Flying Star Feng Shui outlook – November 2011

It’s November and the monthly Flying Stars change their position on 11/8/2011.

Here is this month’s outlook:

The southeast, south and southwest are the most challenging directions from 11/8 until 12/6/11 so let’s look at those first and save the better news for last.

The southeast, which is the Wealth direction in classical Feng Shui, has what’s called a double metal clash this month.  The general results for this combination include men arguing (in this case over money issues since the double metal clash is in the Wealth gua) and robbery.  Robbery in this case is likely to mean financial loss of some kind rather than actual theft and since the banking sector of our economy is represented by the southeast this indicated that banks, investment firms and other financial institutions are likely to lose money during the month. 

It can also mean that consumers lose money through investments made in the financial sector and/or that they end up paying more to these institutions for services starting this month.   These added costs could be through hidden fees people don’t really notice.

The south has what is called Bullfight Sha which creates gossip, arguments and tension between mothers and sons and older women and younger men.  If you have any negotiations going on this month don’t have them in the south area of your office building.

In the southwest the Flying Stars can create gambling problems or bring speculative behavior to light.  Since the southwest is the Marriage and Partnership area in feng shui you need to be cautious about spending money unnecessarily or investing in things that you or your partner think are a ‘sure thing.’  It’s likely that the only ‘sure thing’ that will come of it is the loss of your investment.

In the Family/Government gua, which is east, the Stars can bring unexpected head injuries so if you ride a motorcycle, bike, skateboard or you play roller hockey or another sport where a helmet makes sense be sure to wear it. 

The Stars in the east can also bring about an unexpected, possibly difficult, situation that turns out to bring you an opportunity or financial windfall.  This could be the passing of someone who leaves you an inheritance, an unexpected layoff that results in a nice severance package or something else along those lines.  This is particularly true if your front door faces east or the east is one of your four personal best directions.

The Center gua is actually a great spot this month because the Star combination here is quite fortunate.  If you’re looking for love, make sure to use you feng shui activations here.  If you’re trying to win over a new client or are in a competitive situation to get a promotion or a new job, feng shui this area!   You can get your monthly Flying Star feng shui activations here: November Flying Star activations

Since the Center gua creates the feng shui ‘theme’ for the month it indicates that even if some areas of your life are a struggle, overall it will be a good month because of the beneficial influence of the Stars sitting here. 

In keeping with the theme of the Stars in the Center gua, the Flying Stars in the west are helpful for your career too, especially if you’re looking to change jobs.  If you applied for a new job last month this could be the month you get the offer if the west happens to be your personal Success direction.

The west is also good for academics so if you’re in school or have children in school have them sit in the west are of your home to study and do homework.

If you’re married you’ll want to stay out of the northeast are of your home this month as much as possible.  That’s because this month’s Stars create marital problems.  More specifically, it creates nagging wives and henpecked husbands.

Because this area can also generate digestive problems you may want to eat out if your kitchen or dining room is in the northeast area of your home.  By the way, if you’re not sure how to lay out the bagua for your home let me do it for you.  Click here to find out more.

Your colleagues at work may seem crabby this month or you may feel crabby yourself.  That’s because the Conflict and Relationship Stars come together in the north on Nov. 8th.  This isn’t a good month to bring up sensitive subjects at work or ask for a raise.  If you’re working on a project with other people just keep in mind they may be argumentative or even judgmental right now. 

I saved the best for last.  The northwest is a teriffic area this month and is ideal for marriages, family get togethers, parties and having fun.  Since the northwest is the most social area of the bagua you will find it a lot easier to get support from people if you’re looking for it or get helpful advice.  It’s also a great month to travel because whether you’re going somewhere on vacation or for business you’re likely to have a great time.

Be sure to activate all 9 directions of your home this month to get the full effects of all the beneficial Stars and to reduce the challenging effects of the difficult Stars.  All of the information you need is right here: November Flying Star Feng Shui activations

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Flying Star Feng Shui outlook – October 2011

It’s hard to believe we’re moving into the last quarter of the year.  Where has the time gone?  It seems like just last week we were packing away the Halloween decorations and now another trick-or-treating season is upon us.

The monthly Flying Stars change position for October on the 8th and stay there until November 7th.  Here is the outlook for the month:

Whenever the Star combinations come together so that their energy leans more toward challenging aspects, see it as a time you can learn something new about yourself or even practice some new positive behavior that is not typical of how you would react normally.

