What will your personal Flying Stars bring you in 2012?

If you’ve been reading my blog you know that for the past three years I’ve been writing my Flying Star Feng Shui books so that you can see what your personal Stars have in store for you for the coming year.

The thing I love about these yearly books is that you get to see ahead of time what opportunities lie ahead for your relationships, your finances, your career, your health and your spiritual growth from a feng shui perspective.

As much as I love writing this book each year what I love even more is being able to offer more personalized advice so this year I’m skipping the book and doing something different.

Will your career be supported by the Abundance or Relationship Star in 2012?  Will the Transformation Star bring big changes in an important relationship of yours?  Will the New Beginnings Star give you great ideas that help you this year?

You can find out in your 2012 personalized Flying Star Feng Shui report.

Because 2012 has such a mystical air to it already it seems unfair to offer you a general outlook for this year.   In your e-mails to me you’ve been asking for more specific information and so I want to give that to you.

Rather than printing a book I’m offering you a personal outlook based on 2012’s Flying Star feng shui.  This way you get more detailed information to start and plan your year. 

In addition to your personalized outlook you’ll get all of the yearly Flying Star activations, where to place these activations and how to energize your feng shui to bring the best possible results!

And because you’ve told me you have certain questions you want answered I’m also giving you the opportunity to ask me about a specific area of your life.  Whether you want to know how a new business you’ve started will do this coming year, whether an intimate relationship is in the Stars for you or how a health issue is likely to turn out for you this is your opportunity to ask!

The new Flying Stars year begins on February 4, 2012 so you have time to prepare now!  Find out more about your personal Flying Star Feng Shui 2012 report by clicking here.


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