Flying Star Feng Shui outlook – June 2012

The month of the Horse begins June 5 and runs through July 6, 2012.  Here is the Flying Star outlook for the coming month:

Center gua – Normally I start the monthly outlook with the southeast but the Center gua really sets the overall tone for the month for everyone in your home and the overall theme for the planet so today we’ll start here. 

The ‘theme’ this month is scholastic achievement and career growth.  This is an area of your home that is good for having your children do homework (assuming they’re still in school this month) and is good for those of you who write for a living.  Be sure to put your Flying Star activation here to bring as much support to this area as possible because you’ll maximize the benefits you recieve.

Southeast – In feng shui, the SE represents money, wealth, banking and finance.  This month there is a double Disaster Star sitting here.  The Disaster Star can bring about two different scenarios with the first being an actual disaster.  Given the state of the Greek political system and economy in combination with where the double Disaster Star sits this month the odds of Greece exiting the euro are much higher this month.  In fact, the contagion could spread to other struggling countries like Spain. 

This Star can also bring problems for the banking and finance industry in general all around the world.

The other way this Star can work is that it brings about big changes which can indicate a big last minute concession on the part of the Germans and other heads of the EU in terms of trying to keep Greece in the euro mix. 

In either scenario, the changes won’t be easy and things will appear to get worse before they get better.

South – Retail sales, fashion and the entertainment business may see revenue weakness due to the Stars that sit here this month.  As a consumer, you may be able to find some good bargains if you like shopping or you need to shop for something. 

Southwest – This is the area of partnerships and marriage and the Star combination can bring loss of money.  If you’re in a business partnership you  may find your company doesn’t make as much money this month as usual or that your expenses are higher than normal for some reason. 

If you’re married or in a committed relationship you may find that your joint finances don’t quite cover the bills due to an increase in expenses and/or a decrease in income or commissions you’re used to getting.

This is not a month to enter into a business partnership as the chances for financial loss are high.  If you’re getting married this month the final bill is likely to be higher than you anticipated and/or budgeted for.

East – This is a tough month for families because the Flying Stars are not very supportive and can bring stress, particularly to marriages and children.  Since the East represents family in feng shui, this energy will be even stronger this month than usual.  This is a good month to take a vacation and relax because this will help relieve this energy.

West – This is the direction of children and the Stars here bring challenging energy for children this month.  If you’re a parent or work with children keep this in mind and practice using your listening skills and patience even more than usual now. 

Northwest – The Stars here increase the chance for fire related accidents.  Fire is unsupportive of the NW so you may find that if you reach out to others for help in some way they either won’t be there to take your call or won’t be receptive.  You’ll definitely want to put your Flying Star remedy here for the month because fire energy in the NW is considered bad luck.

North – This is another area where the Flying Stars’ energy will be particularly strong because the north is the career area in feng shui and the Star combination brings obstacles to career and finances.  In fact, the Stars in the north counter act the Flying Stars in the Center gua which means that if you don’t activate the Center area of your home with your Flying Star activation and neutralize the Stars in the north these energies will tend to neutralize each other. 

If you don’t need any career or money help this month then don’t bother to activate the Center and North areas of your home with feng shui. 

If you do want career help and support for your finances then be sure to activate them.

Northeast – This is another area that is prone to fire related accidents so be careful if your kitchen is in the NE area of your home.  On the plus side, this area is good for relationships and connecting with other people, particularly family members.  If you want to strengthen your relationship with anyone in your family this is a good area to activate with you feng shui this month.

You can get all of your June Flying Star activations and remedies by clicking here.

Enjoy the start of your summer!

Flying Star Feng Shui outlook – March 2012

It’s a new month and the Flying Stars land in their directions for March on the 6th so get ready!  Because feng shui works in cycles of 9 those of you who are sensitive to energy could feel the effects of March’s Stars up to 9 days before they fly in.

I’ll just tell you up front that you may want to avoid watching the news this month because there are so many areas that have harsh energy.  That being said this is one of those months where you definitely want to have your feng shui remedies in place.

Southeast – Expect to hear news of banks, investment firms or other money related businesses going bankrupt, filing for bankruptcy or even being accused of fraud.  The Stars here will shed even more light on problems within the financial sectors of the world.

South – This is a great area this month and is especially good if you’re a celebrity, in the fashion industry, media or you’re a middle aged woman.  Prosperity and success are indicated in spades during the month of March.

Southwest – Gossip, arguments and jealousy will be the theme for many marriages and business partnerships.  Avoid discussing problems with your partner in the southwest area of your home.