As I go through the directions and outlook I’ll explain more how to do just that.

Southeast – The Flying Stars here are known to bring about feelings of loneliness.  Since this is the area of the oldest daughter your oldest daughter could feel somewhat melancholy this month.  This is also the area of finances and wealth which means there may be a financial institution out there that is saying one thing about the state of the banking/financial system while everyone else is saying something that’s completely the opposite. 

The way to move through this energy as an individual is to learn how to enjoy being by yourself.  Great insights and inspiration often come when we’re quite and by ourselves.  It’s also a good time for meditating and reading when these Stars fly in.

To bring about the most beneficial effects these Stars have to offer be sure to get you October Feng Shui remedies and activations here.

South – This area is prone to emotional stress, particularly between mother-in-laws and their daughter-in-laws.  If you find that you’re in this situation this month see if you can listen to what the other person is really saying.  Often when words of sarcasm, scolding or anger are said there’s an underlying message of feeling unheard or un-needed by the other person.  See if you can uncover that message because opening up true lines of communication will strengthen your relationship and create an alliance.

Southwest – The southwest is the area of the feng shui bagua tied to marriage and business partnerships.  This month the Stars create relationship problems for people who’s relationships are on thin ice to begin with.  If this is what you’re experiencing in one of your personal or company relationships see if the other person is willing to sit down and talk it out, preferably with a neutral third party to guide you such as a counsellor or mediator. 

East – If you’ve been following my blog you know that the east is a troublesome area all year.  In fact, it’s troublesome until early February 2012 because that’s how long the Disaster Star sits in the east this year. 

During October, the Violence Star comes to sit with the Disaster Star which brings trouble to families and governments.  The way this Star combination often plays out is through deception.  Make sure that whatever you’re being told by a family member or the government (if you happen to be dealing with some branch of the government or work for the government) is really true.  If you’re gut instinct tells you you’re being lied to or that something is not quite right with the story you’re being told, check it out.  Odds are that you’re going to find out you’re right.

The Star combination in the east can also bring unexpected financial loss, theft or serious accidents with sharp objects.  Now is not the time to invest in risky ventures or even seemingly safe ventures. 

If you front door faces east try to come and go from another door this month and make sure to lock your doors and turn on your house alarm.

Center – The Center gua always sets the ‘theme’ for the month.  You may not see this theme in your own personal life, but you’ll see it play out in the global arena or even in your own country. 

This month the theme is Double Violence/Robbery/Fire which means we can expect to hear even more (is that possible?) news about fire related disasters, violent uprisings and theft around the world. 

This month you could find yourself spending more money than usual which can be a good thing depending on what you’re spending your money on.  Because the Stars can also bring fire make sure that if you have any electrical problems you get those fixed sooner rather than later.  Turn off your coffee pot and iron before you leave the house, too.

West – Double Illness is what the west is offering this month.  Since the west is the area for children, creativity and technology these are the areas that will be most affected by the Stars.  More children will be coming home from school with colds or viruses they pick up from their classmates. 

If you’re an artist, writer, dancer, sculptor or in another creative field you may find that you have to work harder this month to earn a living or work harder to come up with creative ideas.

The technology sector is likely to experience a decline in sales this month.  Apple is supposed to be bringing its 5th generation iTouch to market at the end of the month but it may not sell as well as they are hoping.  November would be a better launch month for them.

Northeast – If you’re travelling for your church or school this is a good month to go.  However, the Stars here are also prone to bringing about gossip and lawsuits.  If you are a teacher, work in a church or in education in some capacity rumors could spread like wildfire right now.   We can expect to see negative press about schools, churches, religious organizations, colleges, and education in general right now.

North – The north represents the future and career areas of the bagua and this month the Flying Stars bring financial woes.  This means that companies that make earnings annoucements in October will likely disappoint investors.  It also means that companies are less likely to hire new employees now.

If you’re looking for a job and get an offer the salary and/or benefits could disappoint you.  I hope this isn’t the case but if it is and you really need to take the job just think of it as the Universe asking you to get creative with your monthly budget.

Northwest – It’s true that this area can bring about problems with business partners and since the Stars in the southwest can bring that too it just means that the Universe is giving those of you in partnerships that aren’t working out an exit strategy right now.  If that’s the case for you, accept it and move on.

