Lorre to thank for that.

However, Charlie Sheen is also like this in real life.  In the past year his drunken and drugged up escapades have sent his car over a cliff (it was supposedly stolen and run off the cliff by a stranger), led him to destroy a room in the Plaza Hotel in New York in an alcohol and cocaine induced rage and just recently he was rushed to the hospital for drug related illness after partying at his home with several porn stars (a favorite choice of companion for Sheen).  Now he’s in rehab and his show is in hiatus until he comes out.

Charlie Sheen has a history of making poor choices in his life and my belief is that is related to his personal feng shui.

A person’s feng shui Kua number often indicates the area of life that will give them the most challenges and bring them the most spiritual growth.  I think a better name for this number would be your Karma number because it really is more about learning to deal with issues that you tend to struggle with.

Charlie Sheen’s Karma number (I just decided I’m changing the name) is tied to wisdom and spiritual growth.  It’s also the number of the youngest son in the family which Sheen also happens to be.  (That part is just a coincidence but reinforces the energy of his Karma number even more.)

This means that Sheen’s primary challenges in life will be related to making wise decisions and learning from mistakes he makes in life.  I don’t think he’s quite figured this lesson out yet.  In fact, his whole life seems to be about rebelling against his karmic lessons.

The past couple of years have been particularly tough for him.  It doesn’t help that he had the Conflict Star on his Wisdom direction in 2009 when he broke up with his third wife, Brooke Mueller.  That Star brings arguments, divorce and lawsuits. 

And in 2010 he had the Illness Star on his Wisdom direction which can lead to poor choices related to mental, emotional and/or physical health.  This Star hasn’t left him yet which is why it’s not unusual that his drug problem made the news last week.

But beginning February 2011 Charlie has a new Star flying into his Wisdom direction and that’s the New Beginnings Star.  Although he entered rehab before this Star arrived we’re close enough to the new year that his efforts to turn his life around and stop using drugs could actually work.  That is if he really wants to.

Positive Flying Stars like the New Beginnings Star make it easier to move in a positive direction and when you combine the energy of the good Stars with your own personal efforts (you do have to do something; just sitting and waiting for the Universe to do everything for you doesn’t work) the results can be astounding.

Here’s hoping Charlie Sheen starts making better decisions for himself in 2011.

Birthday Feng Shui

Well, it’s official.  This week I turn 40 something.

In feng shui every birthday has it’s own Kua number and your number tells you a lot of things like what direction is best for your career, which area you need to feng shui to attract a loving relationship, which direction will cause you frustration and more.

Everyone has four good directions which are best for career success, good health, loving and supportive relationships and making good decisions.

You also have four directions that can bring frustration in your life, financial loss, illness and other misfortunes.

It’s important to know which of your four feng shui directions support you and which four create obstacles so that you can use your four best directions as much as possible and avoid the others.

Your Kua number  and directions also affected by the yearly feng shui Flying Stars.  There are 9 different types of Flying Stars and they are:

  1. New Beginnings Star – good for cash flow and career
  2. Illness Star – creates health problems and financial challenges
  3. Conflict Star – brings arguments, legal problems
  4. Relationship Star – good for attracting new people into your life and strengthening existing relationships
  5. Disaster Star – creates big changes, usually in abrupt and unexpected ways.  Can bring accidents, bankruptcy and other problems.
  6. Windfall Star – good for bringing financial windfalls or unexpected opportunities out of the blue
  7. Violence/Robbery Star – Can create accidents and theft
  8. Abundance Star – good for wealth, success and spiritual growth
  9. Fame Star – good for gaining fame and recognition from others

Do you know which of these Stars is going to affect your career this year?  Is it a good Star?  If so, how will you use your feng shui to enhance its energy?

Is it a difficult Star?  If so, how will you use your feng shui to neutralize this Star as much as possible to make your year go smoothly?

Do you know what the Star on your career direction means for you in 2011?

Which Flying Star is sitting on your relationship direction this year?  Is this the year you could find a loving partner once and for all or is this going to be a year when your relationships could feel draining rather than supportive?

If your relationship Flying Star is good for finding ‘the one’ do you know how to activate its energy?

If your relationship Flying Star is challenging do you know how to reduce the energy of that Star so that you sail through the year with a smile rather than a headache?

As I was thinking about turning another year older I decided that I should be giving a gift rather than receiving one so that’s just what I’m doing.

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How to wear your feng shui

Fashion feng shui - how to wear your feng shuiWhen I was young my mother used to remark that my grandmother always wore beige.

Her pants were beige, her tops were beige, her shoes were beige and even her jacket, coat and sweater were beige.  All in different shades, of course, as though that would add some variety to her color scheme.

