How to feng shui your Flying Stars

This month I got a great question about Flying Star remedies.  The woman who sent it has a double Illness Star on her bedroom and wanted to know if there was another remedy besides the one I listed in my monthly Flying Star remedy report.

She wanted to put something else there besides the remedy that was given.  The only other remedy, however, is to sleep in another room.

Here’s why.

In classical feng shui each compass direction and Flying Star has its own ‘element’ (fire, earth, water, wood and metal)  just like in astrology each sign has its own ‘element’ (fire, earth, water and air).

Each of these feng shui elements can only be enhanced or reduced by another element.  For example, fire is enhanced by wood (if you add wood to a fire it makes the fire bigger) and is reduced by earth (if you throw dirt on a fire it smolders it).  You could also throw water on the fire to put it out but then you’d get that loud hissing sound and lots of smoke so water is not the best choice and could even make things worse.

So when you’re activating your good Flying Stars you want to make sure you’re using the right element (fire, earth, water, metal or wood). 

The same goes for when you’re trying to reduce the energy of the negative Flying Stars for the month.

Some feng shui stores on the web offer other remedies like Chinese animals or symbols and those can be effective in specific incidences and with specific feng shui energies, but not typically with Flying Stars.

If you want to get the right feng shui remedies and activations for the month be sure to get yours here: Flying Star activations and remedies.



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  1. Anonymous
    Dec 28, 2011 @ 16:17:32

    how do i do this


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