The upside to the Stars in the northwest is that they can be good for money right now so if you are exiting a partnership be sure to negotiate a financial settlement now. 

The Stars here are also good for asking friends, mentors and clients for referrals because they’re likely to be good ones. 

The best way to reduce the energy of the difficult Flying Stars and activate the positive energy of the best Stars is to use your Feng Shui remedies and activations.  You can find them all here: October 2011 Flying Star Feng Shui

How to feng shui your body

This past week I was speaking with a friend of mine who has had some challenges pop up in her life over the past month.  First, her aunt had an aneurysm and is in critical condition. 

Second, her daughter is showing signs of learning problems due to a brain related medical condition she was born with. 

And third, my friend started back to school to get an advanced degree in her field a month ago.  As you can imagine between her personal life and work, going back to school has been more work than she anticipated and is creating additional mental stress for her.

After hearing about all the issues going on in her life I noticed a pattern.   All three of the ‘big’ challenges she’s facing are related to the head and brain. 

Whenever I see a pattern like this related to the body or some particular area of life my first feng shui thought is to take a look at the area of the home related to that part of the body/area of life.

In the case of the head and brain, the direction in classical feng shui is northwest.  If you practice western feng shui you would look in a different location.  However, I can tell you that after studying both classical Eastern feng shui which is over 5,000 years old and western feng shui which is just over 20 years old I’ve found classical feng shui to be more accurate.  You should go with your own preference as your experience may be different.

So what should you look for if you’re having health problems or challenges related to a particular part of the body?  For starters, always check to see how much clutter, trash and unwanted/unused items are in this direction of your home. 

I had a woman say to me, “I’m tired of hearing you tell me to clean up!  I just want to know the feng shui remedy to put there.”  The reason I always tell people to clear the clutter and clean up first is that piles of dirty clothes, stacks of mail/newspapers/magazines and other items that seem to congregate magically over time block the flow of energy, or chi (pronouced chee). 

Sometimes just cleaning up the area is all you need to remove the obstacles and challenges you’re facing in your life. 

If you put your feng shui remedy in a cluttered space it rarely works because you need energy flow in order for feng shui to work.

The next thing you want to do is look to see if anything in this area is broken.  Are the windows opening and closing easily or are they stuck shut or stiff to open?  Do the doorknobs twist or are they loose or broken?  Are their broken trinkets, dead flowers (which bring dead energy), holes in the wall, broken fixtures or anything else that needs repair in this area?  Is there mold growing or dead plants here?

If so, fix or replace these things so you can lift the energy of this space.

Once you have done this you can implement your feng shui remedies but doing it before you’ve done your clean up and repairs won’t do you much good.

Here are the directions for the different parts of the body.  If you’re having physical pain, stress or issues related to these areas check out the direction in your home and/or office related to these areas.  You may be quite surprised by what you find.

Southeast – Hips
South – Eyes, Kidneys
Southwest – Abdomen, Internal Organs, Breasts
West – Lips, Teeth
Center – Spleen, Spine, Heart
East – Feet
Northwest – Head, Brain
North – Ears
Northeast – Hands, Fingers

Here’s to your good health!  (Click here to have this blog come to you when new posts are made.)

What influence are the Flying Stars having on you?

Some of you read this blog diligently each month and it made me wonder if you also take time to journal about the events occurring in your life to see how they match up to you Flying Stars.

Personally, I usually make mental notes throughout the week when I see things that line up.  This past month, for example, my husband had the Illness and Violence Stars on his Relationship direction.  It also happens that these same Stars were on our front door for the month.

If you just look at the meaning of the Stars then technically this would indicate that my husband could have experienced a theft or some kind of violence toward him (Violence Star) for the month due to someone he knows or meets (Relationship direction) that would affect his health (Illness Star).

Well, the Violence Star also represents sharp objects, commonly knives.  Guess what?  He had an emergency appendectomy last month which included being cut due to illness by a surgeon he met through his doctor.

My daughter has the same Relationship direction that my husband has and what I’ve noticed over the years is that when this happens the negative Stars usually affect the person who is weakest energetically while the positive Stars benefit the person who is strongest energetically.   Since my daughter is physically healthy the Stars didn’t affect her health.  However, the impact on her was spending time with her father (Relationship Star) in the hospital (Illness Star) due to his surgery (Violence Star).

