How robbery feng shui increased bankruptcies in 2009

U.S. bankruptcies increase in 2009Did you know that the Robbery Star had an impact on the number of bankruptcies filed in 2009?  Read my post on here:–Current-Events-Examiner~y2010m1d4-Robbery-star-influences-US-bankruptcies-in-2009

Why Amanda Knox Is (Feng Shui) Guilty

Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox was convicted on all counts yesterday of murdering her former roommate, Meredith Kercher, in Italy.  Amanda spent two years in prison before going to trial and this was a bad year for this kind of event because the Flying Star feng shui on her Success direction was working against her all year long.

If you’re not familiar with Amanda she was an American exchange student studying in Italy.  Her roommate, Merideth Kercher who was a British exchange student, was murdered November 1, 2007 and Amanda along with her Italian boyfriend were the primary suspects in the crime. 

This year the case finally came to trial but the feng shui timing was really bad for Amanda.  That’s because she has the feng shui Conflict Star sitting on her Success direction for the year.  This means roadblocks, arguing, lawsuits and extreme difficulting in succeeding because people don’t believe her this year.

From what I read about the trial the prosecution changed their theory a number of times during the trial about how the crime was committed and the evidence pointing to Amanda’s guilt was questionable. 

The problem for her was that while it was possible for her to get a ‘not guilty’ verdict based on the prosecution’s case the feng shui Flying Star was staunchly working against her.  That meant that even if the prosecution’s case was extremely flimsy for conviction the Conflict Star stepped in to exercise it’s negative energy against Amanda.

Here’s the thing about this.  In feng shui Flying Stars can be remedied so their energy is reduced.  This can help you if you’re in a bad situation and can mean the difference between going to jail for 26 years vs. getting a suspended sentence plus time served. 

But here’s the inside scoop.  I think she probably was involved in the murder and here’s why.

At the time of Meredith’s death Amanda had the Disaster Star on her Success direction and the Conflict Star on her Relationship direction.  This combination can bring arguments with people in your life and if there’s a serious conflict it’s usually with just one person.

On top of that the Disaster Star on Amanda’s Success direction that year indicates some kind of disaster related to her education.  The murder definitely brought an end to her dream of a college degree.

Now, on November 1, 2007, which is when Meredith was murdered, Amanda had the monthly feng shui Disaster Star on her Relationship direction in combination with the Conflict Star that was there for the year.  When people are not getting along with someone and these two Stars come together this can bring death as a result of anger.

At this same time she had the Military Star on her Success direction sitting with the Disaster Star which can bring out a dictatorial nature and even militant behavior.

According to the story about Meredith Kercher, Amanda and her boyfriend wanted her to participate in a sex game.  When she refused they killed her.  If this is true this would tie into the feng shui Flying Star energy that was on Amanda’s Success direction the night of Meredith’s demise.

Given the Flying Star perspective at the time of the murder it appears that the verdict given was the right one.

Nobel Peace Prize Baffling and Ironic, But Perfect Feng Shui

Today is one of those days that started off with confusion, disagreement and even irony all packed into about a 1 hour span of time.

First, the Nobel Peace Prize winner for 2009 was announced in Norway.  When the name Obama was said the whole room filed with stares of disbelief and confusion. 

Apparently President Obama has made quite an impression on the Prize Committee members by doing absolutely nothing in the short time he’s been in office.  Now if only Bono Vox, Leuren Moret and other people who are working diligently to bring about world peace would just STOP doing anything they just might have a chance at winning.  I hope they’re taking notes for future reference.

Then less than an hour after the Nobel annoucement the U.S. bombed the moon. 

Now I understand that the bomb wasn’t for war purposes but don’t you think it’s really ironic that a U.S. President would get a Peace Prize an hour before we send a bomb into new territory?  You couldn’t plan the timing any better than that.

If you saw my previous Flying Star article  ( you know the feng shui reason behind bombing the moon right now.

But the other feng shui Flying Star that was triggered when President Obama was announced as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is the Double Conflict Star in the area of feng shui tied to Wisdom.  The way it’s being played out is that people are in disbelief and even disagreement with the Prize Committee’s choice for this award.  In other words the world is questioning their Wisdom.

Normally the media doesn’t comment on things that seem controversial but even Matt Lauer of the Today show was questioning the Committee’s decision right after the annoucement was made.  After all Obama joins the ranks of such prestigious winners as Doctors Without Borders, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. 

When you put them all together you get something that brings that Sesame Street song to mind: One of These Things Is Not Like the Others. 

The Prize Committee can say whatever it wants but people aren’t stupid.

As we head into 2010 expect things to get more strange because next year’s feng shui energy will amplify what’s going on in the world even more.

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How the Feng Shui of Phillip Garrido and Jaycee Dugard are Intertwined

Jaycee Dugard

Jaycee Dugard

People all across America are hearing the heartbreaking story of Jaycee Dugard’s kidnapping from a bus stop when she was just 11 years old.  Her step father saw the abduction but was on his bike at the time and not close enough to stop it or follow the car.  Though he did report what he saw the police weren’t able to track down the car or the kidnappers.

Fast forward 18 years and Jaycee is now 29 years old with two children fathered by one of her kidnappers, a convicted rapist, Phillip Garrido. 

Jaycee and her children have been living in tents in the back of the home for all this time as far as anyone knows and the case was solved purely by chance despite the fact that Garrido’s parole officer visited him monthly and never seemed to notice anything unusual.  (Was the person BLIND or was there really nothing unusual to notice?)

It’s wonderful Jaycee was found and her mother Terry Probyn must not only be relieved but grief stricken at the same time.  How Jaycee and her daughters, who have never known freedom in their lifetime, will recover from this is unknown but it won’t be easy.

So how does the feng shui of both Jaycee and her abductor come into play in all of this?

In a very strange way actually.

Jaycee Dugard and Phillip Girrado have the same feng shui number (this is called a Kua number and is based on your birthday) meaning their feng shui energy is the same.  They share the same Success, Health, Relationship and Wisdom directions.  Because of this similarity Girrado would have been able to speak to Jaycee in terms she could relate to energetically because their feng shui energy is similar.  It’s just that Girrado represents the negative side of this feng shui number.

Since they have the same feng shui number it would have been easier for him to manipulate her than even other children he may have abducted.  For him he is likely to have felt a ‘bond’ with Jaycee as sick as that sounds.

At the time of her abduction Garrido and Jaycee’s Relationship direction had the Violence Star for the year and for the month which doubled the odds for a violent event for both of them.   Jaycee’s abduction was violent for her and Garrido was the one who played out the energy of those Stars.  Jaycee’s parents weren’t immune to this energy either because these double Violence Stars were sitting on the feng shui gua tied to Family meaning their family was impacted by this event as well.

Even more sadly is that the Flying Star feng shui combination on Garrido and Jaycee’s Success direction was the Disaster and Violence Stars which is tied to prostitution.  He certainly succeeded at prostituting Jaycee and now police are investigating whether he is responsible for the deaths of other missing girls whose cases have sat unresolved for years.

And another feng shui energy that aided in Garrido’s success was the New Beginning/Long-Term Abuncance Star combination on his Wisdom direction.  This means that the twisted ideas he had back in 1991 about abducting Jaycee were going to create a turning point in his life that would have long-lasting effects.  Keep in mind that Jaycee’s decision to get into the car (assuming she even had one) also created a turning point that would have a long-term impact on her life too.

Feng shui Flying Stars very rarely create such horrific outcomes.  The Stars require human intervention to trigger their positive as well as negative aspects.  Other people share Phillip Garrido and Jaycee Dugard’s feng shui number and didn’t have anything even close to this happen back in June 1991.  

What I have found is that if you are prone to bad decisions, harmful behavior and other detrimental actions then the negative Flying Stars will just bring out the worst in you ten thousand fold and you will succeed in even the worst of crimes.

On the flip side if you are hard working, show compassion for those around you and use action/behavior that is beneficial to those around you then the positive Flying Stars will bring out the best in you ten thousand fold and the rewards that go with them.

I believe this is what happened with Phillip Dugard and the reason that Jaycee’s feng shui energy didn’t support her is that, as a child, the adult’s feng shui energy and intent was just much stronger.  She couldn’t counter him.

But now Jaycee is an adult and as an adult her feng shui energy is on equal footing with Girrado’s even if mentally she is still under his sway. 

And as it turns out this year’s feng shui Flying Stars are identical to those of 1991 when Jaycee was kidnapped.  This means that Jaycee’s Wisdom energy was in her favor particularly on August 26, 2009 when she and her daughters were rescued.  It also means that the Disaster Star on Girrado’s Success direction was finally disasterous for him.  You may be wondering why it wasn’t disasterous for Jaycee.  In a way it may have been because this is the only life she’s known for the past 18 years and at the same time the Disaster Star brings transformation and Jaycee’s discovery and return to her mother is certainly going to transform her life but hopefully for the better this time.

This case has caused such an uproar that the State of California which was originally planning to release prisoners early to save the state some money is getting a lot of angry calls from citizens.  They’ll need to re-think this decision in light of Jaycee’s situation. 

You may be wondering if anything can be done from a feng shui perspective to combat the negative Stars and the answer is yes.  In feng shui there are remedies for negative Stars like the Disaster and Violence Stars and activations for positive Stars like the New Beginning and Long-Term Abundance Stars.

Since feng shui represents 33% of your total luck it’s worth your time and energy to use it.  You can find out more about Flying Star feng shui at

Why Sarah Palin is Quitting Her Job

      Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

You’ve probably heard by now that former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is resigning as governor of Alaska.  She has certainly been in the spotlight and her ethics as governor have been under scrutiny to the point that I’m surprised we haven’t heard anyone complain about how much toilet paper she goes through in a month.

But that’s what happens when you’re in the public eye and you’re vocal.

It’s really no wonder that Sarah chose to resign abruptly because she has the Windfall Star on her Relationship direction this year.  This means landing opportunities and making choices that seem to come from out of the blue. 

But all of this is also due to her relationship with the citizens of Alaska, the media and her family, not to mention that she has probably been offered a nice chunk of change from a publisher or a speaking establishment.  That’s because the feng shui Windfall Star can also bring unexpected financial gains.

Sarah has lots of new ideas this year.  In fact it’s quite likely this combination of the feng shui Windfall Star on her Relationships combined with the Star of New Beginnings on her Wisdom direction were instrumental in her decision to try something new right now.  And in July this energy doubles meaning it’s virtually impossible for her to ingnore.

Her timing really is quite good because next year she has the Transformation Star on her Relationship direction and the Star of New Beginnings on her Career direction.  This could very well mean that from now until sometime next year she’ll be preparing for a whole new direction in life.

Keep an eye on Sarah because 2010 through 2012 are great years for her career.  You have definitely not seen the last of her!

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Cashless California

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

I know I’ve written about California’s financial woes before but it’s worth re-visiting for an update.  According to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger if a balanced budget isn’t passed by July 28 the state will come to a grinding halt. 

Of course not everything will come to a halt but the areas of government most likely to be affected (according to the story I read) are health care, social services, and education funding for students.

All of this ties in perfectly with the state’s feng shui this year.  In 2009 California has two stars that affect it.  The first one is the Illness Star making cash flow anemic for the state.  The Illness Star can also mean a higher incidence of illness as compared with other states, especially among children.

The other flying star is the Windfall Star meaning that the state could experience a financial windfall out of the blue.

The energy of the Illness and the Windfall Stars doubles in July but since these Stars are somewhat at odds with each other (gains through windfall but ongoing anemic cash flow) it will be a month of mixed blessings.

On top of all this the feng shui Robbery Star sits on government, health care and families all year long.  Since most states are experiencing financial difficulties this feng shui Star doesn’t help and for California it’s just like adding insult to injury.  (As a side note this is also why so many families are having trouble making ends meet this year and greatly reduces the odds that a national health care plan will be passed this year.)

And guess what?  The Robbery Star energy doubles in July too.  Robbery on government, health and families completely ties in with the loss of health services, social services, and other government funding California says it will have to forgoe if the budget isn’t passed.

This all sounds like gloom and doom I know.  But feng shui is great at giving you clues about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead so you can plan accordingly. 

In fact, Flying Star feng shui is based on a system so you can look as far into the future as you want to go.  If Gov. Schwarzenegger had taken time to look at the feng shui for the State of California he would have been better prepared.

In Chinese metaphysics 1/3 of your luck comes from your destiny, another 1/3 from the actions your take and the final 1/3 from feng shui.  Using Flying Star feng shui to look at your life gives you insight and control over your destiny AND your feng shui.  The last 1/3, what you do with your life (or the state you run if you’re a governor), is up to you.

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Why Yorvit Torrealba’s Son Was Kidnapped

Yorvit Torrealba

Yorvit Torrealba

Today the news that Colorado Rockie’s catcher Yorvit Torrealba’s son had been kidnapped on June 2 and released two days later for $50,000 ransom hit the internet.

Torrealba’s 11 year old son, who was in Venezuela, was being taken to school when a car pulled out in front of the car taking him to school.  The boy and his two uncles who were driving the car were taken at gunpoint.

I’ve been to Venezueala a few times for business and fun back before Hugo Chavez took over the country and kidnapping and shootouts between drug lords were a problem then.   In fact anyone with any semblance of  wealth had to live in armed guarded communities.  I can only imagine how bad things are there now.

So in addition to the obvious ongoing economic decay citizens of Venezuela are feeling their safety has deteriorated measurably as well. 

When you combine the stressful living conditions of the country with Yorvit Torrealba’s feng shui it created the perfect conditions for this terrifying event.  Here’s what I mean.

Everyone has 4 personal feng shui directions and the one that impacts the family, friends, clients and co-workers in your life is your Relationship direction. 

In addition to this there’s another type of feng shui called Flying Star.  Flying Star feng shui has an amazing predictive quality to it and increases the odds of events being triggered in your life.

Looking at Yorvit Torrealba’s Relationship direction and the Flying Star feng shui there for the year we can see how this kidnapping occurred in the first place.  Torrealba has the Violence Star on his Relationship direction and his Relationship direction also happens to be tied to Family.  This means that the odds of a violent event or robbery occuring against a family member are much higher this year.

On top of that at the time the kidnapping occurred this Violence Star energy was doubled.  When you look at where Torrealba’s son was living combined with Torrealba’s personal feng shui for June 2 you have the perfect catalyst for triggering something like a kidnapping. 

Because Torrealba’s feng shui is tough this year I would advise him to do 2 things: 

  • First, start using feng shui remedies this year.  Your personal feng shui is terrible this year so even if you never use them again definitely get it in place for 2009.  Feng shui remedies can cut the energy of negative Flying Stars by anywhere from 70-90 percent and it’s cheap insurance.
  • Second, stay out of Venezuela and any other area that is prone to violence because this energy will double again for you in July.

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