Flying Star Feng Shui 2014: A new beginning

On February 4th the yearly Flying Stars shift position and a new feng shui year begins.  Each year the Stars set up shop in a new direction and begin to influence the area of life associated with that direction either positively or in a more challenging way.  What many people who follow Flying Stars don’t know is that there is a Flying Star ‘theme’ of the year, which adds another layer of influence to each direction and 2014 is no exception.

Unlike the calendar year the Flying Star year begins February 4, 2014 and this is where each of the 9 Flying Stars will position themselves and the areas of your life they will influence:
Flying Star 2014 chart

For more details about the Flying Stars, how they will affect you in 2014 and how to activate the positive Stars while minimizing the energy of the difficult ones go here:

July 2013 Flying Star Feng Shui outlook

It’s that time again! The July Flying Stars move into place on the 7th until early August. Here is the outlook for the month:

Southeast – This direction can bring money and health obstacles. If you’re interested in getting a loan for a new car, home or other item the banks may not be as receptive to your request this month.

South – If you’ve been looking for a job, new clients or trying to increase sales to existing clients spend time in the south this month. This area is great for job hunters, sales people and entrepreneurs especially if you’re a woman.

Southwest – Arguments between mothers and sons and/or women and men in your place of business are more likely to occur in the SW area of your building this month.

West – This direction is wonderful for romance and fun. It can also be good for your finances. For more detailed information go here: July Flying Stars

Center – While the south is good for career the Stars in the Center gua are not. Try to avoid this area if possible.

East – The Flying Stars in the east can bring moodiness and cranky people – mainly other family members. This is another area that reminds us to keep a sense of humor this month which is not always easy to do with your own family.

Northeast – Once again this direction is a GREAT source of positive energy this month. If you’re interested in taking a class, finding a mentor or getting advice this is a great month to do it. For more detailed information and feng shui activations click here: July Flying Stars

North – This area is good for travel but can create health problems especially around water. If you go swimming or go on a trip where sanitary conditions aren’t the best make sure the water is clean before you swim in or drink it.

Northwest – This area is prone to arguments between men so if there are any men you work with or live with who don’t generally get along keep them out of the NW area of the building/home if you can.

To get a more detailed outlook along with all of this month’s feng shui activations and remedies just click here:

Today’s solar eclipse and feng shui

Happy Sunday!
Today there is a solar eclipse beginning at approximately 8 p.m. EDT.  Solar eclipses bring new opportunities and change to the area of your astrology chart that is being eclipsed.
I don’t practice astrology but on a map of the world the eclipse will travel from the east gua to the NW gua which could mean that the areas where we see the greatest changes around the world will include family businesses, the family as a unit, government, travel, space, astronomy/astrology, health, prominent leaders (think Heads of State) and even history. 
This is a great day to re-energize crystals you have in your home or office.  Just put them in a bowl of water with sea salt for about 15 minutes, rinse them off and then put them in the sun for the day.  Solar eclipses are ideally suited for super-charging your crystals so take advantage.  The next opportunity won’t come until Nov. 13, 2012.
And since this day is packed with extra energy it’s also a great day to write down and meditate on any goals you have for your health, relationships, career, finances, living situation, etc.
Last but not least, if you would like to participate in the May 23-June 21 ’27 Days to Inner Peace’ program today is the last day to sign up.  Although I have not listed this on the web page, as a result of the feedback from a number of surveys I received my focus is going to be two-fold: peace and prosperity.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out! 
You can sign up here until 5 p.m. EDT today:
“I don’t quite know where to begin. This has been phenomenal and I am SO grateful, so very grateful for what you have done for & given to me.When I started this the Inner Peace Program I was in one of the darkest times in my life.  I’m 54 years old, and I’ve had some dark times, but this was pretty intense, and was feeling hopeless. My mom passed away 1 1/2 years ago and I’ve spiraled downwards since then even though I was trying very hard not to. Life felt…..dark, full of despair and I was very lost, very negative and I am usually a very UP person and can see the positive in all situations. I had lost that.

As the program started everything unlike love was bubbling up & out!!  However, the funny thing is as this was happening I actually started to “turn around” and lighten up IMMENSELY. The darkness and despair are GONE. I am looking forward to the rest of my life and I’m even having moments of joy which I have not had in a VERY long time. My relationships have become easy and I’m getting calls for work of all sorts so my finances are blossoming and I’m feeling a purpose in my life again.And….this is HUGE……..I don’t feel mad at God anymore. I feel more accepting of my life and others, I’m having more tolerance and quite frankly, I find myself laughing about life now.