Now, my son and I didn’t have these Stars on any of our personal best directions yet we had the same experience my daughter did.  Why is that?  It’s because the front door is your Mouth of Chi and is where all of the yang energy is drawn into the home.

The Stars on the front door impact everyone in the home whether the front door is in one of your best directions or not.  That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the Flying Stars here each month.

Because the Violence Star and Illness Stars cannot be cured (meaning you can’t eliminate their energy; you can only reduce it), the feng shui remedies I put in place could only minimize the energy of these Stars.   It turns out that the surgical team said my husband’s appendix was in really bad shape and it was a good thing I brought him to the emergency room when I did.  If the appendix had ruptured he would have been in worse shape.

So there you go.

When the Flying Stars are beneficial you’ll want to pay attention to what they’re bringing to your life so you can appreciate it.  We often expect big things when the Flying Stars are good but more often than not it can be something seemingly small or a series of barely noticeable events that indicate your Stars are working for you.

This year I have the Relationship Star sitting on my Relationship direction.  This Star has all kinds of meanings and can bring new friends into your life, strengthen existing relationships, help you find the right people to help you in some area of your life, and so on.

One of the challenges I have when I go on vacation is finding someone to take care of my cats.  There are three of them and I don’t like the idea of them sitting in a cage at the vet’s office while I’m gone.

This year I happened to work with a woman who was always talking about earning extra money so when I knew that I was going to take a trip she was the first person that came to mind to watch the cats.  It turned out to be a win-win for both of us – she earned some extra money and someone I trusted was there to take care of my cats.

Tomorrow I’ll let you know what the Flying Stars have in store for August 8 to September 7, 2011 so that you can keep your eye out for their effects in your world.


Flying Star Feng Shui May 2011

A new month is approaching and that means it’s time for the new Flying Star Feng Shui outlook:

Southeast – This month we have an interesting combination of yearly and monthly Feng Shui Flying Stars.  On the one had the Stars can bring a financial windfall or opportunity out of the blue through a friend, family member or other relationship.  On the other hand, the two Stars that sit here can also bring mental stress as a result of dealing with other people.  You will definitely want to make sure you have both the yearly and monthly Flying Stars activated in May to bring out the best possible outcome.

South – Be wary of the Stars that sit in the south this May, especially if you or someone in your home has chronic health issues.  The Flying Stars are bringing double illness energy in through the south this month so if your front door faces south or is in the south you may want to pick another door to enter and exit your home each day.  Also if your bedroom is in the south you are more likely to be affected by the double illness energy.  The right Flying Star activation will help reduce this double illness energy.

Southwest – You’re more likely to find people around you to be draining if you spend time in this area of your home or office this month.  That’s because the Flying Star combination can create emotional stress as a result of dealing with the people around you (i.e. friends, family, co-workers, a boss, etc.). 

East – The east has a troublesome Flying Star combination right now.  The Disaster Star meets the Conflict Star which indicates that arguments, fighting and even lawsuits are likely to escalate now.  Don’t expect to see much agreement when it comes to political parties trying to come to a mutual solution to problems.  Families may even experience more break-ups at this time.

Center –  This will be the toughest area for the month of May because both the Disaster and  Robbery/Violence Stars sit in the center gua.  This means that fighting on a global basis, worldwide financial loss and even theft could escalate to levels that are considered disasterous to many people across the planet.  This Star combination also increases the likelihood that we will see more murder/suicide situations because of people losing hope about their own personal economic crises.

Since the center gua is the ‘heart’ of your home and office you will definitely want to make sure you have BOTH your yearly and monthly Feng Shui remedies in place.  Also, try to avoid spending time in the center area of your home and office if possible.

West – This is another very tough area of the bagua as the Double Robbery/Violence Star sits in the west right now.  This makes children more vulnerable to violence, particularly with weapons, and can cause financial problems within the technology industry.  In addition to placing your feng shui remedies here for the yearly and monthly Flying Stars try to avoid the west area of your home and office if you can.

Northeast – Finally, a direction with good Stars on it!  The northeast is actually a terrific area during the month of May, especially for those who work in teaching or religious fields.  With all of the chaos in the world more and more people may feel the need to turn to a higher power for solace or even turn to new spiritual practices in an attempt to understand their world and their lives.  If you pray, meditate, do yoga,  read spiritual books or just need time to unwind the northeast area of your home and office is the place to spend time this month.  It’s a great place to sleep this month.

