December 2011 Flying Star Feng Shui outlook

It’s the last month of 2011 but we still have one more month before the Flying Star year is over. 

December is going to end the calendar year with a bang all because the Flying Star energies are doubled in every direction this month.  Let’s take a look:

Southeast – Banks, financial institutions and stock markets are likely to experience some kind of financial windfall this month due to the double Windfall energy that sits here.  If you’re front door faces southeast you may get a check you weren’t expecting or find that some kind of opportunity lands in your lap out of the blue.  Use your December Flying Star activation to maximize the benefits of the feng shui energy that sits here.

South – Unless you want to run the risk of getting a cold or the flu avoid spending time in the south area of your home or office.  The double Illness Star lands in the south this month making it easier to get sick now.  If you have a chronic illness you’ll want to sleep somewhere other than the south area of your home.

Southwest – Relationships should be very good this month, especially for business partnerships and couples who are married, dating or living together.  If this is important to you make sure to activate your Flying Star feng shui to experience all the positive effects of this Star.

East – This area is prone to disasters and since the east is the area tied to family and government we’re likely to see more bad news about families and government this month.  This could mean more families find they’re struggling to pay the bills, more families suffer due to the economy, the government finds it cannot agree on how to straighten out the economy, etc.  It’s even possible to see the government implment policies that are very family unfriendly like tax increases, more deficit spending and the like.  Avoid spending time in the east at all costs if you can.

Center – The Center gua is what I call the ‘theme’ gua because it sets the tone of the overall energy of the month.  This month the theme is a major downer – Robbery and Violence.  Since the theme is doubled it means double the trouble. 

I’ve found that the Robbery Star pretty much guarantees you spend more money than you make and since it’s the holidays this comes as no surprise.  In fact, this probably happens every December!  The challenge this time is that the excess spending isn’t just due to us going on a spending spree, it’s due to inflation making products and services more expensive. 

We’re also likely to see more voilent behavior in our own communities and worldwide.  It’s going to be hard for some people to feel cheery in this kind of environment but if you stick to your budget and ignore people who seem to be unreasonable you’ll sail through with flying colors.

West – The double Fame Star sits in the west which can mean that your children get an award or special recognition for something this month.  It could be for academics, an art or writing project or even from winning a sports competition.  It’s also possible that a technology company or promiment person in tech is in the spotlight now.

Northeast – Religion and education have a double New Beginnings Star in December meaning we could see schools, churches, temples, synagogues shut down or decide to revamp the way they do business.  A writer we’ve not heard of yet could appear this month and make a name for themselves ala J.K. Rowling or Dan Brown.

North – Office parties may not be as festive as you’d hoped due to the double Conflict Star.  This Star brings arguments and gossip.  Add alcohol to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for hard feelings and resentment at work the next day.  You may want to think more than usual before speaking and leave the party while everyone is still in a good mood.

Northwest – If you’ve been looking for a mentor, seeking out new clients or interested in making new friends the Flying Stars are on your side right now.  These people are likely to be among your circle of friends/clients for a long time because the nature of this Star is to bring long-term benefits.

Get your December Flying Star activations now so that you can get all the benefits of the great Stars and reduce the energy of the less fortunate Stars.

Remember, the new Flying Star year begins February 4th so we have one more month to go.  Happy holidays and I’ll see you next month!

Not sure how to create a bagua of your home?  Let me do it for you!  Find out by clicking here.


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