I could go on and on Chriss.  I am in a place that is completely 180 degrees from where I was when we started this and THAT IS A VERY GOOD THING. I plan on signing up for the next round of 27 days, whenever you are ready to do it again.  I want to keep this going and I hope ultimately to share it with others as time goes on.

To me, it seems Chriss, like “Thank You” doesn’t even begin to touch on the depth of gratitude I have for this program.  I’m ready to go on and live life again.

I look forward to the moments ahead again and I know it’s gonna be alright. Life is gonna be alright!!   With much, much LOVE.”–Sheryl M., Anchorage, AK 

Registration closes at 5 p.m. EDT today, May 20:
Have a great week,

April 2012 Flying Star outlook

Spring is here and the Flying Stars will be moving to their new directions on April 4, 2012.  Here are the possibilities that lie ahead for the month:

April 2012 Flying Stars outlook

 Southeast  – This is a tough direction for people who have chronic health problems.  It’s also a tough direction for banks which means that more banks are or will be in financial trouble we may not hear about it until the summer months, though.

South – If you travel for a living this is a great direction for you.  The Stars here can also bring about unwanted affairs so be careful if you’re in a serious relationship that you don’t mess it up by doing something you’ll regret later.

Southwest – This direction and the NW are really bad for relationships this month, especially marital or other committed relationships, because the Stars here attract disagreements, petty jealousy and gossip.  This is a good month to follow the advice that says ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”  This is also an area you’ll want to place your April Flying Star feng shui remedy.

East – This is a great direction for students, writers and other creative types.  You may get inspired by family members, too.

Center – This area is prone to causing accidents and headaches.  It can also provoke arguments out of the blue. 

West – This direction can be hard on your health this month but it can also bring about change that produces favorable long-term results.  Stimulate this area with your feng shui activation for the month to bring out the best possible outcome.

Northwest – As I mentioned before, this direction is energetically ripe for creating disagreements between married and committed couples.  Try to avoid this area if your relationship is rocky because this energy along with the Stars in the SW could tip you over the edge.  It is a good direction for travel this month, though, especially if you’re traveling to a foreign country.

North – This area is beneficial if you’re in real estate, landscaping, construction, geology or other earth related fields. 

Northeast – This is a must activate area this month because a double Windfall Star sits here.  This Star combination can bring sudden financial luck or an opportunity out of the blue.  Definitely put your Flying Star activation here to stimulate the best energy possible.

If you happen to live in the Palm Beach County area be sure to stimulate your Human Luck by joining me at 11 .m. for Serenity Sunday  on, you guessed it, Sundays at Dream Angels in Jupiter, Florida!  You can find out more about it by clicking here.

How are 2012’s Flying Stars affecting your relationships?

This question came to me today after experiencing a week of gradually irritating encounters with various people, some of which are part of my daily life and others who are complete strangers. 

Each day I wondered to myself, “What is going on?  It seems like every little thing is annoying me right now.”  Then I’d think about the latest event that set me off and walk through it to see if I could find clues.

Then it dawned on me.  It’s the Flying Stars for cryin’ out loud!

You, I and everyone else on the planet have 4 personal best directions in feng shui and these directions are based on your birthday.   These 4 best directions are :

  • Success (think money and career)
  • Health (mental, emotional and physical)
  • Relationships (both personal and professional)
  • Wisdom (spiritual growth, learning from life’s experiences and formal as well as informal education)

Each year there is a specific Flying Star that sits on each of these directions and that Star can tell you a lot about what you can expect to experience in that area of your life for the year.  This is why I like Flying Star feng shui because you can get an idea about what opportunities or challenges lie ahead and plan accordingly.

As it turns out this year the Conflict Star sits on my personal Relationship direction.  Now, I know this and have know this was coming for a long time since I look ahead at the Stars before they arrive. 

We all have conflict in relationships during the year at one time or another.  That’s nothing new, but what happens when this Star arrives and sits on your personal Relationship direction is that you’re likely to see an increase in the number of disagreements you have with people, find that others become jealous of you or you of them when normally that wouldn’t be the case and you could even discover others gossiping about you or vice versa. 