 North – The Flying Stars in north could end up being a blessing even if they don’t seem like it initially.  The Conflict Star combines with the New Beginnings Star right now which could lead to disagreements in the workplace, layoffs or even getting fired.  However, should this happen to you keep in mind that  the New Beginnings Star brings with it new opportunities which means if you lose your job you could end up discovering new opportunities that lead to greater success for you down the road.  Even disagreements at work could lead to finding new resolutions to situations that caused the disagreements in the first place.

Northwest – This is another great area for May because the Abundance Star sits with the Windfall Star in the area of Helpful People.  This means that a financial windfall or opportunity could land in your lap out of the blue through someone you know.  It could be a job offer, a refund, an unexpected home loan modification you’ve been waiting for or other pleasant surprise.  Be sure to activate both of these Stars for the best possible results, especially if this is one of your four personal best feng shui directions.

Order your copy of May Flying Star Feng Shui Activations here to set up your ideal feng shui for the month. 

You will also want to make sure that your YEARLY Feng Shui Stars have been activated, too, because the monthly and yearly Stars work in combination with one another.  The monthly activations work much better with the yearly activations.

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Countdown to Flying Star Feng Shui 2011 – Day 2

Chinese New Year celebration in Hong KongHappy New Year!  Well, Chinese New Year that is.

Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year and that means tomorrow is the first day of the Flying Star Year for 2011.

Today is a day to relax and enjoy yourself.  That means no cleaning, no setting up your feng shui for the coming year or taking down your feng shui from 2010.

Cleaning your home today, de-cluttering, sweeping and things of that nature could “sweep” your good luck away so hold off until another day for this and go to the beach or do something else fun instead.

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February Flying Star Feng Shui outlook

This is it!  We’ve now entered the new Flying Star year for 2011. 

Since my book Flying Star Feng Shui 2011 gives you the outlook for the year I’ll just be posting the February Flying Star outlook here:

February 2011 Flying Star Feng Shui Chart

Southeast – This month there is a double metal clash on the area that represents wealth and money.  We’re likely to see problems on Wall Street and industries related to finances like banks, brokerage houses and investment firms.  The Stars in the southeast also increase the odds of robbery so it’s quite possible that you hear about an increase in bank robberies in your area or that a prominent bank is robbed that we hear about nationally or internationally. 

South –  Here we have what is called ‘bullfight sha’ which means arguments between mothers and sons.  I’ve also seen this manifest itself as disagreements between female bosses and male employees.  If you are a mom with a son or are a woman who works with younger men (or a man who works with older women) be sure to keep your sense of humor this month.

Southwest – This month has an interesting combination of Stars because you could feel this energy in one of two ways.  Since the southwest is the area for marriage and love you could find that you experience some kind of unexpected change with your partner.  On the one hand the change could make your relationships stronger.  On the other hand if your relationship is on rocky ground you could decide it’s time to seek the help of a counsellor or call it quits so that you can move forward.  In any case, these Stars bring up the unexpected.

East – This is another area where we could experience unexpected news with regard to our families, perhaps a parent or sibling.   Our government (local, state and/or national) may decide to pass a law that offers a temporary tax break or temporary financial assistance to a group of people.  If they do it’s likely to create problems in the long run.

Center – The center gua is good for romance.  Whether you’re dating or married this is nice energy to have this month so be sure to activate this area even if you don’t activate any of the others.  This area also increases the chance of making money through investing but do your homework first to make sure you understand all the risks involved.

West – If you’re a student or have children in school this is a great area of the house to study because this month the Flying Stars support academic success.  It’s also a good area for those looking to change jobs.

Northeast – This area is challenging for relationships especially if the woman in the home tends to be dominating.  The Stars here amplify this behavior so try to avoid spending a lot of time in the northeast area of your home or office.

North – This area creates conflict.  Men who have mental and/or emotional problems could find that the Stars make these issues even more challenging, especially as it relates to work. 

Northwest – This is another great feng shui area this month.  It supports happiness and is good for fun activities like family get togethers, parties and marriage.  This is another area you’ll definitely want to activate for the month.

This year I’m offering all of the monthly Flying Star Feng Shui activations and remedies through my website.  You can get your instant download of February’s Flying Star Feng Shui activations and remedies here.

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