Tornadoes and the number 7 Flying Star

Tuscaloosa, AL tornadoWhen I was a kid growing up in Oklahoma the sound of the tornado siren going off would send shivers up my spine.   I used to dread going down into the dark, cramped tornado shelter behind our house with my parents and my sister.  It always scared the living daylights out of me sitting in that dank, dark hole that smelled of mold from lack of use.

To this day the sound of a weather siren gives me the creeps.

All of the tornadic destruction created in the past couple of weeks brings back memories of climbing down into the storm shelter and I can only image how the people in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and other devastated parts of the country are feeling right now.  Perhaps the worst part is that tornado season hasn’t even kicked in yet and I’m sure these poor folkes are wondering if there is more harsh weather to come.

One tornado website I went to says that in April alone there were 871 tornadoes which is about 5 times more that the average.  Historically, May and June have the most tornadoes (about 300 each month) and if that holds true again this year then 2011 will set a record as the year with the most tornadoes in history.

But it’s not just tornadoes that are causing problems.  It’s also earthquakes, flooding, tsunamis and the damage caused by high winds like the Santa Anna winds that took out power in the Los Angeles area just today.

So why is all this catastrophic activity taking place?   In energetic terms wind represents mental energy while water represents emotional energy.  With the economic collapse of families across the globe there are a lot of people emotionally stressed out and angry and some leaders in the spiritual community believe that these energies are being cleared out on a global level through tornadoes, flooding, tsunamis and earthquakes.

Looking at the Flying Star Feng Shui for the year the energetic ‘theme’ is tied to the Star that sits in the center gua and this year that Star is the Violence Star.  The Violence Star not only brings catastrophic events (voilent political uprising, increase in weapon related events like war and robbery, weather disasters) but it also brings financial loss. 

That’s what this Star is bringing to the world in 2011.  The cost of rebuilding communities, replacing governments, upgrading construction codes and starting over comes with a hefty price tag.

The I-Ching symbol for the west, which is the direction associated with the number 7 Violence Star, means ‘destruction’ and represents mist.  Because the after effects of the storms, flooding, tsunami and political fighting have people saying, “It’s worse than we could have ever imagined,” the number 7 Star is playing out it’s role exactly as described in the I-Ching: destruction hiding in the mist.

Someone asked me yesterday if the worst is over and I hope it is, but looking at the montly Stars coming up to sit with the yearly Violence Star I doubt it.  Looking ahead to May 2011 and January 2012 it appears that more global upheaval is yet to come.

If you’re feeling the negative effects of the 2011 Flying Stars rather than the positive effects make sure that you have your feng shui remedies and activations in place.  You can find them here in my book Flying Star Feng Shui 2011 along with your personal Flying Star feng shui outlook for the year.


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