Cruise lines ill from Flying Star

Carnival Corp. seems to be floating under a black cloud these days.

First, one of their European ships, the Costa Concordia, ran aground due to navigation errors and sank off the coast of Italy.  Passengers were left stranded and basically had to save themselves from the sinking ship.

Then earlier this week Carnival announced it was suspending an on-shore nature excursion on one of its Puerta Vallarta tours because 22 passengers were robbed at gunpoint recently.

To top the week off another Costa ship from the Carnival line lost power in the Seychelles and had to be towed back to shore through pirate infested waters.  It took 3 days to get the boat back to the port.  That means 3 days of no water, no toilets, no food and no air conditioning for over 1,000 disgruntled passengers.

So what’s going on here? 

Well, from a feng shui perspective we have to look at the Flying Star sitting in the north this year and that’s the Illness Star. 

The Illness Star brings actual illness along with anemic cash flow when it comes to businesses.  The north represents water energy and encompasses industries like cruise lines, beverage manufacturers, water transportation, water related sports industries, etc.

This means that these water related businesses are, in general, going to find that no matter how hard they work the cash flow isn’t likely to be there for them this year.   The Illness Star can also bring all kinds of problems like ships breaking down, passenger illness (and we’ve seen more stories this year about bacterial outbreaks on cruise ships) to create financial problems for companies like Carnival this year.  This creates ‘anemic’ cash flow making the company ‘ill.’

The month of March is likely to be worse for the cruise line industry so keep your eyes posted for more news.

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