Today’s solar eclipse and feng shui

Happy Sunday!
Today there is a solar eclipse beginning at approximately 8 p.m. EDT.  Solar eclipses bring new opportunities and change to the area of your astrology chart that is being eclipsed.
I don’t practice astrology but on a map of the world the eclipse will travel from the east gua to the NW gua which could mean that the areas where we see the greatest changes around the world will include family businesses, the family as a unit, government, travel, space, astronomy/astrology, health, prominent leaders (think Heads of State) and even history. 
This is a great day to re-energize crystals you have in your home or office.  Just put them in a bowl of water with sea salt for about 15 minutes, rinse them off and then put them in the sun for the day.  Solar eclipses are ideally suited for super-charging your crystals so take advantage.  The next opportunity won’t come until Nov. 13, 2012.
And since this day is packed with extra energy it’s also a great day to write down and meditate on any goals you have for your health, relationships, career, finances, living situation, etc.
Last but not least, if you would like to participate in the May 23-June 21 ’27 Days to Inner Peace’ program today is the last day to sign up.  Although I have not listed this on the web page, as a result of the feedback from a number of surveys I received my focus is going to be two-fold: peace and prosperity.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out! 
You can sign up here until 5 p.m. EDT today:
“I don’t quite know where to begin. This has been phenomenal and I am SO grateful, so very grateful for what you have done for & given to me.When I started this the Inner Peace Program I was in one of the darkest times in my life.  I’m 54 years old, and I’ve had some dark times, but this was pretty intense, and was feeling hopeless. My mom passed away 1 1/2 years ago and I’ve spiraled downwards since then even though I was trying very hard not to. Life felt…..dark, full of despair and I was very lost, very negative and I am usually a very UP person and can see the positive in all situations. I had lost that.

As the program started everything unlike love was bubbling up & out!!  However, the funny thing is as this was happening I actually started to “turn around” and lighten up IMMENSELY. The darkness and despair are GONE. I am looking forward to the rest of my life and I’m even having moments of joy which I have not had in a VERY long time. My relationships have become easy and I’m getting calls for work of all sorts so my finances are blossoming and I’m feeling a purpose in my life again.And….this is HUGE……..I don’t feel mad at God anymore. I feel more accepting of my life and others, I’m having more tolerance and quite frankly, I find myself laughing about life now.

I could go on and on Chriss.  I am in a place that is completely 180 degrees from where I was when we started this and THAT IS A VERY GOOD THING. I plan on signing up for the next round of 27 days, whenever you are ready to do it again.  I want to keep this going and I hope ultimately to share it with others as time goes on.

To me, it seems Chriss, like “Thank You” doesn’t even begin to touch on the depth of gratitude I have for this program.  I’m ready to go on and live life again.

I look forward to the moments ahead again and I know it’s gonna be alright. Life is gonna be alright!!   With much, much LOVE.”–Sheryl M., Anchorage, AK 

Registration closes at 5 p.m. EDT today, May 20:
Have a great week,

How to use the moon to energize your feng shui crystals

ImageIf you’re new to feng shui you may not realize that energizing your crystals can improve your Flying Star feng shui activations each month.  The best time to re-energize your crystals is on the day of the full moon and an even better time is during a lunar eclipse because this is especially powerful.

As it turns out, this Saturday, Dec. 10 there is a full moon/lunar eclipse so be sure to energize your crystals that day.

If you have your own way of energizing your stones and it works for you then by all means, use it.  If you’re not sure how to energize your stones you can follow this simple process:

  1. On the morning of the full moon or lunar eclipse soak your crystals in a bath of water and sea salt for about 15 minutes.  You can find sea salt in the baking section of your grocery store.
  2. Rinse your stones with water.  You don’t need to dry them.
  3. Place your crystals outside in the morning sun and let them soak up all the day’s sunlight (yang energy) then leave them there overnight to soak up the energy of the full moon (yin energy).
  4. The next day bring them inside and use them to activate your Flying Stars where they’re needed.  (You can find the monthly Flying Stars activations by clicking here.)

It’s best to re-energize your crystals at least once every six months.  If you feel you need to re-energize them more often you can.  Again, the best time to do this is on the day of a full moon or lunar eclipse.

Enjoy your results!


Countdown to Flying Star Feng Shui – Day 9

Here we are!  Just nine more days until the new Flying Star Year begins.

In feng shui February 4 is called the Coming of Spring and is the first day of the new Flying Star Year.  This date is different than the first day of the Chinese New Year, which is based upon the ten thousand year calendar.

Feng shui works in cycles of 9:

  • There are 9 squares on the feng shui bagua.
  • There are 9 feng shui Flying Stars
  • There are 9 directions
  • There are 9 family members represented
  • There are 9 areas of life

Once you place your feng shui activations you will often start feeling their effects in as little as 9 days to 9 weeks.

Because of this cycle of 9 energy I find that I start feeling the effects of the new Flying Stars about 9 weeks before they fly in for the coming year.  If you’re sensitive to energy you may have been feeling this to.

To prepare for the 2011 Flying Stars I thought it would be auspicious to start our feng shui preparations 9 days before the new year begins.

Today is a great day to take down all of your Flying Star feng shui remedies and activations from 2010. 

Once you’ve done this be sure to clean everything you used by filling a sink with water and a couple of drops of lavendar essential oil or lavendar dish soap. 

Wipe down your feng shui items and let them dry.  If you used crystals or stones of any kind be sure to re-activate them by placing them out in the sunshine for at least 6 hours.  This will infuse them with the daytime (yang) energy and make them more effective for you.

If any of your feng shui objects are chipped, broken or being held together with tape or glue then replace them with new objects that are not broken.  Broken objects in feng shui represent broken energy which means these items will not be able to work for you.

Once you have everything cleaned up you’ll be ready to feng shui for the coming year.

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How to clear your feng shui objects

feng shui wind chimesIn preparation for the 2011 Flying Stars that shift to their new location on February 4 make sure that you cleanse your feng shui objects for the new year.  Throughout 2010 your Flying Star remedies in particular have been working to absorb the negative energy of the Conflict, Disaster, Illness and Violence Stars for the year.  Before moving them to their new positions for 2011 you’ll want to clear them of the negative energy from 2010 so that they create the best possible energy for you in the coming year.

About a week before the Stars fly in (the last week of January is fine) take down your 2010 Flying Star feng shui activations and remedies. 

Next, you’ll want to throw away any of your feng shui objects that are broken, cracked or in need of repair.  Broken objects represent broken energy and are not effective in creating good feng shui.

Finally, add a couple of drops of lavendar essential oil to warm water and wash or wipe down the objects you used for your 2010 Flying Star feng shui like crystals, wind chimes, fountains, etc.   After you’ve washed your crystals put them outside in the sunlight for at least  6 hours to re-energize them. 

Your Flying Star feng shui activations will now be ready to use for 2011.

Flying Star Feng Shui 2011 by Chriss BarrIf you’d like to get your personal Flying Star Feng Shui predictions for the year along with all the activations and remedies for 2011 be sure to get a copy of my book Flying Star Feng Shui 2011 here: