Maximizing your Flying Star feng shui

A couple of months ago I got an e-mail from a lady I know in the Midwest who told me she had a love/hate relationship with feng shui.  Sometimes she felt that her activations and remedies worked and other times she felt like there was no effect at all.

She’s not the only one who feels this way.  In fact, that’s how I felt the first couple of years that I began practicing feng shui.

The trick to maximizing the benefits of your Flying Star feng shui activations (and other feng shui activations like Compass, Water Dragon, Eight Mansions, etc.) is to know exactly which Stars to activate, which ones to remedy and where to put your remedies and activations.

On this feng shui blog I talk about Flying Star Feng Shui because in my opinion it’s the most dynamic and because of this it generates the best results.  When you put your Flying Star activations in place they will stimulate the good energy of the positive Stars which are the Relationship, Abundance, Career, Fame and Windfall Stars.

When you put your Flying Star remedies in place you’re reducing the harsh effects of the negative Stars which are the Illness Star, Disaster Star, Conflict Star and Violence Star.

The trick to stimulating the energy of the positive Stars and neutralizing the effects of the negative Stars is to make sure that you’re activating BOTH the yearly and monthly Flying Stars.  If you only activate one you’re only stimulating part of the positive energy or reducing part of the negative energy and that’s usually not enough because the yearly and monthly Stars work as a team. 

If you only activate the yearly Star and not the monthly Star you will only feel its effects of the yearly Star when the monthly Star is the same. 

For example, let’s say you want to attract a romantic relationship into your life and the yearly Relationship Star is in the east.  If you only activate this yearly Star you will not fully feel the beneficial effects of this Star until the monthly Relationship Star comes to sit in the East as well.

If you activate BOTH the yearly Relationship Star PLUS the monthly Stars that fly into the east each month you more than double the energy of the Relationship Star to generate positive results for you.

Of course you can always simply go on more dates or spend more time browsing too but feng shui boosts your luck by another 33% which means you can kick it up a notch without killing yourself to reach your goal.

What about the challenging Stars like the Conflict Star?  I have found that the opposite is true for these Stars, meaning if you don’t use your feng shui remedies, especially if one of these nasty Stars is on your bedroom, living room or front door then their energy is stronger and creates more problems for you.

Again, you want to remedy BOTH the yearly and montly Stars to neutralize their effects as much as possible.

Another trick that I learned about a year ago and that one of my Feng Shui Masters recently confirmed is that if you know how to dowse then use your dowsing rod(s) to find where exactly to place each Flying Star remedy and activation.  This enhances your feng shui even more because it’s like doing acupuncture on your home.  When you find the exact point that a Star is coming in to your home you increase the flow of energy coming in from the beneficial Flying Stars and stop the flow of energy at the point the energy is coming in for the difficult Stars.

Your Flying Star remedies and activations for 2011 are available in my book Flying Star Feng Shui 2011 which you can get by clicking here.

Monthly Flying Star remedies and activations are available on my website here.


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