How to clear your feng shui objects

feng shui wind chimesIn preparation for the 2011 Flying Stars that shift to their new location on February 4 make sure that you cleanse your feng shui objects for the new year.  Throughout 2010 your Flying Star remedies in particular have been working to absorb the negative energy of the Conflict, Disaster, Illness and Violence Stars for the year.  Before moving them to their new positions for 2011 you’ll want to clear them of the negative energy from 2010 so that they create the best possible energy for you in the coming year.

About a week before the Stars fly in (the last week of January is fine) take down your 2010 Flying Star feng shui activations and remedies. 

Next, you’ll want to throw away any of your feng shui objects that are broken, cracked or in need of repair.  Broken objects represent broken energy and are not effective in creating good feng shui.

Finally, add a couple of drops of lavendar essential oil to warm water and wash or wipe down the objects you used for your 2010 Flying Star feng shui like crystals, wind chimes, fountains, etc.   After you’ve washed your crystals put them outside in the sunlight for at least  6 hours to re-energize them. 

Your Flying Star feng shui activations will now be ready to use for 2011.

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Flying Star Feng Shui change is in the air

For those of you who are sensitive to energy you may be feeling like change is in the air and you can’t quite put your finger on what’s causing it.

More than likely, it’s coming from the change in Flying Stars.

On February 4, the Feng Shui Flying Stars for 2011 will arrive and the Stars for 2010 will be gone.  But right now we are in a period of transition from one year’s energy to the next so what you’re feeling is the old Stars leaving and the energy of the new Stars beginning to make their way in.

If you put up your annual feng shui activations for 2010 and you’re already feeling this shift I would advise you to go ahead and take those activations down now.  This way you can give your home and/or office a couple of weeks to clear out the old to make way for the new.

If you can’t remember what your feng shui activations for 2010 were here is a chart for you to refer to:

2010 Flying Star feng shui activations and remedies

2010 Flying Star activations and remedies

You will want to put your 2011 Flying Star activations up on February 4th.  You can get all of the Flying Star Feng Shui activations and remedies in my new book Flying Star Feng Shui 2011  as I will not be posting this on my blog.

Flying Star Feng Shui 2011 by Chriss BarrFlying Star Feng Shui 2011 also includes your 4 personal best directions for career, health, relationships and wisdom along with your 4 less fortunate directions that create financial loss, health problems, frustration and other challenges. 

In addition to all of this great information Flying Star Feng Shui 2011 also includes your personal feng shui horoscope for the year.

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Stephen Griffiths, the Crossbow Cannibal, gets his feng shui wish

Stephen Griffiths the Crossbow Cannibal

Stephen Griffiths the Crossbow Cannibal

You may have heard of him just recently.  Britain’s self-named ‘Crossbow Cannibal,’ Stephen Griffiths was finally arrested in May 2010 for the serial murders of three women in Bradford, England from 2009 until 2010.

What’s alarming and eerily fascinating about this guy is that he’s a psychology graduate and was a PhD student in criminology, which both deal with the nature and cause of human behavior.  It seems to me that his interest in these fields was an attempt at trying to understand his own demons.  Whether he does understand them or not we may never know but clearly he wasn’t able to gain control of them.

Stephens was finally caught for his horrible crimes after a closed circuit video in his apartment building taped him dragging his third victim to his room and then waving his crossbow in front of the camera after shooting his victim in the head with an arrow.  Apparently, this is how all three of his victims died.

Griffiths was arrested in May 2010, three days after his third victim was reported missing and was found guilty in court on Decemberr 21 this year after confessing to all three crimes.

The police had been watching Stephen Griffiths for a couple of years after he mentioned being obsessed with mass murder to an officer a few years ago.  But Griffiths never did anything following that comment to result in an arrest according to UK police.

So why did Griffiths start his killing spree in 2009?  Well, his Flying Stars hold clues to this.

Stephen Griffiths had two Stars that created big changes for him that year: the Disaster Star and the Violence Star.  The Disaster Star sitting on his Success direction made it easier for him to decide to start his new career as a serial murderer since he was pre-disposed to these thoughts.

