How to make Flying Star predictions: a crash course

One of the best things about writing this blog is getting e-mails from readers who know about classical feng shui and Flying Stars in particular.  You ask some great questions!

Probably the most frequent question I get is, “Where can I learn how to use Flying Star feng shui for making predictions?” 

Well, the answer is, “I don’t know.”  The truth is that I learned by taking classes with Feng Shui Masters who taught either Flying Stars, Compass feng shui, Water Dragon method or some other specialized type of feng shui but none of them taught how to use Flying Stars for predictions.

The way I learned how to do that was after taking classes for about five years I noticed that a couple of the Feng Shui Masters would send out e-mails that included predictions.  Most used something called Ba Zi to do this which is a very complicated type of Chinese astrology requiring calculation of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches in relation to certain dates.  I called it the Calculus of predictions and it never made sense to me.

The other issue for me about Ba Zi is that it’s not very accurate for being so complicated.  Even the best astrologers could only give vague information and not very useful information at that.

So in my never ending quest for ways to apply feng shui information I stumbled upon the writings of a Feng Shui Master who appeared to be combining the monthly Flying Stars with compass directions.  Jackpot!

Although the Master never disclosed what they were doing or how they came up with their predictions, I could see it plain as day.  It all made perfect sense to me.

What was even better is that I could do the caculations and predictions myself because I already knew all about Compass and Flying Stars feng shui.  This was a fabulous discovery!

Since I have yet to see anyone teach how to blend these two types of feng shui I thought I’d give a crash course here for those of you who know both types of feng shui so you can work on creating your own predictions.

You really only need 2 things to do this type of predicting:

  1. an understanding of Compass feng shui (i.e. what element goes with what direction and what each direction means)
  2. where the Flying Stars sit, what each Star means and what element makes up the Star

Once you have that you’re all set to create your own predictions!

Let’s take a look at a couple of 2011’s Flying Stars and see how to interpret them.  This year we’ve had the Disaster Star sitting on the area of Family and Government.  The Disaster Star is earth energy and the Family/Government gua is wood.  In feng shui wood pulls the nutrients out of the soil (earth) and weakens it.   This indicates that although there will be problems globally for families and governments they will not be as bad as they could be if the Disaster Star was energized by wood.

So, overall the Disaster Star would be expected to bring about disruptive and potentially destructive events for families and governments in 2011 and it has.  We’ve seen numerous government protests, the assasination of leaders, the overthrow of many governments and the continued loss of jobs, homes and benefits to families worldwide.

The good news is that 2012’s Stars will bring different energy to this area because the yearly Stars change every February 4.

Another Star we can look at is the Windfall Star sitting in the area of Wealth and Banking for the year.  The Windfall Star is metal energy and the Wealth/Banking gua is wood.  In feng shui wood and metal clash so although Windfalls are good there is likely to be a negative perception about them.

This, too, has been the case in 2011.  Bank of America was on the brink of disaster when Warren Buffet and others stepped in to save it from ruin; clearly a windfall for the company.  However, the public has had enough of the bailouts for banks and other financial institutions while families continue to go into bankruptcy, lose their homes and have trouble feeding their children.  Thus pops up Occupy Wall Street – the wood/metal clash in action.

We also saw three wealthy hedge fund managers (Banking/Finance) from Connecticut win $254 million in the Powerball lottery (Windfall Star) a few weeks ago.  Another perfect example of the Flying Star in the SE this year.  Even this event created conflict when the media and public began speculating that there was a 4th behind the scenes person who was the real winner but was not coming forward.

So, you see, when you know what the Stars mean, what the directions mean and what the elements are you are well on your way to creating your own predictions.

Just for fun you may want to look at the other 7 Flying Stars and see if you can recognize events that have happened this year as a result of these Stars’ presence in the different areas of the ba gua.  Once you feel that you have a handle on this try predicting events for 2012.

In a few days I’ll be posting my Flying Star Feng Shui outlook for 2012.  Compare what you’ve come up with and at the end of 2012 we’ll see how things turned out.

Have fun!


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