Flying Star Feng Shui outlook – March 2012

It’s a new month and the Flying Stars land in their directions for March on the 6th so get ready!  Because feng shui works in cycles of 9 those of you who are sensitive to energy could feel the effects of March’s Stars up to 9 days before they fly in.

I’ll just tell you up front that you may want to avoid watching the news this month because there are so many areas that have harsh energy.  That being said this is one of those months where you definitely want to have your feng shui remedies in place.

Southeast – Expect to hear news of banks, investment firms or other money related businesses going bankrupt, filing for bankruptcy or even being accused of fraud.  The Stars here will shed even more light on problems within the financial sectors of the world.

South – This is a great area this month and is especially good if you’re a celebrity, in the fashion industry, media or you’re a middle aged woman.  Prosperity and success are indicated in spades during the month of March.

Southwest – Gossip, arguments and jealousy will be the theme for many marriages and business partnerships.  Avoid discussing problems with your partner in the southwest area of your home.

East – The Stars make family relationships stressful right now, especially mother/daughter-in-law relationships so avoid family reunions or get togethers this month if you can.  If not, be on your best behavior.

Center – This area sets the ‘theme’ for the month and that theme is actually twofold.  On one hand, it brings relationship problems.  On the other hand it can bring an unexpected opportunity from someone you know.  Let’s hope you experience the latter.

West – This area is good for the chance to experience a financial winfall of some kind.

Northwest – Big problems are likely to come about in the airline, travel and/or space industries.  The Stars also indicate more violence across the globe.

North – Avoid at all costs if you have an illness that is not well controlled.  This area will bring financial problems to water related industries like cruise lines, beverage companies, etc.

Northeast – I wish this area were a good one to end on but the Stars are awful here.  This area is prone to financial loss and possible injury or violence.  Since this is the area of education and learning schools are likely to be affected.  (Notice the shooting in Ohio and several other scares across the U.S. have started happening.)

I would advise that you use your feng shui remedies and activations this month which you can get here: Flying Stars March 2012 and spend as much time in the west and south areas of your home as you can since these areas have fabulous Stars right now.




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