Flying Star Feng Shui – February 2012

February 4 is the first day of the Flying Star month and also launches the new Flying Star year for 2012.  This means that the energy from 2011 has officially shifted and for some it will be a much better year although I have to say that financially, it’s going to be a tough year globally and for many families. 

This month may very well start out with a bang due to the Disaster/Windfall Star combination in the center gua.  This area of feng shui tends to set the ‘theme’ for the month and when these two Stars meet they create injuries and accidents.  It’s also possible some people may gain an unexpected windfall or opportunity but it’s likely to be due to some unfortunate circumstance, like getting a severance package offer due to job layoffs or an inheritance due to the passing of a relative.

Southeast – This area is going to bring financial challenges to banks, investment firms, credit card companies and other financial institutions.  This is going to be the trend for the year and this month we’re likely to see news that sets the tone for what’s to come.  At a minimum, you’ll definitely want to get your yearly Flying Star remedies up for 2012.

South – The Stars here indicate career change and with the south being the area of entertainment and fashion expect to hear news of celebrities you know in those industries, particularly women, who decide to quit their jobs, change companies or take on new roles they’ve not tried before.

Southwest – This area can be challenging for mother/son relationships or work relationships between older women and younger men.  It’s a good month to listen and keep your sense of humor.

East – This area can bring disagreements between family members and members of government.  Expect the mud slinging in the Presidential debates to really heat up now.  Also, use your feng shui remedies this month to help dampen this energy.

West – This area is great for travel and romance.  If you do travel go somewhere fun rather than relaxing because the west is all about being playful.

Northwest – This area has a double metal clash and can create arguments between men.  Travel related accidents are more likely now, too.

North – This is the career area in feng shui and with the Illness Star here it can make finding work challenging right now.  This is a good month to write your resume or come up with new ideas to make your current job better.

Northeast – This is another direction that’s great this month.  It’s perfect for celebrations, marriages and other joyful occassions.

If you haven’t already seen it be sure you read my entire 2012 outlook here:


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