Flying Star Feng Shui outlook – July 2011

July 7 launches the Flying Stars for the month of July.  Here is the outlook for the month:

This month there are a number of opportunities to create change if you’re interested!  And, as usual, there are some opportunities to learn lessons.  Let’s take a look:

Southeast – This year there have been and will continue to be opportunities to make money or get money from unexpected sources.  This month, however, is not one of those months.  It would be a good idea to check your bank statements, investment statments and bills to make sure that there aren’t any errors because this month they could arise.  Paying attention to your receipts and statements could save you some money.

South – If your kitchen is in the south area of your home, your front door is in the south or you have electronic equipment in the south double check to make sure you’ve turned off coffee pots, irons, and other electronic equipment before going to work or leaving for vacation.  The Flying Stars energy in the south increases the odds of a fire hazard. 

The other ‘fire’ energy is between women.  Even if you get along with your female co-workers or other women in you home, you could find yourself in disagreements this month.  Keep conversations light hearted for smooth sailing.

Southwest – This month you could find yourself in the spotlight or receiving an award.  You may even find your business partner or life partner appreciates you more than usual this month.  Enjoy!

East – Illness due to unhealthy drinks or food is possible this month.  If something doesn’t taste right don’t eat or drink it. 

Center – This area represents the overall ‘theme’ of the month which is financial loss.  For some people that can mean a loss due to investing or theft.  However, 90% of the time this energy presents itself in the form of additional expenses which can mean you need to spend money on repairs of some kind or you decide to spend money doing something fun like taking a vacation or buying a new car. 

West – This area presents a great time to make big changes in your life.  Oftentimes, these changes come unexpectedly and in a way you don’t really appreciate.  However, in the long run these changes turn out to be instrumental in propelling you forward in a way that wouldn’t have happened without them.

Northeast – If you’re a writer, student or religious/spiritual leader this is a great area for you to spend time in.  The Flying Stars here are great for uplifting insights, sudden clarity which I like to call ‘Aha!’ moments and even ideas that come out of the blue.

North – This area is troublesome for young children (under 12), so if you have kids keep them out of the north this month.  They’re more prone to accidents and getting into trouble here.

Northwest – If you’ve been looking for a mentor or advisor you could find that person this month.  This is also a good area for real estate so if you’re home faces northwest and you’ve been looking for a buyer you could find that you sell your home this month.

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  1. krista bueb
    Jul 03, 2011 @ 08:54:28

    Chriss, in your post about the July Flying Star Feng Shui, you said : “if your house is facing northeast…..” Is the “face” of the house where the front door is?



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