Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and 2012’s Flying Stars

Mitt Romney & Rick Santorum

Mitt Romney & Rick Santorum

Last night was the first step in the Republican Party’s efforts to select a nominee for their party and Mitt Romney won by a very slim margin over Rick Santorum.  Only 8 votes separated the winner from the runner up.

That made me wonder to myself, “What do the Flying Stars have in store for these guys in 2012?”  And I came across something interesting.

Back in 2008 when so many people were hoping for positive change from the U.S. Presidential election little did anyone know that both Barack Obama and John McCain shared the same Flying Stars. 

Obama’s Success direction happens to be McCain’s Relationship direction and McCain’s Success direction happens to be Obama’s Relationship direction. 

The same is true for Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum: Mitt’s Success direction is Rick’s Relationship direction and vice versa.

 When this happens it’s very hard to determine who might win an event but what I discovered from the 2008 election is that the Flying Stars on the Relationship direction have a greater impact than the Stars on a candidate’s Success direction.

That being said we also need to keep in mind that 2012’s Flying Stars aren’t even here yet.  They won’t be in their new position until early February and that changes the landscape for the entire Republican party, not just Mitt and Rick!

But because these two are the guys getting all the press though we’ll just focus on them right now.

During 2012 Mitt will have the Conflict Star on his Success direction while this same Star will sit on Santorum’s Relationship direction.  What’s the key in getting votes?  Getting people to like you.  If you have the Conflict Star on your Relationship direction it means you’re more likely to draw anger and arguments from those very people whose help you need. 

That’s not good for Santorum.

Romney, on the other hand, has the Abundance Star on his Relationship direction which is the same Star that sits on Santorum’s Success direction.  The Abundance Star is the best possible Star to have working for you when you want to gain clients, which in Mitt’s case is voters.

But what about the November election? 

What Stars are on Mitt and Rick’s Relationship direction for that month?  As it turns out Rick has what’s called ‘bullfight sha’ on his Relationship direction which adds fire to the Conflict Star for the year.  Not what you want at election time.

Mitt has a Star combination that creates success against competitors so if it turns out that Romney gets the Republican nomination he has a better chance of winning the November election than Santorum.

What about Barack Obama?  Well, at the time of the 2012 election he has a Flying Star combination that says he’ll be changing jobs.  Yes, that’s literally what the Star combination means: job change/endings.

And on his Relationship direction is the Disaster Star for the year along with the Relationship Star for the month.  This indicates problems in getting people to side with him which is not what you want as a candidate when people are choosing between you and someone else.

So, if it comes down to Romney v. Obama the Flying Stars indicate Romney has much better odds of winning. 

We still have a long way to go yet so it will be interesting to watch how it all plays out.

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The Flying Star Feng Shui link between Gabrielle Giffords and Jared Loughner

Jared Loughner

Jared Loughner

The only way you could have missed hearing about the shooting that took place at the Safeway in Casas Adobes, AZ yesterday is if you were hiding under a rock.

The news that has created grassroots finger pointing among neighbors and friends and stirred up what could be a molotov cocktail politically was the killing of six people and injury of 14 others, including Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords.

The 22 year old who has been charged with attempted assasination of a member of Congress (among other charges) is a man named Jared Loughner.

Supposedly Jared is a fan of such books as Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto but it really doesn’t matter what he likes, reads or follows.  Clearly he is not operating with a full set of marbles any more than Ted Bundy, Mark David Chapman or anyone else who decides to wake up and kill someone any given day.

I haven’t commented on articles like this from the U.S. in a while because, quite frankly, I could write lots of feng shui articles about people being shot every day. 

The news in my hometown usually has a laundry list of deaths before they get to weather and sports.  Some days it seems like that’s the only news to talk about.

But for some reason I kept feeling drawn to this particular story.  Not because it’s popular but because it felt like there was some link (odd as it sounds).

Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords

Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords (Reuters)

Sure enough, my intuition was right because Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and Jared Loughner have the exact same Flying Star number (also known as Kua number).  Very unusual.

Because of this connection their Flying Star Feng Shui energy is the same too and this month the Stars are not good for either of them.

Both Giffords and Loughner have the Disaster Star sitting on their health direction for January.  Although most people would experience this as a cold or the flu (if at all) for those people who are mentally unstable, like Loughner, the Disaster Star can cause them to go over the edge. 

Clearly Loughner went over the edge.

But what about Giffords?  She wasn’t sick or mentally ill.  No, but the Disaster Star on her health direction also sits with the Relationship Star meaning that the odds of something unfortunate related to her health being triggered by another person were higher this month.  Unfortunately those odds presented themselves in the form of Jared Loughner.