Let me tell you, I think all of these things happened in one fell swoop this week.

After asking someone several times over the past few months for information on a project I was asked to help with I finally blew my top and went to their supervisor with a list of solutions to get the ball rolling in the right direction.  Although it should have made me feel better to know something was finally being done I just got more aggravated.

Then to take my mind off the situation I decided to browse through Facebook since it tends to be pretty innocuous.  Instead, on that particular day, there happened to be a number of posts that made me mad.  They weren’t even about me or directed at me!!  They were just posts from people spouting off about topics they felt strongly about.

This just pissed me off even more.

Following a number of days like this the week concluded with a trip to the car dealership where a service job I was told would take 1 1/2 to 2 hours took 3 and then I spent another 30 minutes waiting for the service tech to come back from whereever he wandered off to so I could get the paperwork to pay the bill! 

At that point, I had had it.

And then it hit me that maybe I had forgotten to put up my Flying Star feng shui remedies for the month. 

This month is particularly important if the SW is your Relationship direction or even your Success direction because the energy of the yearly Flying Star mixes with the energy of the monthly Flying Star (yes, there are 2 Stars in each direction each month) to create ‘bullfight sha’ (aka fighting energy). 

Sure enough, I took a look at the SW area of my home and the remedy for the Conflict Star was there for the year but I had forgotten to put up the one for the monthly Star.  Up it went!

After doing that I felt some relief but knew that something was still not quite right.  When you’re trying to feng shui your own home it’s easy to overlook things because it’s difficult to be objective.  You see your house every day so it’s tricky to notice things that need to be changed.

Fortunately, as I was walking through the room it hit me like a ton of bricks.

There were mirrors everywhere!  A standing mirror, a wall mirror and a dressing mirror. 

In feng shui, mirrors double the energy so mirrors in my Relationship area this year were doubling the energy of the Conflict Star. 

I started moving the mirrors that I could into a room that has a good Star this year and it made a HUGE difference.  I felt better immediately and decided to blog about it in case this helps you, too.

So, to reduce stress and improve your relationships make sure to get your 2012 Flying Star remedies up, you monthly Flying Star activations up and check your house for mirrors that may be doubling the energy of negative Stars.

Good luck!

Flying Star Feng Shui – 2012 outlook

Da da da dunnnnn…….because of all of the gloom and doom that has become associated with this year just saying ‘2012’ triggers the sound of brass instruments followed by an ominous, booming timpani drum roll in my head.

But like any year 2012 will have it’s bright spots, too, at least from a Flying Stars perspective anyway.  So let’s take a look at the big picture because the 2012 Flying Stars make their grand entrance on Feb. 4, 2012 (although their effects can be felt as early as 9 weeks before then since feng shui works in cycles of 9):

Let’s start with the center gua because the Star that sits here sets the ‘theme’ for the year.   In 2012 this is where the Windfall/Unexpected Opportunities Star falls and this is a much better Star to have here than 2011’s Robbery/Violence Star so already 2012 is off to a better start than 2011!

Since the Windfall Star sets the tone for the year this indicates that there will be sudden financial ‘gifts’ and opportunities throughout the year that people and even governments aren’t expecting.  The key to this Star is to take advantage of it when it comes knocking because once it’s gone so is your chance to benefit from it.

Now, the flip side to that is the Disaster Star will be sitting in the area of Wealth and Banking this year which means that globally there will be a lot more problems with the banks, investments are likely to generate losses and money will be lost in unexpected and unpleasant ways that could rock the entire financial system.  If there was ever a time to hide your money under a matress this is the year to do it.

Since we’re already talking about problems let’s look at the the Star sitting in the Helpful People/Travel area.  It’s the Robbery/Violence Star which tells me there’s a good chance that airfare will go up and the cost of services offered by helpful people (consultants, doctors, etc.) will go up too.

The other side of this is that industries like airlines, auto manufacturing, air and space related services and products, travel and cruise lines are likely to spend more money than they take in this year.  With this Star it’s even possible to see one or more companies in these industries go bankrupt. 

And since the Helpful People area also encompases leaders we could see corporate CEOs and other leaders take a cut in pay this year and/or even get caught stealing money from their companies and shareholders.