When I got older my mom said to me, “You dress just like your grandmother except you’re all beige and white.” 

Since my grandmother was (and still is) one of the people I love most and care about I was flattered by this compliment (even though it wasn’t meant that way).

Once I began studying feng shui I started to notice something.  My friends, family and co-workers tended to wear colors that supported their Kua number.  Your Kua number in feng shui is like your zodiac sign in astrology.  Each one has it’s own characteristics, is based on your birthday and is supported by specific colors and elements.

It turns out that all those beige clothes my grandmother wears supports the earth energy of her Kua number. 

In my case the beige and white colors that used to dominate my closet (I’ve become more diverse now that I know more about the meaning of colors) also supported my Kua number.

So for kicks I thought you might like to know which colors support you so that you can get a good laugh if you’re closet and dresser are already filled with these colors.  And if not, you can add these colors to your wardrobe to support your personal feng shui.

You can find your Kua Number here.  The list below tells you which colors support your Kua Number the most:

Kua Number 1:  dark shades of blue, black (though best worn as pants or skirts rather than as tops), white, gold, silver, bronze, and grey

Kua Number 2:  beige, tan, yellow, rose red, purple, cherry red, orange, and fuchsia

Kua Number 3:  green, dark brown, blue, and black (though best worn as pants or skirts rather than as tops)

Kua Number 4:  green, lilac, dark brown, blue, and black (though best worn as pants or skirts rather than as tops)

Kua Number 5 Male:  beige, tan, yellow, rose red, purple, cherry red, orange, and fuchsia

Kua Number 5 Female:  beige, tan, yellow, rose red, purple, cherry red, orange, and fuchsia

Kua Number 6:  white, gold, silver, bronze, grey, beige, tan, pale yellow, and rose red

Kua Number 7:  white, gold, silver, bronze, grey, beige, tan, pale yellow, and rose red

Kua Number 8:  beige, tan, yellow, rose red, purple, cherry red, orange, and fuchsia

Kua Number 9:  purple, cherry red, orange, fuchsia, green, dark brown and lilac

You can wear these colors anywhere on your body so that means as pants, a skirt, top, shirt, sweater, undergarments, socks, etc.  This way if you don’t want to wear fuchsia pants you can always were a fuchsia bra or socks instead!

Enjoy wearing your feng shui colors.

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Tiger Woods – Comedian

   Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

We all know Tiger Woods can play golf but did you know he has a sense of humor too?  If you haven’t seen the video of him interviewing himself after his latest win you can see it here: http://sports.yahoo.com/golf/blog/devil_ball_golf/post/Tiger-Woods-puts-the-sports-media-out-of-a-job?urn=golf,174907

What’s interesting about this is that it ties right into Tiger’s feng shui energy number (also known as Kua number).  You have a feng shui number that is based on your birthday, and like Tiger, it reveals interesting information about you.

In Tiger’s case his energy number is tied to Children, Creativity, Humor, Technology and the Mouth.  No wonder he has such a fabulous smile and now he’s revealing a little more of his playful side too.

In fact, when he let’s his playful side show it actually helps him to ‘feed his soul’ so to speak, because this frequency (energy) is who he is at his soul level.

It’s also no wonder that he won the AT&T National event this month and the Memorial Tournament last month.  Not only is he one of the world’s top golfers (if not the top) he also has the Windfall Star on his Health direction this year.  Since his profession is sports his feng shui Health direction is very important to his success in golf and this year the Windfall Star makes it even easier to win ‘from out of nowhere’ even if he is at the back of the pack initially.  July is a particulaly good month for him this year.

He also needs good caddies and coaches to be successful because his Health direction is tied to Relationships.  Without supportive people in his golf career it would be tough for him from a feng shui perspective and he would have to put in more effort physically.  This is why his father’s support of him at such an early age helped Tiger so much in his career as a golfer now.

His Relationship direction is all about teachers and inner wisdom.  He will connect best with people who he can learn from, whether it’s about golf, cooking, car repair or anything else.  This keeps him interested in other people.  If he’s not learning something from those around him (whether it’s formally or informally) he’s likely to lose interest.

And then there’s his Success direction.  This is all about travelling, mentors and helpful people.  The travel that’s required for his profession and the mentoring he received from his father and other men in his life greatly supports his chosen career.

Interesting isn’t it? 

Your personal feng shui energy number says a lot about you and getting your Personal 12 Month Feng Shui Outlook can help you to better understand who you are as well as how your feng shui supports you in life.

Isn’t it time you knew more about yourself?  Find out here: Your Personal Feng Shui Outlook.