20 Year Flying Star feng shui

For those of you who follow this blog, you may be surprised to know there are more than just yearly and monthly Flying Stars in feng shui.  There are hourly, daily and 20-year Stars as well.

I don’t follow the daily or hourly Stars but I do look at the 20-year Stars.  Currently, we’re seven years into the 20 year cycle that began in February 2004 which means we have another 13 years to go. 

The 20-year Stars bring about long-term changes and long-term trends in the areas they sit.  As I was looking at these Stars today it was interesting to see how some of those changes and trends are playing out in our world now.  Here’s a look in case you’re interested:

Southeast – This is where the Robbery/Voilence Star sits.  The southeast is the area tied to wealth, money and banking and the element of the southeast is wood while the Robbery/Violence Star is metal energy.  Guess what happens when metal sits in a wood area?  It cuts the wood down.  It’s not surprising, then, that the banking and investment areas are experiencing trouble. 

Because this Star also brings about financial loss and theft we are likely to look back and find that news related to wealth, money, wealthy people, banking and investing was mainly about loss of capital rather than gains.    It’s no wonder that Occupy Wall Street is in progress as I write this and it’s likely that more of these marches and even violence toward Wall Street, bankers, investment firms and the Fed could arise.  After all, we’re not even at the peak of the current Flying Star cycle.  This area will continue to be under pressure through 2020 and will ease up as we transition into the new 20-year Flying Star period in 2024.

South – The south area of the feng shui bagua is tied to fame and recognition so if celebrities come to mind your thinking is right on target.  The Conflict Star sits in the south for the next 13 years meaning that there will be more negative stories about people (celebrities or anyone who is seen as a ‘bad’ person) than positive.  This conflict energy is wood energy and it sits in the area of fire.  In feng shui, wood feeds fire so the more angry, confrontational or disagreeable the story is the more people will feel drawn to the story. 

The Conflict Star is also associated with lawsuits so stories about people who have been arrested (Amanda Knox, Dr. Conrad Murray, Casey Anthony) for high profile crimes will draw people in very easily. 

Southwest –  Unfortunately, this is where the Disaster Star sits.  This Star can be beneficial because it brings about change that in the long run is usually beneficial.  The problem with this Star is that it brings these changes abruptly and sometimes in a way that feels disasterous for the person or people involved.

The southwest is feng shui direction for motherhood, marriage and business partnerships.  This means that these people and relationships will be most affected by this Star.  It’s likely that when we look back we’ll see that from 2004 til 2024 relationships experienced a big shift from a traditional get-married-have-kids way of thinking to more couples opting for a different way of relating to each other and being together. 

East – Here we find the Windfall Star sitting in the area of family, government and health.  The Windfall Star can bring opportunities and even financial bonuses from out of the blue, but because this Star is metal and sits in a wood area it can also be a harsh placement for this Star.  It’s kind of like having someone give you $500 then having your car break down the next day and finding out the repair bill is $499. 

As Americans we’ve experienced this back and forth energy in a big way.  During the 2008 election people desperately wanted change and voted for a man they thought would help bring back prosperity to the country.  They were riding high on the wave of optimism and hope.  Now 3 years later many of these same hopeful citizens are feeling let down and wondering if anyone really can do anything to improve the country’s economic outlook.

Given this Star sits in the east for the next 3 Presidential elections I would say it’s not going to matter much who is in office.  This back and forth energy is with us for a while to come.

West – Children, creativity and technology occupy the west and the New Beginnings Star sits here.  This is a water Star sitting in a metal area.  Water weakens metal in feng shui but it’s not disasterous.  It means you have to try harder to get the same results you might get in an easier situation. 

Because this Star can also mean starting over, there are likely to be more businesses that cater to children that shut down or re-vamp themselves and the same is true for technology. 

 More new ideas, products and services are likely to come from this area than any other during this 20-year cycle.

Northeast – This is where the Illness Star is located and it is in the Wisdom gua.  The Wisdom gua is tied to education, religion, books and writing.  The Illness Star demands that you put in hard work but it’s not willing to pay you extra for that hard work.  This means that schools, colleges, churches, temples, writers, publishing and the like will not experience much progress during this period even if they work morning, noon and night to get ahead.  This doesn’t mean they should stop working because all the experience they gain now could prove to be beneficial during the next 20 year period.

North – Although some of the other Stars are challenging, this is an area where we all have the experience to grow because the Relationship Star is in the area of career and the future.  This means that people we connect with during this time and the people who connect with us are likely to be able to help us move forward in life, help us in the future or even help shape our future. 

You could very easily meet people now who give you inspiration to change careers or decide what kind of career you want once you finish school if you’re in college.

Northwest – The Fire Star sits in the area of helpful people and travel.  This placement is called Fire at Heaven’s Gate and is considered bad luck because the Fire Star burns up the heavenly support this area provides.  BUT!!! I have to say that this placement can also be beneficial because this Star also allows you to connect with mentors who are well known in their field who are willing to help you out, teach you, advise you, etc. 

On a more global level the Fire Star means more news about airlines and travel problems.  Since the northwest is also tied to space it’s no surprise that NASA has cancelled the space program.  The Fire Star burned it up! 

There are always remedies for the challenging Stars and activations for the beneficial Stars.  For example, if you work in the entertainment industry or work with people who are famous in their field (not just celebrities) the Conflict Star is exerting its energy during this 20 year period.  Keeping your sense of humor, laughing and doing anything that uplifts this heavy energy is beneficial.

If you work with children or computers, now is a great time to implement new ideas, brainstorm with others about new products or services and implement those that make the most sense because the feng shui is supporting you in your efforts.

Last but not least in the center gua sits the Wisdom Star which is tied to spiritual development, learning and personal growth.  Now is the time to think about what you want to do with your life and work towards making that dream a reality.  This doesn’t mean you have to sell your home and become a monk.  It does mean, however, that you need to be honest with yourself about what kind of life you want to live and what kind of experiences you want to enjoy in your lifetime and start incorporating more of who you want to be into your every day life.

I call this ‘feeding your soul.’  This 20 year period is all about doing what feeds your soul in a way that fits your lifestyle (or not, for those of you who want to chuck it all and move to the mountains).  For some that will mean living on less money (the Robbery Star sitting on wealth), for others this will mean discovering a new service that helps people (New Beginnings Star on creativity), for others it will mean transforming their relationships into something that’s more supportive (the Disaster Star on relationships/marriage).  What will it be for you?

We’ve got 13 more years to work it all out, so enjoy the ride. 




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  1. Elaine
    Oct 09, 2011 @ 11:46:29

    Chriss, once again, FANTASTIC and very timely info. In astrology, this also coincides with Neptune (planet that represents karma, illusion, higher vision, unfinished biz and healing) in the tech sign of Aquarius through early 2012 and then heading into it’s natural placement of Pisces for the next 14 or so years. That our technological advancement has exceeded our spiritual growth is now in check! The evolution revolution is here and your advice and counsel is practical, grounded and much needed to help folks integrate the ‘lofty’ into the ‘physical’…so keep writing! Blessings, Elaine


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