And the Violence Star on his Relationship direction was a sign that either he would be a victim of violence or that he would be the the one bringing violent behavior to one or more of his relationships. 

Since the women he killed were prostitutes and not actual friends of his you may be wondering if his interaction with these women could really be considered a relationship at all.  In feng shui relationships are about people coming together whether they are strangers, relatives or good friends so the level of connection is not relevant to the Flying Stars.

In the end the timing of the Disaster and Violence Stars made it very easy for Griffiths to begin killing women in 2009 just as his Flying Stars in 2010 helped him get caught.

This year the Relationship Star has been sitting in Griffiths’ Success direction meaning it is easy for him to connect with people through his work.   In his profession as a serial killer this Star brings energy that would have made it easier for him to bring his two additional victims back to his apartment and shoot them in the head.

And because this Star makes you want to connect with people it’s no wonder that he flaunted his crime in front of the camera in the hallway of his building.  He wanted others to see what he was doing and to connect with the world in this very disturbing way.

But what he may not have bargained for was the Windfall Star on his Relationship direction.  This Star brings opportunities to you out of the blue and stumbling upon his victims earlier this year may have been just that for Griffiths.  But this Star is also represents the police and given his criminal background having the Windfall Star on his Relationship direction meant it would be much easier for him to get arrested this year. 

Since the Windfall Star is mainly associated with good fortune and opportunities landing in your lap from out of the blue it would seem that this Star didn’t work for Griffiths the way it was supposed to.  But I think it did exactly what he wanted it to do.  I think that because he was not able to control his mental illness that the only solution he could see was having someone else bring his nightmare to an end. 

He got his wish.

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Feng Shui conflict ahead for Reese Witherspoon’s relationships

Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon engaged to be married.

Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon (photo by Ramey)

Today I read that Reese Witherspoon is engaged to be married to a talent agent named Jim Toth.  This will be Reese’s second marriage after divorcing her husband Ryan Phillippe back in 2008.

It’s a great year for Reese to get engaged but I hope she decides to elope in January because when the Flying Stars change into their new positions for 2011 in February she’s going to have a terrible Star on her Relationship direction.

This year Reese has had the Relationship Star on her Relationship direction.  This Star makes it easier to connect with people, make friends and find a new love so it’s no wonder that she met her now husband-to-be in 2010.  Although this Star doesn’t guarantee you’ll meet the man or woman of your dreams, it does make it a lot easier because it brings a ‘coming together’ energy with it.

However, 2011 the Flying Stars change and the Conflict Star will be sitting on  Witherspoon’s Relationship direction instead.  The Conflict Star is not one you typically want to get married under because it brings arguments, disagreements and even jealousy.  Since this Star is going to be on her Relationship direction it means that her relationships with others (friends, directors, family, and her fiance) are going to be more contentious.   Although planning a wedding is always stressful and can make people disagreeable, especially the bride, the Conflict Star will amplify that energy and make it worse. 

If Reese and Jim do get married in 2011 it’s likely to be a bit of a challenging year.  They’ll need to remember that laughter is the best medicine because humor is a good antidote for this Star. 

I’m hoping they wait until 2013 to get married when both Witherspoon and Toth will have better Stars on their Relationship directions.  But hey, no one is asking me….

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Hugh Hefner’s engaging Flying Stars

Hugh Hefner and Playmate Crystal Harris get engaged.

Hugh Hefner and fiance Crystal Harris

In case you haven’t heard Playboy founder Hugh Hefner got engaged this weekend to 24 year-old Crystal Harris.  This will be Hefner’s third marriage and at the age of 84, probably his last.

I was curious which Flying Stars Hefner had on his Relationship direction this month because this is the direction that indicates marriage and partnerships. 

Interestingly enough, he has the Fame Star on his Relationship direction this year meaning his personal relationships were going to be in the spotlight for 2010.  It turns out that the Fame Star was right because this year his divorce from his second wife, Kimberley Conrad, became final followed by his engagment over Christmas weekend to his wife-to-be.

