How to use the moon to energize your feng shui crystals

ImageIf you’re new to feng shui you may not realize that energizing your crystals can improve your Flying Star feng shui activations each month.  The best time to re-energize your crystals is on the day of the full moon and an even better time is during a lunar eclipse because this is especially powerful.

As it turns out, this Saturday, Dec. 10 there is a full moon/lunar eclipse so be sure to energize your crystals that day.

If you have your own way of energizing your stones and it works for you then by all means, use it.  If you’re not sure how to energize your stones you can follow this simple process:

  1. On the morning of the full moon or lunar eclipse soak your crystals in a bath of water and sea salt for about 15 minutes.  You can find sea salt in the baking section of your grocery store.
  2. Rinse your stones with water.  You don’t need to dry them.
  3. Place your crystals outside in the morning sun and let them soak up all the day’s sunlight (yang energy) then leave them there overnight to soak up the energy of the full moon (yin energy).
  4. The next day bring them inside and use them to activate your Flying Stars where they’re needed.  (You can find the monthly Flying Stars activations by clicking here.)

It’s best to re-energize your crystals at least once every six months.  If you feel you need to re-energize them more often you can.  Again, the best time to do this is on the day of a full moon or lunar eclipse.

Enjoy your results!



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