The Flying Stars on their career directions indicate mental and emotional difficulties.  Perhaps Loughner was distraught not only about life but also work or lack of work.  That remains yet to be seen.

For Giffords the mental difficulties are literal.  She was shot in the head by a crazy man while at work (her career).

And this month the Flying Stars that sit on Loughner’s decision making direction create what’s called a double metal clash.  This combination creates thoughts of fighting and war and with the negative energy of the Flying Stars on his career and health direction this double metal clash energy was able to manifest itself physically in the form of a shooting rampage in the Safeway parking lot.

Interestingly enough both Loughner and Giffords’ wisdom directions are tied to government.  Jared Loughner was supposedly angry with the government and lashed out at a government official at a political event. 

All of this fits right in to the Flying Stars this month.

And a final ‘Flying Stars are stranger than fiction’ note, Gifford has the Violence Star on her relationship direction right now as does Loughner.  For Gifford this Star manifested as violence against her personally while Loughner experienced this Star as the perpetrator of that violence.

Sending light for the full recovery of those injured in yesterday’s shooting and love to those whose family members are no longer with them.

Polish President Lech Kaczynski and Flying Stars

Lech KaczynskiYesterday Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski and 96 others died in a plane crash on their way to a memorial ceremony in Russia.   On the plane with the Polish President were his wife and numerous government officials from Poland. 

This is quite a blow to this small European country and given that they were on their way to honor 22,000 Polish officers who were killed by the Soviet Secret Police in April 1940.   The Soviets denied their involvement and blames the Nazis until 1989 when the USSR collapsed and Gorbachev admitted to the slaughter.

The combination of the airplane crash and the event it was tied to makes the death of the President and everyone else on board all the more tragic.

This year is an extremely difficult year for air travel, leaders and even space travel from a Feng Shui perspective and that’s because the Fame Star sits in the area tied to these things.

Now you would think that the Fame Star would be a positive thing but because the Fame Star is made of the fire element having it sit in the Northwest where airline travel and leadership sit could not be worse.  In fact Feng Shui Masters call this Fire at Heaven’s Gate and it’s considered very bad luck.

Because this Star sits in the Northwest it is not really surprising that the Polish President’s plane went down or that the IRS building in Austin, TX was blown up by an airplane.  In fact it would not be surprising if we find that other government officials leave this world during the year and experience further disruptions to air travel or even airline disasters. 

The fire energy of the Fame Star could even mean bombing of airplanes which would not be hard to do since cargo that is carried by commercial airplanes is not screened the way passenger baggage is. 

It is a difficult time for the people of Poland and has left people all over the world quite somber so now is the time for the healing to begin.

President Obama and GOP go head to head

Barack Obama, GOP

President Barack Obama and Republicans 'do lunch'

Today President Obama made history.  It wasn’t because he met with House Republicans for a 90 minute question and answer session which admittedly is quite momentous.  No, it was because this get together was televised publicly for all the world to see. 

Both President Obama and the Republicans looked annoyed and tense at moments while GOP members levelled questions about broken promises and being stiff armed by Democrats on health care reform.  Obama returned fire by defending the stimulus package and claiming Republicans had portrayed the health care bill as a “Bolshevik plot.”

It was clear both sides had prepared for this meeting and neither was going to admit defeat.

While this strategy of standing firm has worked for President Obama up to this point he’s going to have a harder time getting support from people this year and that includes Democrats. 

Here’s why.  In Feng Shui there is something called Flying Stars and the Stars on Barack Obama’s career and relationship directions are really tough this year. 

In fact the President has the Conflict Star on his career direction until early 2011.   This means he will have a harder time getting Democrats and Republicans to agree to bills he wants to pass no matter how good or bad they are for the country.  The Conflict Star creates disagreement and arguments so even if he is successful getting legislation passed he’s going to get even more flack about it than he received this past year.

The other challenge he faces is with the Robbery Star on his relationships.  In order to get things done in government people are going to want something from him in return.  As much as we don’t like behind-the-doors deals there’s a very good chance that President Obama will be doing this even more in 2010.  He’ll also need to be careful when it comes to security because the Robbery Star is also known as the Violence Star and this increases the chance that someone is going to want to harm him. 

Of the four years President Obama will have in office 2010 is by far going to be the hardest.  I know that when he came to office he made fun of Ronald Regan for consulting an astrologer but a Flying Star Feng Shui consultation would be well worth his money this year.

Harry Reid’s controversial remarks support his feng shui

racist Senator Harry Reid?

