Steve Jobs 2011 Flying Stars

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple ComputersToday Steve Jobs passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.  He was an icon in the tech industry and although the Mac never overtook the PC market in sales, consumers continue to anxiously await news of the latest i-gadget Apple is bringing to market.

On August 24, 2011,  Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple so he must have known his health was failing.  He’s certainly leaving behind an amazing legacy.

In my 2011 annual predictions I mentioned that technology and even someone in technology could be in the media spotlight this year due to the Fame Star sitting on the technology gua.  Steve Jobs certainly fit the bill.

When I heard he passed away this evening I wondered what his personal Flying Stars were this year and this month.  In particular, I looked at his Health direction and found that the Windfall Star is there.  Jobs’ health direction is southeast, which is wood, and the Windfall Star is metal energy.  This creates a clash of energies in feng shui because metal chops wood.  For people who have ongoing health problems this metal-meets-wood situation weakens them and creates further health problems.

This month the Fire Star is also sitting in the southeast.  Fire in feng shui (and in real life) burns wood further weakening Steve Jobs’ health direction.  When the Windfall Star meets the Fire Star this creates what is called ‘Fire at Heaven’s Gate’ and is considered bad luck. 

Because of Jobs’ poor health he certainly could have passed away at any time.  However, I have found that when people are very ill they are more vulnerable to a serious setback or even death when the yearly and monthly Flying Star combination is harsh, like it has been this month for Steve Jobs.

My heart goes out to his family and friends.  I wonder what amazing things he’ll do in his next life…


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