What influence are the Flying Stars having on you?

Some of you read this blog diligently each month and it made me wonder if you also take time to journal about the events occurring in your life to see how they match up to you Flying Stars.

Personally, I usually make mental notes throughout the week when I see things that line up.  This past month, for example, my husband had the Illness and Violence Stars on his Relationship direction.  It also happens that these same Stars were on our front door for the month.

If you just look at the meaning of the Stars then technically this would indicate that my husband could have experienced a theft or some kind of violence toward him (Violence Star) for the month due to someone he knows or meets (Relationship direction) that would affect his health (Illness Star).

Well, the Violence Star also represents sharp objects, commonly knives.  Guess what?  He had an emergency appendectomy last month which included being cut due to illness by a surgeon he met through his doctor.

My daughter has the same Relationship direction that my husband has and what I’ve noticed over the years is that when this happens the negative Stars usually affect the person who is weakest energetically while the positive Stars benefit the person who is strongest energetically.   Since my daughter is physically healthy the Stars didn’t affect her health.  However, the impact on her was spending time with her father (Relationship Star) in the hospital (Illness Star) due to his surgery (Violence Star).

Now, my son and I didn’t have these Stars on any of our personal best directions yet we had the same experience my daughter did.  Why is that?  It’s because the front door is your Mouth of Chi and is where all of the yang energy is drawn into the home.

The Stars on the front door impact everyone in the home whether the front door is in one of your best directions or not.  That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the Flying Stars here each month.

Because the Violence Star and Illness Stars cannot be cured (meaning you can’t eliminate their energy; you can only reduce it), the feng shui remedies I put in place could only minimize the energy of these Stars.   It turns out that the surgical team said my husband’s appendix was in really bad shape and it was a good thing I brought him to the emergency room when I did.  If the appendix had ruptured he would have been in worse shape.

So there you go.

When the Flying Stars are beneficial you’ll want to pay attention to what they’re bringing to your life so you can appreciate it.  We often expect big things when the Flying Stars are good but more often than not it can be something seemingly small or a series of barely noticeable events that indicate your Stars are working for you.

This year I have the Relationship Star sitting on my Relationship direction.  This Star has all kinds of meanings and can bring new friends into your life, strengthen existing relationships, help you find the right people to help you in some area of your life, and so on.

One of the challenges I have when I go on vacation is finding someone to take care of my cats.  There are three of them and I don’t like the idea of them sitting in a cage at the vet’s office while I’m gone.

This year I happened to work with a woman who was always talking about earning extra money so when I knew that I was going to take a trip she was the first person that came to mind to watch the cats.  It turned out to be a win-win for both of us – she earned some extra money and someone I trusted was there to take care of my cats.

Tomorrow I’ll let you know what the Flying Stars have in store for August 8 to September 7, 2011 so that you can keep your eye out for their effects in your world.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elaine
    Aug 03, 2011 @ 15:26:36

    Chris, as usual, EXCELLENT information and wisdom. Your practical approach to energetic, daily situations puts a real-life approach in the palm (beachfengshui) of our hands! Thank you!


  2. Elaine
    Aug 03, 2011 @ 15:28:33

    Chris, as usual, EXCELLENT information and wisdom. Your practical approach to energetic, daily situations puts a real-life approach in the palm (beachfengshui) of our hands! Thank you! Plus…hope your hubby is healed and taking it easy!


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