What’s your Kua number?

If you’re only familiar with Western Feng Shui you probably didn’t know you have a Kua (pronounced kwah) number.

In classical Chinese Feng Shui everyone has something called a Kua number.  This number is based on your birthday and gender.

Kua numbers range from 1-9 and each of these numbers has specific beneficial feng shui directions and specific challenging feng shui directions.  Kua number 5 is the only one that is divided into Male and Female because it represents the yin and yang energy in feng shui.   You can find your Kua number by clicking here.

When you know your best directions and you know which Flying Stars are sitting on them for the year and for the month, you can increase your odds in picking the best months to:

  • meet new people
  • launch a business
  • start a sales campaign
  • visit the doctor
  • start a new exercise routine or diet
  • get married
  • travel
  • do anything else important to you!

When you use your Kua directions in conjuction with the Flying Stars activations you have an edge in increasing your luck and who couldn’t use a little more luck each month?

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Human luck and inner peace: The other feng shui

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you probably read a post talking about the 3 Lucks in Chinese metaphysics.

Feng Shui Masters believe there are 3 types of luck: Heaven Luck, Human Luck and Earth Luck

Heaven luck would include things like the date you were born, the family you were born into, the color of your eyes, your height and other things you can’t really change about yourself. 

Your Earth luck is the feng shui of your home and office or work environment.  This includes the direction the front door faces, the Flying Stars built into the building, the layout of the floor plan, the clutter (or lack of) in your space.  Feng shui is all about the energy in your environment and how it supports or hinders you.  So your Earth luck is also under your control because you can always move, de-clutter and/or use feng shui activations and remedies to make your environment as supportive of you as possible.

That’s what the articles in this blog are all about.

In between your Earth and Heaven luck is your Human luck which includes your talents, your skills and how you develop them, the friends you choose to hang out with, the city you choose to live in and the job you choose to do for a living.  All of these things are under your control and you can change them any time you want if you choose to do so.

Until recently, all I’ve ever focused on is people’s Earth luck but I’ve noticed a change over the past several years that made me want to explore the Human luck side more to see if I could offer more support there.

The reason for this quest is that the world around us has changed.  The economy is not what it used to be. 

Family relationships are changing and not in a good way. 

Heck, even the weather is becoming more extreme!

Feng shui can help you with many things but it can’t reduce the cost of gas, prevent your home from being demolished by tornadoes, or keep that one annoying co-worker/client from irritating the begeezus out of you on a regular basis. 

In fact, I don’t know of anything that can prevent stressful events from happening in your life.

But, I do know know this:  if you reduce stress then you can deal more effectively with what’s happening in your world and the world around you regardless of what comes your way.

Through an unexpected comment during a conference call I was on several months ago I stumbled upon that ‘thing’ I’d been looking for to reduce my stress levels and it has worked tremendously.

For years I have had TMJ.  I first started getting headaches when I was 10 and my mom took me to the eye doctor who gave me eye exercises to relieve the pain.  I didn’t really follow through with the exercises (what 10 year old wants to do eye exercises?) and the headaches continued on and off for years.

Fast forward 7 years later and the headaches worsened.  I got glasses which did wonders for my nearsightedness but the headaches continued.

Finally, when I was in my 20s the dental hygeinist I went to thought that the reason I was having headaches was probably due to TMJ since she noticed I was grinding and clenching my teeth.  Sure enough, that’s what it was!

I thought I had finally resolved the problem when I began wearing a nightguard but this bulky mouth contraption just lessened the frequency of my migranes. 

In my 30s it was suggested that if I got braces to correct my bite that the TMJ would get better.  Well, I had already worn braces as a kid and was not too excited about the idea of wearing them again but by then my pain was so bad that I was not only getting headaches but my jaw and neck were constantly stiff and sore.

Two years later the braces came off and within 6 months the TMJ returned and continued to get worse.  Some days the pain was so bad that I would take 8 Advil a day and the medication didn’t even touch the pain.

I tried mediation, relaxation techniques, massage, and acupuncture.  Then I tried EFT, NMT, positive thinking and affirmations.  They provided temporary relief to some degree but nothing permanent.

Then finally I got the answer.  During the conference call I mentioned earlier in this post I happened to learn about heart energy and how scientists have discovered that the heart receives messages first and then sends them to the brain to determine how to interpret the information. 

They also said that research has shown that over 90% of illness is caused by stress and they believe that if you can relieve the stress your body can help prevent and even heal illness.  The reason I grind my teeth is due to stress so this really got my attention!

