Flying Star Feng Shui – 2012 outlook

Da da da dunnnnn…….because of all of the gloom and doom that has become associated with this year just saying ‘2012’ triggers the sound of brass instruments followed by an ominous, booming timpani drum roll in my head.

But like any year 2012 will have it’s bright spots, too, at least from a Flying Stars perspective anyway.  So let’s take a look at the big picture because the 2012 Flying Stars make their grand entrance on Feb. 4, 2012 (although their effects can be felt as early as 9 weeks before then since feng shui works in cycles of 9):

Let’s start with the center gua because the Star that sits here sets the ‘theme’ for the year.   In 2012 this is where the Windfall/Unexpected Opportunities Star falls and this is a much better Star to have here than 2011’s Robbery/Violence Star so already 2012 is off to a better start than 2011!

Since the Windfall Star sets the tone for the year this indicates that there will be sudden financial ‘gifts’ and opportunities throughout the year that people and even governments aren’t expecting.  The key to this Star is to take advantage of it when it comes knocking because once it’s gone so is your chance to benefit from it.

Now, the flip side to that is the Disaster Star will be sitting in the area of Wealth and Banking this year which means that globally there will be a lot more problems with the banks, investments are likely to generate losses and money will be lost in unexpected and unpleasant ways that could rock the entire financial system.  If there was ever a time to hide your money under a matress this is the year to do it.

Since we’re already talking about problems let’s look at the the Star sitting in the Helpful People/Travel area.  It’s the Robbery/Violence Star which tells me there’s a good chance that airfare will go up and the cost of services offered by helpful people (consultants, doctors, etc.) will go up too.

The other side of this is that industries like airlines, auto manufacturing, air and space related services and products, travel and cruise lines are likely to spend more money than they take in this year.  With this Star it’s even possible to see one or more companies in these industries go bankrupt. 

And since the Helpful People area also encompases leaders we could see corporate CEOs and other leaders take a cut in pay this year and/or even get caught stealing money from their companies and shareholders.

On a happier note the New Beginnings Star will be sitting in the area of Fame and Recognition which means we could see many more new faces in the areas of acting, singing and entertainment.  Some old favorites are more likely to either exit this arena or be put out to pasture. 

This Star has a tendency to bring both endings and new starts so if it happens to be in your personal Success area you can expect to see changes in your career this year

The Conflict Star will be visiting Partnerships and Marriage which is unfortunate because this Star means more couples and business partners will be quarrelling in 2012.  Most likely it will be over money since the Disaster Star sits on Wealth.  Since this Star also brings lawsuits we can expect to see an increase in divorce, restraining orders and other legal actions this year.

Given that relationships are going to be tough it may seem odd that the Relationship Star sitting on Family indicates that families are more likely to get along and even expand.  But with the Conflict Star on Relationships and the Disaster Star on Money the positioning of the Relationship Star appears to point to the fact that more families will be moving in with each other to consolidate resources or accomodate new living situations brought about by divorce.

This coming together indicates families will become closer despite the circumstances that bring about these new living situations.

Because in feng shui the area of Family is also the area of Government don’t be surprised if countries start working together in some aspect.  It could be to try to solve financial problems, to come up with ways to prevent war, or anything else where it makes sense to collaborate rather than stand alone.

In the U.S. and other countries we’re likely to see groups like the House and Senate come together to try to reach agreements too.  Hard to believe, I know!  It will be short lived, though, because in 2013 it will all fall apart again.

The Abundance Star sitting in Creativity and Children is wonderful!  This is a sign that people in the arts (dancers, singers, performers), writing, technology and anything else creative should do really well this year.  So if that is you and you’ve been working hard but not seeing much financial reward this is the year that could all change for you.

The Illness Star sitting in the Career area can be tough because this Star asks you to work hard but doesn’t offer much in the way of rewards for your efforts.   What it looks like is that people who do have jobs will be working hard but on a broad basis will not see raises, bonuses or promotions this year.   This ties in perfectly with the Disaster Star on Money and the Robbery Star on Helpful People because Helpful People includes bosses.  The money is just not going to be there this year.

The last area to look at is Education and Wisdom which is where the Fame Star sits.  This means education, colleges and learning will be in the spotlight this year and with the Abundance Star on Children in 2012 it means that whatever changes come about as a result of the Fame Star’s scrutiny into education the students will benefit.  This is a good thing.

Since this area is also tied to religion it also means that churches, temples, synagogues will also be in the news.  For them it could be good or it could be bad.  We’ll just have to wait and see but my gut instinct is that it will not be good because the Violence Star sitting Helpful People also includes gurus and religious leaders.  It’s possible for someone high up in religion to steal money from their followers, commit a violent crime or have a crime committed against them. 

All in all we have an interesting mix of news coming in 2012 but certainly not the ending of the world. 

Like any year, 2012 will be what you make of it and your feng shui activations can help you make it a good one so be sure to use them!

My recommendation is to activate your personal feng shui directions to maximize your good energy  in the coming year and make sure you add your monthly feng shui to those directions to create the best year possible for yourself.   Get your 2012 personal feng shui plan here: Flying Star Feng Shui Report

May 2012 be a prosperous and happy year for you and your family!


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  3. Brandi
    Jan 20, 2012 @ 03:13:24

    For 2012 the illness star is in my kitchen. Does that mean food borne illness? Should I avoid cooking there this year?


    • cbarr
      Jan 26, 2012 @ 20:35:39

      No, just put up your feng shui remedy and you should be fine. Do make sure you keep things clean and that you wash your fruits, veggies and things like chicken breasts throughly. It’s possible that you could find food in your pantry or fridge spoils faster this year.


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