This is kind of an odd month to get engaged though because he has the Illness Star on his Relationship direction for December.  The Illness Star in this location means that he may have had second thoughts about whether to propose or experienced some kind of mental stress about the decision.

The Illness Star can also represent two people coming together but usually one of the partners feels stressed about the relationship.

Crystal, who is a former Playmate, has had the Conflict Star on her Relationship direction all year meaning that her relationship with Hugh and possibly other people in her life have not been easy this year.  The Conflict Star in this position brings arguments, disagreements and even jealousy.  I would be surprised if her relationship with Hefner has been jealousy or conflict free.

Next year she has the Illness Star on her Relationship direction indicating her relationships are going to cause her some mental anguish and feel like a lot of work.  Certainly, planning a wedding can be stressful so feeling this way is quite normal. 

Hugh Hefner, on the other hand, will have the Abundance Star on his Relationship direction meaning that it’s a good year for him to get married.  And since the Abundance Star brings with it long-term success this will likely be Hefner’s final marriage though my guess is that this is because she will outlive him rather than due to being madly in love which is no surprise given his age.

In any case, you’ve got to give the Hef credit.  How many other 84 year-old men could pull off an engagement to a gorgeous woman 60 years their junior?

December 2010 Flying Star Feng Shui

December’s Stars fly in on the 7th and here are the feng shui remedies and activations for the month:
December 2010 Flying Star feng shui activations and remedies

Flying Star activations and remedies for December 2010

Southeast – Place a bowl of water with sea salt here to reduce the energy of the double Robbery Star.  If you have a fireplace in the southeast area of your home try not to use it this month because fire stimulates the Robbery Star’s energy. 

South – Hang a six rod metal wind chime (24″ long or longer) in the south area of your home to lift the energy of the Disaster Star.  If your front door is in the south use another door to enter and leave your home this month if possible.

Southwest – Place a bowl of water with sea salt here.

West – Place a red laughing Buddha or a laughing Buddha on a red cloth here to reduce the energy of the Conflict Star.

Center – Place a fountain here.

East – Place an amethyst crystal or a gemstone tree here.

Northeast – Place a green plant or 4 bamboo stalks in a vase of water.

North – Place a metal bowl or a small metal chime here.

Northwest – Hang an 18″ to 24″ long six rod metal wind chime here.

You can read my December Flying Star feng shui outlook here:

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Christmas and Hanukah Feng Shui

The holidays are upon us so let the decorating begin!  If you want to throw a little Flying Star Feng Shui into the mix here are some suggestions for you.

Hanukah begins at sundown tomorrow which means you’ll be lighting your menorah if you celebrate this holiday.  If you follow Compass Feng Shui you may think that the south would be an ideal spot to place your menorah this year because the south represents Fame and Recognition in feng shui and is activated by fire. 

But Flying Star Feng Shui is much more dynamic than Compass Feng Shui and because of this you could end up creating problems for yourself.  That’s because the two Stars that sit in the south are the Conflict (wood) and Disaster (earth) Stars are stimulated by fire.  That means if you put your menorah in the south area of your home you could create conflicts that lead to big problems.  Not fun.

Instead, put your menorah in the west room of your home this year.  This month the Career (water) and Conflict (wood) Stars sit in the west.  Fire reduces the energy of the Conflict Star which means you can help reduce arguments and disagreements at home (or at work) by putting your menorah in the west this Hanukah.

If you celebrate Christmas you can put your tree in the west because the shape of the tree and the lights on the tree both represent fire energy.  So putting the Christmas tree in the west area of your home (and/or office) is good for reducing conflict energy this month.

You can also put your Christmas tree  or menorah in the east to support the Windfall Star that sits there this month.   Since the east represents Family the Windfall Star can bring an unexpected opportunity or financial windfall (like a refund or bonus) this month.  The east is also wood energy in feng shui so the tree supports this Family area nicely too.   If you put a menorah here use a wooden one if possible.

Not sure how to lay out the bagua for your home?  Let me do it for you!  Just click here.

Happy holidays!

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