Flying Star feng shui outlook – January 2012

It’s the last month of the Flying Star year!  The new year begins on February 4, 2012 and I’ve been so busy writing 2012 Flying Star Feng Shui reports for clients that January got here before I could put together my outlook for the month.  (You’ll want to get one of these reports, too, if you want to see what your personal Flying Stars have in store for you for 2012).

So, rather than not post this month I’m giving you the January 2012 bagua so you can see what energies are likely to apply themselves this month.

Keep in mind that in feng shui SE is wealth, S is fame/entertainment, SW is marriage/partnerships, E is family/government/health, Center is the month’s ‘energy theme’, W is children/creativity/technology, NE is education/religion, N is career/future and NW is helpful people/travel.

This will be good practice for those of you who want to learn how to read Flying Stars!

The rest of  you can still find a detailed January outlook along with all the activation and remedies here: January 2012 Flying Stars


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