The link between Flying Star Feng Shui and Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene 2011

Hurricane Irene impacts the northeast

Although the media would have you believe hurricanes are a common event in Florida and even in the southern United States each hurricane season, they’re actually fairly rare.  In fact, the last one to hit the U.S. was three years ago back in 2008.

This year Irene sprang up in the Atlantic and moved determinedly toward the Bahamas making those of us in South Florida nervous that our luck had run out.  But the track shifted north and as I type this North Carolina has taken a beating and Hurricane Irene has now settling  into Virginia then headed toward New York and other New England states.

New England? 

That can’t be right. 

Yankees are usually safe from this kind of fury from Mother Nature.

But as you know, Mother Nature has been throwing fits in the northeast for a week now beginning with the 5.8 magnitude earthquake and now her next tantrum is in the form of high winds and flooding brought by Hurricane Irene.

As odd as this seems, Flying Star Feng Shui actually hinted at the possibilities of both of these events in early August as the Disaster Star floated into the northeast area of the bagua to sit with the Water Star that’s also in the northeast for 2011.

When these two Stars get together they increase the odds of earth related disasters, heavy rains and flooding.  These Stars don’t make these things happen, they just increase the odds in favor of these types of events happening if the right catalyst comes along to trigger their energy.

This month there have been two catalysts:
1) the ‘warm spot’ in the D.C. area that geologists said had ideal conditions for an earthquake and
2) the low pressure system that drew Hurricane Irene north and away from the Florida coast

Because these Stars can be deadly when they come together like they have this month it’s really important that people in the path of the hurricane make sure they stay away from standing water, stay out of flood zones, follow instructions to evacuate flood prone areas, and avoid areas where there is a strong potential for mudslides.

Also be sure to boil your water or use other precautions with water before you drink it to avoid water borne illnesses. 

In 2011, the Water Star sits in the northeast for the entire year.  Most feng shui books will tell you this Star represents your career and your future.  What they don’t tell you is that the Water Star also represents new beginnings and starting over.  There are lots of people living in the northeast who will be starting their lives over after this event, that’s for sure.

To all of you in the path of Irene, stay safe and err on the side of being overly cautious.

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