I began doing a bunch of searching on heart energy and that lead me to a book called The Healing Code by Drs. Alexander Loyd and Ben Johnson.  After getting the book and using the method in it I noticed I was not waking up with headaches and that the tension in my neck and jaw were greatly reduced.

It’s been several months now and my TMJ is not gone but I feel so much better!  I have had to take Advil only once in the past two months whereas before I was taking it 5-6 times a week several times a day.

As great as that is what I really noticed was how much calmer I felt.  Daily hassles that come up don’t really bother me.  I’m much more relaxed and at ease. 

The price of gas is up another 20 cents?  So what.  My daughter needs 36 muffins by 7 a.m. tomorrow morning for parent breakfast?  No sweat.  The dishwasher broke and it’s not a great time financially to get it repaired or get a new one?  We’ll just wash the dishes by hand. 

Because of this I began to wonder if it would work the same way for other people so I set up a Beta test and did the Healing Code using a feng shui methodology for a select group of my Flying Star Feng Shui clients.  Some of them I knew well and others I only knew by name from their purchase of my monthly Flying Star activations and remedies. 

The program was 30 days long and I had them all indicate on a scale of 1 to 10 how they felt about different areas of their lives as categorized in feng shui: career, health, relationships, decision making and how they felt about their lives overall.  While doing the Heaing Code I focused solely on inner peace and relaxation and nothing else.

After the 30 days they each saw a tremendous improvement.  Over 90% of the participants said they felt better about their jobs, health, finances and relationships.  The same percentage said they felt much better about their lives overall which was amazing!

One person said: “I was able to finally sell my house, my career is moving at a fast speed and my on-line cosmetics business is selling a lot more than before the inner peace program started.”

Another one said: “There has been a major positive shift in my relationships during this time and a breakthrough related to my love life and health.   I feel better about my finances and I feel as if I’m better able to manage my money and not overspend.

The same is true with my job– I’m working on a new project now and feel better overall about my job. My team and I were able to finish the troubled project I was working on when the inner peace program started, and then it just quietly went away and we were able to cut all ties to it, which was a blessing.”

Because the results were so helpful to so many people I feel I’ve finally found the key to bringing in the ‘Human luck’ piece that has been missing from the feng shui for the past several years and since this is one-third of the whole shebang it’s an important piece that’s been missing until now.

On April 23, I’m launching 27 Days to Inner Peace as a way to increase your human luck, reduce stress and feel better about yourself and your life.  The best part is all you have to do is sign up because I do all of the work for you!

Just click here to find out more.  You know you want to so just do it.

April 2012 Flying Star outlook

Spring is here and the Flying Stars will be moving to their new directions on April 4, 2012.  Here are the possibilities that lie ahead for the month:

April 2012 Flying Stars outlook

 Southeast  – This is a tough direction for people who have chronic health problems.  It’s also a tough direction for banks which means that more banks are or will be in financial trouble we may not hear about it until the summer months, though.

South – If you travel for a living this is a great direction for you.  The Stars here can also bring about unwanted affairs so be careful if you’re in a serious relationship that you don’t mess it up by doing something you’ll regret later.

Southwest – This direction and the NW are really bad for relationships this month, especially marital or other committed relationships, because the Stars here attract disagreements, petty jealousy and gossip.  This is a good month to follow the advice that says ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”  This is also an area you’ll want to place your April Flying Star feng shui remedy.

East – This is a great direction for students, writers and other creative types.  You may get inspired by family members, too.

Center – This area is prone to causing accidents and headaches.  It can also provoke arguments out of the blue. 

West – This direction can be hard on your health this month but it can also bring about change that produces favorable long-term results.  Stimulate this area with your feng shui activation for the month to bring out the best possible outcome.

Northwest – As I mentioned before, this direction is energetically ripe for creating disagreements between married and committed couples.  Try to avoid this area if your relationship is rocky because this energy along with the Stars in the SW could tip you over the edge.  It is a good direction for travel this month, though, especially if you’re traveling to a foreign country.

North – This area is beneficial if you’re in real estate, landscaping, construction, geology or other earth related fields. 

Northeast – This is a must activate area this month because a double Windfall Star sits here.  This Star combination can bring sudden financial luck or an opportunity out of the blue.  Definitely put your Flying Star activation here to stimulate the best energy possible.

If you happen to live in the Palm Beach County area be sure to stimulate your Human Luck by joining me at 11 .m. for Serenity Sunday  on, you guessed it, Sundays at Dream Angels in Jupiter, Florida!  You can find out more about it by clicking here.

Flying the mentally disturbed skies

Yesterday a flight attendant on a Dallas to Chicago flight apparently lost her marbles.