On a happier note the New Beginnings Star will be sitting in the area of Fame and Recognition which means we could see many more new faces in the areas of acting, singing and entertainment.  Some old favorites are more likely to either exit this arena or be put out to pasture. 

This Star has a tendency to bring both endings and new starts so if it happens to be in your personal Success area you can expect to see changes in your career this year

The Conflict Star will be visiting Partnerships and Marriage which is unfortunate because this Star means more couples and business partners will be quarrelling in 2012.  Most likely it will be over money since the Disaster Star sits on Wealth.  Since this Star also brings lawsuits we can expect to see an increase in divorce, restraining orders and other legal actions this year.

Given that relationships are going to be tough it may seem odd that the Relationship Star sitting on Family indicates that families are more likely to get along and even expand.  But with the Conflict Star on Relationships and the Disaster Star on Money the positioning of the Relationship Star appears to point to the fact that more families will be moving in with each other to consolidate resources or accomodate new living situations brought about by divorce.

This coming together indicates families will become closer despite the circumstances that bring about these new living situations.

Because in feng shui the area of Family is also the area of Government don’t be surprised if countries start working together in some aspect.  It could be to try to solve financial problems, to come up with ways to prevent war, or anything else where it makes sense to collaborate rather than stand alone.

In the U.S. and other countries we’re likely to see groups like the House and Senate come together to try to reach agreements too.  Hard to believe, I know!  It will be short lived, though, because in 2013 it will all fall apart again.

The Abundance Star sitting in Creativity and Children is wonderful!  This is a sign that people in the arts (dancers, singers, performers), writing, technology and anything else creative should do really well this year.  So if that is you and you’ve been working hard but not seeing much financial reward this is the year that could all change for you.

The Illness Star sitting in the Career area can be tough because this Star asks you to work hard but doesn’t offer much in the way of rewards for your efforts.   What it looks like is that people who do have jobs will be working hard but on a broad basis will not see raises, bonuses or promotions this year.   This ties in perfectly with the Disaster Star on Money and the Robbery Star on Helpful People because Helpful People includes bosses.  The money is just not going to be there this year.

The last area to look at is Education and Wisdom which is where the Fame Star sits.  This means education, colleges and learning will be in the spotlight this year and with the Abundance Star on Children in 2012 it means that whatever changes come about as a result of the Fame Star’s scrutiny into education the students will benefit.  This is a good thing.

Since this area is also tied to religion it also means that churches, temples, synagogues will also be in the news.  For them it could be good or it could be bad.  We’ll just have to wait and see but my gut instinct is that it will not be good because the Violence Star sitting Helpful People also includes gurus and religious leaders.  It’s possible for someone high up in religion to steal money from their followers, commit a violent crime or have a crime committed against them. 

All in all we have an interesting mix of news coming in 2012 but certainly not the ending of the world. 

Like any year, 2012 will be what you make of it and your feng shui activations can help you make it a good one so be sure to use them!

My recommendation is to activate your personal feng shui directions to maximize your good energy  in the coming year and make sure you add your monthly feng shui to those directions to create the best year possible for yourself.   Get your 2012 personal feng shui plan here: Flying Star Feng Shui Report

May 2012 be a prosperous and happy year for you and your family!

Feng Shui bagua

So you’re excited about feng shui and ready to re-energize your home.  Congratulations!

You know where north, south, east, west are in your house and you’ve got all of your Flying Star activations for the month.

There’s only one thing holding you back…the bagua.  How do you create this crucial map so that you set up your feng shui right the first time?

I can’t tell you how many times people have brought their floor plans to me with the bagua drawn incorrectly.  To date it’s been 100% of the time.

That’s because there are specific rules you must follow when you’re applying compass feng shui (meaning you’re using actual north, south, east, west, NE, SE, SW and NW) to your floor plan.  If you don’t follow these rules then there’s an excellent chance your bagua will be wrong and, as a result, you’ll end up putting your feng shui activations in the wrong place.

Looking at this floor plan for example, where would you draw the outer borders of your bagua? 

Would you include the deck?

How much of the master bedroom would you include in the bagua?

What would you do about the ‘missing’ area of the house on the sides of Bedroom 1?

All of these questions are crucial to creating the right energetic feng shui bagua for your home.

If you’re not sure how to lay out your bagua or you want a professional review of a bagua you’ve created for your home contact me here.  You’ll be amazed at how well your Flying Star activations will work when they’re in the right place!

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