Thanksgiving Feng Shui 2011

This Thursday is Thanksgiving and many of us will be hosting family and friends for the holiday.  To make your event even more festive why not add a little feng shui?

There are several directions in your home that you’ll want to steer your guests  to this week and those directions are northwest, the center of your home and west.

The northwest contains Flying Star Feng Shui energy that’s ideal for celebrations, parties, get togethers and even weddings.  If your dining room, living room or other room you can use for entertaining is here this is where you’ll want to spend most of your time.  If you do, you’re guests are sure to enjoy themselves even more than they expected and have fond memories of this year’s Thanksgiving.

Feng shui this area with a crystal bowl filled with oranges and have uplifting music playing softly in the background.  You can also place a bubbling table fountain here.

If you’re dating and are getting together with your sweetheart for the holiday be sure to spend time in the center of your home.  This is where the Flying Stars come together to create romance and ideal energy for people in love or those looking for love.

In fact, if you happen to be spending Thanksgiving at a friend’s house and that friend is also inviting someone in hopes of playing match maker, have your friend introduce you in an area that lies somewhere in the center of your home. 

Place rose quartz in the center of your home to enhance the romance energy of the Flying Stars that sit here.

And the final direction that’s good for romance is in the west.  The Flying Star combination here is called ‘peach blossom’ and is ideal for single people looking to meet Mr. or Ms. Right.  If you’re a single man, place 4 stalks of bamboo in a vase of water in the west.  If you’re a single female place a vase of peonies instead.

Happy Thankgiving!


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