East – The Stars make family relationships stressful right now, especially mother/daughter-in-law relationships so avoid family reunions or get togethers this month if you can.  If not, be on your best behavior.

Center – This area sets the ‘theme’ for the month and that theme is actually twofold.  On one hand, it brings relationship problems.  On the other hand it can bring an unexpected opportunity from someone you know.  Let’s hope you experience the latter.

West – This area is good for the chance to experience a financial winfall of some kind.

Northwest – Big problems are likely to come about in the airline, travel and/or space industries.  The Stars also indicate more violence across the globe.

North – Avoid at all costs if you have an illness that is not well controlled.  This area will bring financial problems to water related industries like cruise lines, beverage companies, etc.

Northeast – I wish this area were a good one to end on but the Stars are awful here.  This area is prone to financial loss and possible injury or violence.  Since this is the area of education and learning schools are likely to be affected.  (Notice the shooting in Ohio and several other scares across the U.S. have started happening.)

I would advise that you use your feng shui remedies and activations this month which you can get here: Flying Stars March 2012 and spend as much time in the west and south areas of your home as you can since these areas have fabulous Stars right now.



Flying Star outlook – November 2010

It’s almost November and the new Stars fly in on the 7th!

Below is the Flying Star Feng Shui outlook for the coming month.

November 2010 Flying Star outlook

November Flying Star Feng Shui outlook

Here is the outlook in more detail by direction:

Northeast – This month the Illness Star and the Disaster Star sit together in the area of feng shui that’s tied to Wisdom and Education.  This means we could see more news about cuts to education, lack of funds for scholarships, teacher strikes popping up and even school closures (elementary, middle, high school and colleges) all because of the energy of these Stars. 

If your bedroom is in the Northeast area of your home you’re more prone to catching whatever bug is floating around the office or at school (if you’re a student).  Be sure to use your feng shui activations/remedies here.  If you have a serious illness or are pregnant it’s best to find another room to sleep in this month.

North – The energy of the Flying Stars sitting in the north create a perfect scenario for an affair.  It’s also very likely that if you’re having an affair with someone at the office you’re going to get caught and there’s an excellent chance your spouse is going to want a divorce.  Since reconcilliation isn’t in the Stars right now you’d better be sure what you’re doing is worth it.

Northwest – This area is susceptible to accidental fires so if your kitchen is in the NW area of your home double check to make sure you’ve turned off the stove, coffee pot and other appliances after you’ve used them.  If your bathroom is here be sure to unplug the curling iron and hair dryer before going to work or school.  On the upside it’s possible you could get a bonus or raise from your boss or a financial windfall from someone you look to as a mentor.

East – This area is challenging for families and government because the two Flying Stars sitting here like to create conflict.  Don’t be surprised if you hear about election lawsuits (even though the elections take place before these Stars get together) and government gridlock in some places because of the election results on November 2nd. 

Families are more prone to disagreements this month, especially those families with young men.  If you have a son he may be disagreeable this month even if he’s normally not that way.  It’s just the Stars making waves and things will be better next month.

Center – The Star combination here can be good for real estate but it just doesn’t feel beneficial right now.  My outlook is that the real estate markets will continue to be weak in general and cash flow in this area will be anemic.

West – Well, finally!  A direction with some good Stars in it.  This is a fabulous area for academic success and creativity.   Have your children study in the west area of your home this month if possible.  If not, have them sit so they’re facing west when they do their homework. 

If you’re an artist (writer, painter, musician, sculptor, etc.) the west is a great area of your home/studio to get really creative and produce some amazing work.  You will very likely surprise yourself!

Southwest –  The Flying Stars in the SW are likely to create real estate gridlock.  We know about the foreclosure paperwork problems but more information is likely to come out about just how bad it is and how the reach of the problem extends into other areas no one had considered or wanted to talk about yet.  Do not buy a home right now and don’t sign any real estate contracts.  You are very likely to regret it.

South –  Teenagers are more likely to have accidents this month due to the Stars in the south.   If you have a teenager at home make sure they buckle up in the car, wear protective gear when riding bikes, skateboards, roller blades, etc.  A little safety can make the difference.

Southeast – This is another good area this month.  In fact if you’ve been thinking about taking a romantic weekend away this is a great month to do it.  Travel and romance are in the Stars this month!

Now that you have the Flying Star outlook you’ll want to put your Feng Shui activations and remedies in place.  You can find them here: