Flying Star Feng Shui outlook – October 2012

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged on WordPress that the whole format of the site has changed!  It took me a second to confirm I was in the right place.

Anyway, a number of people have e-mailed me to ask when the Flying Star outlooks would be posted again so here is October, even though it’s a bit late.

Every direction this month has double energy because all of the Flying Stars are doubled up.  This means the beneficial areas are twice as good and the not-so-great aread are even less great.  Keep in mind that this outlook is best used from a global perspective so if you pay attention to the news you’ll see these Stars playing out their predictions on a worldwide and country level basis.  For individual predictions you really need to look at your personal best directions and what they mean for you in order to determine how and if they are likely to have any impact.

Here we go:
Southeast – The Disaster/Transformation Star sits here and its sitting in the area of wealth and banking.  This indicates trouble for banks, the stock market, investment firms and other areas of finance.  It can also bring about events that lead to change in the future for these areas.

South – New opportunities and new beginnings are likely in the areas of fashion, entertainment and also for middle aged women.  If any of these areas apply to you now is a good time to launch a new endeavor or new idea.

Southwest – This is the area of partnerships, motherhood and marriage.  The double Conflict Star indicates an increase in disagreements and arguments between business partners, mothers and children and couples.  Keep your sense of humor and be sure to share funny stories and watch funny movies.  Don’t discuss politics or religion unless you know the other person shares your views.

East – This area is great for strengthening relationships with family members, family reunions and getting help from the government for any issues you may need to take care of right now.

Center – The double Windfall Star sits here meaning opportunities from out of the blue or even bonuses, financial gains or other unexpected positive events could unfold for you this month.  This Star can work for your benefit regardless of your best directions.

West – This area is for wisdom and learning right now.  It’s great for school children and for people who are doing research, particularly in the area of technology or those who are inventors.  It’s a good month to buy technology related products.

Northeast – The double Fame Star puts the spotlight on education and religion.  This could be positive or negative, meaning that there could be positive news about these areas or negative news about these areas.  Religious tension could be very high this month all around the world.

North – Not a great month for businesses because the Illness Star sits here and is twice as strong as it’s been all year.  This is particularly true for businesses that have a front door facing north and those businesses in the water, shipping, cruise line, diving, and beverage industries.

Northwest –  This is the direction for travel, mentoring, clients, and outer space.  The double Robbery/Violence Star is here indicating a loss of money and/or injury in one or more of these areas.  This could mean that the cost of air travel goes up, more travel related accidents occur, people decide to spend money for advice, etc.


That’s it for October.  Enjoy!




May 2012 Flying Star outlook

May 5 begins the new Flying Star month!  Because feng shui works in cycles of 9 you could find that you feel the effects of the Flying Star changes as early as 9 days before the new month begins.  This is why putting your Flying Star activations in place can be beneficial even before the Stars moving into their new directions each month.

Here is the outlook for May:

Southeast – If you’ve been interested in a financial makeover this is a good month to get one.  The trick is that you will want to make sure that you or the person you’re hiring knows what they’re doing.  Otherwise, things may not turn out too well for you. 

South – A windfall that comes through your career is more likely this month, especially if you’re a woman, in the entertainment business or work with people who are famous in their industry (even if they’re not famous to the general person on the street).  This windfall could come in the form of a bonus or promotion and would be a one time event.  If you see an opportunity you want, now is the time to go after it.

 This is one of the directions you will definitely want to activate right now or even before May 5 because this Star combination doesn’t come along often.  Get your Flying Star activations by clicking here.

Southwest – This area can be challenging for mother/son relationships.  Keeping your sense of humor and listening will help greatly this month. 

East – Family members may leave you feeling burned out, tired or emotionally/mentally drained this month.  They are also more likely to look to your for advice (or you to them). 

Center – It’s going to be easier to catch colds, the flu or be diagnosed with an illness unexpectedly now.  If you’ve been feeling under the weather it’s a good month to get a check up.

West – This area can be stressful for marriages but it’s a good month to work out problems with your partner because the results will be long lasting.  Now is a good time to make new friends and socialize through fun activities.

Northwest – Disagreements and lawsuits will increase, especially among world leaders and groups like the U.N., World Bank, IMF and other large, global institutions.  Violence will escalate, too.

North – Jobs are likely to be lost this month and the jobs report will be dismal (again).  Businesses are more likely to see revenues drop, especially those companies that are in industries like cruise line travel, beverage distribution and production and water related activities like shipping.

Northeast – A double Disaster/Transformation Star sits on religion and education now so the leg work you’ve been doing or issue you’ve had with regard to learning and/or religion will come to a head now.  This can mean a graduation, changing of schools or religious affiliations, finishing that final term paper, quitting school/religion or even signing up for school or beginning a new religious or spiritual practice.

Because the NE is also the area related to big earth we could see an increase in volcanic activity or other earth related disaster.  For some reason an image of a mountain trekking event gone bad comes to mind.

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Flying the mentally disturbed skies

Yesterday a flight attendant on a Dallas to Chicago flight apparently lost her marbles.

As American Airlines flight 2332 headed down the runway for take off, the disturbed flight attendant got on the plane’s PA system announced to the passengers that the flight was going to crash and that more cross checks needed to be done.

Initially, people thought it was a joke then when a fellow attendant told her to get off the PA system passengers realized something was not right.

Several crew members including an off duty pilot and a few passengers restrained the flight attendant while someone called 911.  Three flight attendants, including the one who lost it, were taken to the hospital for treatment.

News reports indicate the flight attendant is bi-polar and had not taken her medication.  Whether that’s the case or not remains to be verified but something certainly went haywire.

This kind of thing that can happen at anytime anywhere but the odds of it happening this year on an airplane are much higher due to the Violence Star sitting in the feng shui direction of travel, which includes air travel.

The Violence Star increases the chances for literal violence as it relates to space, flight, the auto industry, international relations (especially at the highest levels of office), airline industry and travel in general.  This means the odds are greater that we will hear more news about flights being grounded due to passenger or flight crew behavior, threats of hijacking, bomb scares and other issues along those lines.

Will this Violence energy negatively impact every flight?  No, of course not.  It just means that if you’re traveling you’ll want to be more aware of the people around you and to possibly expect other than weather related delays.

The other oddly coincidental thing about this whole incident is that the area of travel in feng shui also represents the brain.  The Violence Star sitting on the brain would create violent outbursts like the one that happened yesterday. 

The Violence Star’s alternative name is the Robbery Star and the flight attendant was certainly ‘robbed’ of her mental stability. 

Because the Violence/Robbery Star is on the brain this whole year we could see an increase in ‘insanity’ related crimes this year, too.  These criminals could have the common thread of luring their victims with the intent of being their ‘friend’, ‘mentor’, or offering help in some way.  Keep that in mind when you hear about it on the news.

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Cruise lines ill from Flying Star

Carnival Corp. seems to be floating under a black cloud these days.

First, one of their European ships, the Costa Concordia, ran aground due to navigation errors and sank off the coast of Italy.  Passengers were left stranded and basically had to save themselves from the sinking ship.

Then earlier this week Carnival announced it was suspending an on-shore nature excursion on one of its Puerta Vallarta tours because 22 passengers were robbed at gunpoint recently.

To top the week off another Costa ship from the Carnival line lost power in the Seychelles and had to be towed back to shore through pirate infested waters.  It took 3 days to get the boat back to the port.  That means 3 days of no water, no toilets, no food and no air conditioning for over 1,000 disgruntled passengers.

So what’s going on here? 

Well, from a feng shui perspective we have to look at the Flying Star sitting in the north this year and that’s the Illness Star. 

The Illness Star brings actual illness along with anemic cash flow when it comes to businesses.  The north represents water energy and encompasses industries like cruise lines, beverage manufacturers, water transportation, water related sports industries, etc.

This means that these water related businesses are, in general, going to find that no matter how hard they work the cash flow isn’t likely to be there for them this year.   The Illness Star can also bring all kinds of problems like ships breaking down, passenger illness (and we’ve seen more stories this year about bacterial outbreaks on cruise ships) to create financial problems for companies like Carnival this year.  This creates ‘anemic’ cash flow making the company ‘ill.’

The month of March is likely to be worse for the cruise line industry so keep your eyes posted for more news.

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Flying Star Feng Shui – February 2012

February 4 is the first day of the Flying Star month and also launches the new Flying Star year for 2012.  This means that the energy from 2011 has officially shifted and for some it will be a much better year although I have to say that financially, it’s going to be a tough year globally and for many families. 

This month may very well start out with a bang due to the Disaster/Windfall Star combination in the center gua.  This area of feng shui tends to set the ‘theme’ for the month and when these two Stars meet they create injuries and accidents.  It’s also possible some people may gain an unexpected windfall or opportunity but it’s likely to be due to some unfortunate circumstance, like getting a severance package offer due to job layoffs or an inheritance due to the passing of a relative.

Southeast – This area is going to bring financial challenges to banks, investment firms, credit card companies and other financial institutions.  This is going to be the trend for the year and this month we’re likely to see news that sets the tone for what’s to come.  At a minimum, you’ll definitely want to get your yearly Flying Star remedies up for 2012.

South – The Stars here indicate career change and with the south being the area of entertainment and fashion expect to hear news of celebrities you know in those industries, particularly women, who decide to quit their jobs, change companies or take on new roles they’ve not tried before.

Southwest – This area can be challenging for mother/son relationships or work relationships between older women and younger men.  It’s a good month to listen and keep your sense of humor.

East – This area can bring disagreements between family members and members of government.  Expect the mud slinging in the Presidential debates to really heat up now.  Also, use your feng shui remedies this month to help dampen this energy.

West – This area is great for travel and romance.  If you do travel go somewhere fun rather than relaxing because the west is all about being playful.

Northwest – This area has a double metal clash and can create arguments between men.  Travel related accidents are more likely now, too.

North – This is the career area in feng shui and with the Illness Star here it can make finding work challenging right now.  This is a good month to write your resume or come up with new ideas to make your current job better.

Northeast – This is another direction that’s great this month.  It’s perfect for celebrations, marriages and other joyful occassions.

If you haven’t already seen it be sure you read my entire 2012 outlook here:

Marriages already being affected by the Conflict Star in 2012

Change is in the air.  I’ve already seen it.

Although the Flying Stars for 2012 don’t officially ‘land’ in their new directions until February 4, you can start feeling their effects up to 9 weeks earlier which would have been the end of November last year.  This is because feng shui works in cycles of 9 (9 minutes, 9 days, 9 weeks, 9 months, etc.) and this can mean you feel the Stars earlier than their actual date of transition.

Unfortunately, some friends of mine have felt the effects of the Conflict Star moving into the area of Marriage this year.  Two of the couples split up between Thanksgiving and Christmas and a third since New Year’s Day.

Admittedly, their relationships were rocky to begin with.

In one case, the wife was always taking her children places without her husband.  They never spent time together as a family much less as a couple.  There’s only so much time a marriage can work this way before you become strangers living under the same roof.

The second couple was having financial problems.  They lost their house.  Her business was struggling to survive and he didn’t make enough on his own to support their high spending lifestyle.  I think the marriage just collapsed under the weight of all the debt.

The third couple I didn’t know as well but I do know it was a second marriage.  Perhaps they just knew from past experience it wasn’t going to work.

I have two other friends who, after a couple of years of being separated already, have finally decided it’s time to make it official.  It’s not suprising this decision would come at the same time the energy of the Conflict Star is moving in.

This year you may see more of your friends, family members and co-workers experience this same fate due to the Conflict Star on Relationships and Marriage.  This Star brings arguments, disagreements, jealousy and, in a worst case scenario, divorce. 

Keep in mind the Conflict Star doesn’t just affect marriages it also affects couples who are dating, business partnerships and children’s relationship with their friends. 

The challenge with the difficult Stars like the Conflict Star is that you can’t eliminate their energy but you CAN reduce their energy.  One way is to avoid spending time in the gua that the negative Star sits in.  This year the Conflict Star sits in the SW so try to keep this area quiet and spend time in guas with better Stars like the west.  You’ll also want to avoid sleeping in a room that’s in the SW area of your home, too.

In addition to keeping the SW quiet you can use your Flying Star feng shui remedies for 2012 which you can get by clicking here.

Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and 2012’s Flying Stars

Mitt Romney & Rick Santorum

Mitt Romney & Rick Santorum

Last night was the first step in the Republican Party’s efforts to select a nominee for their party and Mitt Romney won by a very slim margin over Rick Santorum.  Only 8 votes separated the winner from the runner up.

That made me wonder to myself, “What do the Flying Stars have in store for these guys in 2012?”  And I came across something interesting.

Back in 2008 when so many people were hoping for positive change from the U.S. Presidential election little did anyone know that both Barack Obama and John McCain shared the same Flying Stars. 

Obama’s Success direction happens to be McCain’s Relationship direction and McCain’s Success direction happens to be Obama’s Relationship direction. 

The same is true for Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum: Mitt’s Success direction is Rick’s Relationship direction and vice versa.

 When this happens it’s very hard to determine who might win an event but what I discovered from the 2008 election is that the Flying Stars on the Relationship direction have a greater impact than the Stars on a candidate’s Success direction.

That being said we also need to keep in mind that 2012’s Flying Stars aren’t even here yet.  They won’t be in their new position until early February and that changes the landscape for the entire Republican party, not just Mitt and Rick!

But because these two are the guys getting all the press though we’ll just focus on them right now.

During 2012 Mitt will have the Conflict Star on his Success direction while this same Star will sit on Santorum’s Relationship direction.  What’s the key in getting votes?  Getting people to like you.  If you have the Conflict Star on your Relationship direction it means you’re more likely to draw anger and arguments from those very people whose help you need. 

That’s not good for Santorum.

Romney, on the other hand, has the Abundance Star on his Relationship direction which is the same Star that sits on Santorum’s Success direction.  The Abundance Star is the best possible Star to have working for you when you want to gain clients, which in Mitt’s case is voters.

But what about the November election? 

What Stars are on Mitt and Rick’s Relationship direction for that month?  As it turns out Rick has what’s called ‘bullfight sha’ on his Relationship direction which adds fire to the Conflict Star for the year.  Not what you want at election time.

Mitt has a Star combination that creates success against competitors so if it turns out that Romney gets the Republican nomination he has a better chance of winning the November election than Santorum.

What about Barack Obama?  Well, at the time of the 2012 election he has a Flying Star combination that says he’ll be changing jobs.  Yes, that’s literally what the Star combination means: job change/endings.

And on his Relationship direction is the Disaster Star for the year along with the Relationship Star for the month.  This indicates problems in getting people to side with him which is not what you want as a candidate when people are choosing between you and someone else.

So, if it comes down to Romney v. Obama the Flying Stars indicate Romney has much better odds of winning. 

We still have a long way to go yet so it will be interesting to watch how it all plays out.

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