The Fated Feng Shui of Euna Lee and Laura Ling

Euna Lee and Laura Ling

Euna Lee and Laura Ling

Periodically I send out a request on Twitter and Facebook asking if anyone has a current event they’d like analyzed with feng shui.  Well Susan Somerset Webb on Facebook stepped up to the plate to ask about the feng shui of Euna Lee and Laura Ling the two American reporters who were recently released by the North Koreans courtesy of former President Bill Clinton.

In order to look at their capture and release we really have to look at the whole reason Laura and Euna were there in the first place.  Both were reporters for Al Gore’s television station, Current TV, and crossed over into North Korea illegally.  They were arrested in March 2009, suspected of being spies.

Here’s the thing about this.  There is a branch of feng shui called Flying Star and under this type of feng shui there are 9 Flying Stars, each have their own meaning.  Each Flying Star sits on a particular direction (N, S, E, W, etc.) for the year and this year the Conflict Star sits in the Northeast. 

If you look at a map of the world North Korea is in the Northeast part of the world meaning they are likely to create and/or experience more disagreements, arguements, fighting, etc. than other parts of the world. 

On top of this the Northeast represents writing and journalism so this industry is likely to experience conflict as well.  Both Euna and Laura doubly exposed themselves to this energy by way of their careers AND being in North Korea this year.

Looking at Laura’s personal feng shui it’s obvious that 2009 is going to be challenging for her career and her relationships.  She has the Violence Star on her Success direction meaning the possibility of a violent event occuring as a result of her job is greatly increased.  Additionally she has the Disaster Star on her Relationship direction meaning that something bad could happen as a result of her relationship with a friend, family member or co-worker. 

These are very troubling Flying Stars to have to deal with when you look at them in conjunction with the Flying Stars on North Korea and on journalism.  This combination is just like holding a bomb that can go off at any time.  I believe that because Laura’s personal feng shui is so negative this year that her Flying Star energy was the trigger for both women getting arrested but fortunately Euna was with her.

Here’s what I mean.

Euna Lee was exposed to the same negative Flying Star influences because of being a journalist and being in North Korea but her personal feng shui was much better than Laura’s.  Euna has the Windfall Star on her Success direction meaning an opportunity was likely to land in her lap as a result of her career and that opportunity turned out to be former President Clinton agreeing to negotiate her release.

On top of this her Relationship direction has the Illness Star on it.  That may sound bad but this Star is not always as negative as it sounds.  In fact it can mean that through hard work your efforts pay off and Euna being an employee of Al Gore’s television station paid off in ways she couldn’t have imagined.

It turns out that Euna’s Relationship direction is tied to television and media broadcasting.  This means that people at Current TV were working hard behind the scenes (namely Al Gore)  to help the two women to get out of this situation.  In all honesty if Euna had not been with Laura I don’t think their release would have come as quickly and Laura would have been there until next year had she been by herself.

And now to Kim Jong il.  His feng shui actually played a role as well.  His Success direction has the Conflict Star on it and he certainly has been creating a lot of problems around the world this year between missle testing and holding these two women hostage.  This may actually escalate in October when this Conflict energy doubles so stay tuned.

So why would he be willing to let these women go given his nasty disposition (or should I say nastier?) this year?  Well Euna and Laura can thank the Flying Star on Kim Jong il’s Relationship direction this year.

Kim Jong Il’s Relationship direction is tied specifically to helpful people, leaders and heavenly support (this is why this guy is not likely to be booted from power).  In other words he has people looking out for him and powerful people helping him throughout his life.  This year the Star of New Beginnings sits on his Relationship direction meaning he is likely to meet and/or become friends with someone new and powerful and that person turned out to be none other than Bill Clinton.  Just what his Relationship direction predicted this year.

You may be wondering why none of this happened earlier since these Flying Stars are on these directions all year.  Well the answer would be that there are also monthly Flying Stars and at the time of Euna Lee and Laura Ling’s release the same Flying Stars that were in the Northeast and on Laura, Euna and Kim’s personal directions for the year were also there for the month.  This pairing up of feng shui Stars doubled the energy for everyone involved.

Because of this the meeting between Clinton and Kim Jong il was likely to be very intense with a lot of posturing and strutting going on by the North Korean dictator.  But the end result was worth it.

Feng shui is so much deeper than furniture arrangement and color schemes and it’s because feng shui’s history goes back over 5,000 years.  When you can find a classical Feng Shui consultant who can help you decipher the meaning of your Flying Stars it can help you navigate any waters that lie ahead.

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