Flying Star Feng Shui May 2011

A new month is approaching and that means it’s time for the new Flying Star Feng Shui outlook:

Southeast – This month we have an interesting combination of yearly and monthly Feng Shui Flying Stars.  On the one had the Stars can bring a financial windfall or opportunity out of the blue through a friend, family member or other relationship.  On the other hand, the two Stars that sit here can also bring mental stress as a result of dealing with other people.  You will definitely want to make sure you have both the yearly and monthly Flying Stars activated in May to bring out the best possible outcome.

South – Be wary of the Stars that sit in the south this May, especially if you or someone in your home has chronic health issues.  The Flying Stars are bringing double illness energy in through the south this month so if your front door faces south or is in the south you may want to pick another door to enter and exit your home each day.  Also if your bedroom is in the south you are more likely to be affected by the double illness energy.  The right Flying Star activation will help reduce this double illness energy.

Southwest – You’re more likely to find people around you to be draining if you spend time in this area of your home or office this month.  That’s because the Flying Star combination can create emotional stress as a result of dealing with the people around you (i.e. friends, family, co-workers, a boss, etc.). 

East – The east has a troublesome Flying Star combination right now.  The Disaster Star meets the Conflict Star which indicates that arguments, fighting and even lawsuits are likely to escalate now.  Don’t expect to see much agreement when it comes to political parties trying to come to a mutual solution to problems.  Families may even experience more break-ups at this time.

Center –  This will be the toughest area for the month of May because both the Disaster and  Robbery/Violence Stars sit in the center gua.  This means that fighting on a global basis, worldwide financial loss and even theft could escalate to levels that are considered disasterous to many people across the planet.  This Star combination also increases the likelihood that we will see more murder/suicide situations because of people losing hope about their own personal economic crises.

Since the center gua is the ‘heart’ of your home and office you will definitely want to make sure you have BOTH your yearly and monthly Feng Shui remedies in place.  Also, try to avoid spending time in the center area of your home and office if possible.

West – This is another very tough area of the bagua as the Double Robbery/Violence Star sits in the west right now.  This makes children more vulnerable to violence, particularly with weapons, and can cause financial problems within the technology industry.  In addition to placing your feng shui remedies here for the yearly and monthly Flying Stars try to avoid the west area of your home and office if you can.

Northeast – Finally, a direction with good Stars on it!  The northeast is actually a terrific area during the month of May, especially for those who work in teaching or religious fields.  With all of the chaos in the world more and more people may feel the need to turn to a higher power for solace or even turn to new spiritual practices in an attempt to understand their world and their lives.  If you pray, meditate, do yoga,  read spiritual books or just need time to unwind the northeast area of your home and office is the place to spend time this month.  It’s a great place to sleep this month.

 North – The Flying Stars in north could end up being a blessing even if they don’t seem like it initially.  The Conflict Star combines with the New Beginnings Star right now which could lead to disagreements in the workplace, layoffs or even getting fired.  However, should this happen to you keep in mind that  the New Beginnings Star brings with it new opportunities which means if you lose your job you could end up discovering new opportunities that lead to greater success for you down the road.  Even disagreements at work could lead to finding new resolutions to situations that caused the disagreements in the first place.

Northwest – This is another great area for May because the Abundance Star sits with the Windfall Star in the area of Helpful People.  This means that a financial windfall or opportunity could land in your lap out of the blue through someone you know.  It could be a job offer, a refund, an unexpected home loan modification you’ve been waiting for or other pleasant surprise.  Be sure to activate both of these Stars for the best possible results, especially if this is one of your four personal best feng shui directions.

Order your copy of May Flying Star Feng Shui Activations here to set up your ideal feng shui for the month. 

You will also want to make sure that your YEARLY Feng Shui Stars have been activated, too, because the monthly and yearly Stars work in combination with one another.  The monthly activations work much better with the yearly activations.

To get all of the 2011 yearly Flying Star activations, remedies, personal best directions and predictions for Success, Health, Relationships and Wisdom  order your copy of Flying Star Feng Shui 2011 here:


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  1. sell auto notes
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 02:44:56

    Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂


  2. Fengshui Secrets
    Apr 15, 2012 @ 11:45:35

    It is the knowledge of feng-shui i.e., the knowledge of the power and influence of our surroundings and more particularly the element of wind and water that makes all the difference… It determines whether we thrive in a environment of positive or negative energy; and that is what makes for a healthy, wealthy & successful life.


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