As American Airlines flight 2332 headed down the runway for take off, the disturbed flight attendant got on the plane’s PA system announced to the passengers that the flight was going to crash and that more cross checks needed to be done.

Initially, people thought it was a joke then when a fellow attendant told her to get off the PA system passengers realized something was not right.

Several crew members including an off duty pilot and a few passengers restrained the flight attendant while someone called 911.  Three flight attendants, including the one who lost it, were taken to the hospital for treatment.

News reports indicate the flight attendant is bi-polar and had not taken her medication.  Whether that’s the case or not remains to be verified but something certainly went haywire.

This kind of thing that can happen at anytime anywhere but the odds of it happening this year on an airplane are much higher due to the Violence Star sitting in the feng shui direction of travel, which includes air travel.

The Violence Star increases the chances for literal violence as it relates to space, flight, the auto industry, international relations (especially at the highest levels of office), airline industry and travel in general.  This means the odds are greater that we will hear more news about flights being grounded due to passenger or flight crew behavior, threats of hijacking, bomb scares and other issues along those lines.

Will this Violence energy negatively impact every flight?  No, of course not.  It just means that if you’re traveling you’ll want to be more aware of the people around you and to possibly expect other than weather related delays.

The other oddly coincidental thing about this whole incident is that the area of travel in feng shui also represents the brain.  The Violence Star sitting on the brain would create violent outbursts like the one that happened yesterday. 

The Violence Star’s alternative name is the Robbery Star and the flight attendant was certainly ‘robbed’ of her mental stability. 

Because the Violence/Robbery Star is on the brain this whole year we could see an increase in ‘insanity’ related crimes this year, too.  These criminals could have the common thread of luring their victims with the intent of being their ‘friend’, ‘mentor’, or offering help in some way.  Keep that in mind when you hear about it on the news.

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Cruise lines ill from Flying Star

Carnival Corp. seems to be floating under a black cloud these days.

First, one of their European ships, the Costa Concordia, ran aground due to navigation errors and sank off the coast of Italy.  Passengers were left stranded and basically had to save themselves from the sinking ship.

Then earlier this week Carnival announced it was suspending an on-shore nature excursion on one of its Puerta Vallarta tours because 22 passengers were robbed at gunpoint recently.

To top the week off another Costa ship from the Carnival line lost power in the Seychelles and had to be towed back to shore through pirate infested waters.  It took 3 days to get the boat back to the port.  That means 3 days of no water, no toilets, no food and no air conditioning for over 1,000 disgruntled passengers.

So what’s going on here? 

Well, from a feng shui perspective we have to look at the Flying Star sitting in the north this year and that’s the Illness Star. 

The Illness Star brings actual illness along with anemic cash flow when it comes to businesses.  The north represents water energy and encompasses industries like cruise lines, beverage manufacturers, water transportation, water related sports industries, etc.

This means that these water related businesses are, in general, going to find that no matter how hard they work the cash flow isn’t likely to be there for them this year.   The Illness Star can also bring all kinds of problems like ships breaking down, passenger illness (and we’ve seen more stories this year about bacterial outbreaks on cruise ships) to create financial problems for companies like Carnival this year.  This creates ‘anemic’ cash flow making the company ‘ill.’

The month of March is likely to be worse for the cruise line industry so keep your eyes posted for more news.

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How are 2012’s Flying Stars affecting your relationships?

This question came to me today after experiencing a week of gradually irritating encounters with various people, some of which are part of my daily life and others who are complete strangers. 

Each day I wondered to myself, “What is going on?  It seems like every little thing is annoying me right now.”  Then I’d think about the latest event that set me off and walk through it to see if I could find clues.

Then it dawned on me.  It’s the Flying Stars for cryin’ out loud!

You, I and everyone else on the planet have 4 personal best directions in feng shui and these directions are based on your birthday.   These 4 best directions are :

  • Success (think money and career)
  • Health (mental, emotional and physical)
  • Relationships (both personal and professional)
  • Wisdom (spiritual growth, learning from life’s experiences and formal as well as informal education)

Each year there is a specific Flying Star that sits on each of these directions and that Star can tell you a lot about what you can expect to experience in that area of your life for the year.  This is why I like Flying Star feng shui because you can get an idea about what opportunities or challenges lie ahead and plan accordingly.

As it turns out this year the Conflict Star sits on my personal Relationship direction.  Now, I know this and have know this was coming for a long time since I look ahead at the Stars before they arrive. 

