Flying Star Feng Shui outlook – August 2011

The feng shui Stars fly into their new positions on August 8, 2011.  Here is the outlook for the month:














Southeast – Money could land in your lap unexpectedly this month.  Keep your eye out for a refund, tax return, gift or other financial surprise.

South – This is another good area for money, especially if you’ve been working hard to land a client or you’ve just finished a project.  Since this is a one time cash influx be sure to spend or save it wisely.

Southwest – This area can be trying for married couples because the Stars here create more of a chance for arguing and stress.  Keep your sense of humor.

East – Avoid this area if at all possible.  If your front door is in the east or faces east use another door.  Double Disaster Stars sit in this area of Family and Government which means we’ll be seeing more stories than usual about family related disasters and problems in government that affect families.

Center – The theme this month is fire and illness.  If you’re kitchen is in the center of your home be particularly cautious with knives and fire.

West – This area is great for relationships.  If you’re looking to meet new friends or are trying to enlist the help of friends for any reason this is the area to spend time in.

Northeast – This area can attract accidents.  If you have a kitchen, shower or room where you use power tools or sharp objects in the northeast take extra precautions now.

North – Business related lawsuits are drawn to this area in August.  If you run your own business be sure to treat clients and vendors the way you would want to be treated this month (and every month for that matter!)

Northwest – The northwest is great for increasing wealth and status.  You may even attract this through the help of someone like your boss, your father or a mentor.

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