Senator Harry Reid (LA Times Blog photo)

Did you see Harry Reid’s racist comments about Barack Obama back when Obama was a Presidential candidate?  Read my analysis about how his feng shui played a role in all of this here on–Current-Events-Examiner~y2010m1d11-Senator-Harry-Reid-is-in-the-feng-shui-hot-seat

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What Oprah, Sarah Palin and Kathleen Selebius Have in Common

This month the Fame Star sits on the area of the feng shui bagua tied to middle aged women, people who are famous and those in the entertainment industry.   In the past three days this combination has been triggered in a big way.

First, Sarah Palin came out with her new book Going Rogue.  She had throngs of people waiting in line for her first book signing in Michigan and the press gave her tons of coverage. 

Next came the new government recommendations from the Preventive Services Task Force saying unless you’re a woman over 60 you don’t need mammograms after all.  They also recommended that doctors stop teaching women to do self breast examinations.  This sent off a backlash from the American Cancer Society, Olivia Newton-John and women all across America. 

To make matters even more confusing the health and human services director Kathleen Sebelius came out and said, “Ignore the new recommendations and just keep doing what you’ve always done.”  Dr. Nancy Schneiderman of NBC and other doctors accused Sebelius of throwing her the task force under a bus.  She’s still catching heat over this and probably will for a while.

The most recent woman in the limelight popped up today: Oprah Winfrey.  She’s already one of the most visible women in media but she got even more attention when she announced that her show will be ending September 9, 2011.  Oprah’s show has been on the air for 25 years so this is big news.

All of these seemingly out of the blue events are perfectly timed with the feng shui Flying Stars for the month.

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Bad *Feng Shui* Timing for House Health Care Bill

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, Health Care Bill

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi

The Democrats in the House of Representatives have put their new 1,990 page Health Care Bill on the table and it is now up for discussion.  It doesn’t appear that this new version has enough votes to pass though and the Republican’s have drafted their own 230 page bill which no one is expecting to pass either.

So for the next 72 hours Representatives will be reading every page of the 1,990 page bill OUT LOUD so that everyone can hear what it has to offer.  They expect it will take until late Friday or Saturday to get through the whole thing.

The challenge is that November 6th (Friday) is a new month in feng shui and all of the Flying Stars will shift from their present position to new locations.  And this year the Flying Star on government, families and health care is terrible to begin with the change to a new month with an equally difficult Star isn’t going to help the government get this health care reform bill through.

Here’s what’s happening:  This year the Violence/Robbery Star sits on the area of the feng shui bagua that governs families, health and government.

We’ve all seen this Star’s ‘robbery’ side in action– millions of people have lost their jobs and incomes, the government has spent money it doesn’t have bailing out companies that, despite your tax dollars, are still going bankrupt each day, the value of the dollar has fallen over 6% this year and on and on.

We’ve seen the ‘violent’ side of this Star too.  People are angry with the government and vocalizing their complaints, home invasions are on the rise, U.S. citizens protesting the G-20 were beat up and harassed by police.  Anger and violence have definitely set the mood this year.

As volatile as the Robbery/Violence Star can make things we have another Star that is helping to fuel this energy even more beginning November 6th and that Star is the Conflict Star.

Mix Robbery/Violence with Conflict and you have a recipe for lots of shouting, angry debate and legal action.  (FYI try not to stir things up in the east area of your home because this is where all this energy sits from Nov. 6 to Dec. 6, 2009.)

Not only that but Washington, D.C. lies geographically in the Eastern part of the United States which means that your Representatives, Senators and the White House are going to feel this energy even more.

This will not be the month they will see eye to eye but you can bet you will hear some great speeches (if not outright yelling) and mud slinging from both sides of the aisle.

If the bill survives the year it has a much better chance of getting passed in 2010 because the Windfall Star sits on government, health and families next year.  This may be better for everyone in the long-run as it could give both sides enough time to really sit down together and come up with a realistic plan that’s palatable to both sides.

In any case the feng shui Flying Stars aren’t helping this already weakly supported health care bill.

UPDATE 11/8/09:

The House passed their version of the bill sometime after 10:30pm last night and the Republicans actually supported the Bill.   Here’s how it happened.

The moderate Democrats said they would vote against it partially because the Bill allows federal funds to go for voluntary abortions.  So President Obama & Nancy Pelosi met with them late Friday night and said, “Ok if you’ll vote for the Bill we’ll allow for a vote on an amendment that will prevent federal funds for abortions.”

So around 9:30 or 10 last night the ENTIRE House (Rep and Dems) voted on this amendment.

Now, you would think that since the Republicans knew that this amendment needed to pass in order for the Dems to get enough votes for the Bill they would vote against the amendment thereby blocking the Bill right?

As I was watching the vote all but 1 of the Republicans voted FOR the amendment and about 65% of the Democrats voted AGAINST it.  So without the Republicans the Bill would not have passed.

It appears that the positive effects of feng shui on language and speaking won out over the negative energy of arguing which is a good thing.


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