We all have conflict in relationships during the year at one time or another.  That’s nothing new, but what happens when this Star arrives and sits on your personal Relationship direction is that you’re likely to see an increase in the number of disagreements you have with people, find that others become jealous of you or you of them when normally that wouldn’t be the case and you could even discover others gossiping about you or vice versa. 

Let me tell you, I think all of these things happened in one fell swoop this week.

After asking someone several times over the past few months for information on a project I was asked to help with I finally blew my top and went to their supervisor with a list of solutions to get the ball rolling in the right direction.  Although it should have made me feel better to know something was finally being done I just got more aggravated.

Then to take my mind off the situation I decided to browse through Facebook since it tends to be pretty innocuous.  Instead, on that particular day, there happened to be a number of posts that made me mad.  They weren’t even about me or directed at me!!  They were just posts from people spouting off about topics they felt strongly about.

This just pissed me off even more.

Following a number of days like this the week concluded with a trip to the car dealership where a service job I was told would take 1 1/2 to 2 hours took 3 and then I spent another 30 minutes waiting for the service tech to come back from whereever he wandered off to so I could get the paperwork to pay the bill! 

At that point, I had had it.

And then it hit me that maybe I had forgotten to put up my Flying Star feng shui remedies for the month. 

This month is particularly important if the SW is your Relationship direction or even your Success direction because the energy of the yearly Flying Star mixes with the energy of the monthly Flying Star (yes, there are 2 Stars in each direction each month) to create ‘bullfight sha’ (aka fighting energy). 

Sure enough, I took a look at the SW area of my home and the remedy for the Conflict Star was there for the year but I had forgotten to put up the one for the monthly Star.  Up it went!

After doing that I felt some relief but knew that something was still not quite right.  When you’re trying to feng shui your own home it’s easy to overlook things because it’s difficult to be objective.  You see your house every day so it’s tricky to notice things that need to be changed.

Fortunately, as I was walking through the room it hit me like a ton of bricks.

There were mirrors everywhere!  A standing mirror, a wall mirror and a dressing mirror. 

In feng shui, mirrors double the energy so mirrors in my Relationship area this year were doubling the energy of the Conflict Star. 

I started moving the mirrors that I could into a room that has a good Star this year and it made a HUGE difference.  I felt better immediately and decided to blog about it in case this helps you, too.

So, to reduce stress and improve your relationships make sure to get your 2012 Flying Star remedies up, you monthly Flying Star activations up and check your house for mirrors that may be doubling the energy of negative Stars.

Good luck!

Super Bowl 2012 Flying Star predictions

So here’s the deal.  Normally when I look at the teams playing in the Super Bowl I take a look at the two key players on each team. 

This year, however, the key players have the same Kua number which means they share the exact same Flying Stars for the Super Bowl game.  As you can see, this year the Flying Star analysis isn’t helpful.

However, the last time the NY Giants played the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl was 2007 and that year the Giants won.  Both of the key players who are on the teams this year were on the teams at that time, too, so that gave me other ideas about which Stars to look at.

If you’re a Flying Star enthusiast, you may be thinking that I looked at the head coaches’ birthdays and you’d be right.  The challenge is that Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin share the same Stars. 

The Star on Belichick’s Success direction is the same one on Coughlin’s Wisdom direction and vice versa.    Since both coaches also coached their teams in the 2007 Super Bowl and both had great Stars on these directions that year it would have been hard to call the winner that year.

This year is not much different because they each have a good Star on one of their directions but not on the other. 

Last but not least, I looked at something else and this may be the secret key. 

In 2007 the New England Patriots had a double Disaster Star on their Success direction.  This is always a terrible Star combination.  They also had a double Conflict Star on their Relationship direction meaning that disagreement on some level between the team players, coaches and/or team owner prevented them from coming together in agreement.

That same game the New York Giants had a double Windfall Star on Success and a double Career Star on Relationships.  This is a great Star combination for winning and succeeding.

It’s now 2012 and New England and New York meet again.  The difference is that the Stars are not the same as they were in 2007. 

This year the Stars on the Patriots are more favorable.  The Stars that indicate celebration and success in competition sit in the Success and Health areas of the team.

The challenge will be the double metal clash in their Relationship direction.  This creates fighting among men so there may be a fight following the game or one started during the game with a member of the NY Giants team.  (I’m a hockey fan so this kind of thing is normal in that sport but I don’t follow football so am not sure if it happens very often here or not.)

The other interesting thing to me is that the NY Giants have a Flying Star combination that indicates career change.  This could mean someone on the team is let go as a result of the outcome of this game tomorrow night.

Anyway, since I’ve never looked at the Stars this way when it comes to the Super Bowl it will be interesting to see if it plays out.  We’ll know shortly!





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