Flying Star bring disaster to Japan

Japanese tsunami March 2011Yesterday just after 2pm a disasterous earthquake registering 8.9 on the Ricter Scale hit Sendai, Japan, a city 250 miles Northeast of Tokyo.  Following the earthquake was a devastating tsunami that wiped homes, roads, farmland and even the airport in Sendai.

If you follow my Flying Star Feng Shui blog you know that this month all of the Flying Stars have double energy.  This month there is a double Disaster Star sitting in the east.  If you look at a world map you will see that Japan is one of the countries that sits smack dab in the east.  This makes Japan (and other countries in the east) prime targets for death and disaster this month.

Another interesting thing about the Disaster Star is that it is an earth element.  This means that earth related disasters are the most likely type of disaster to occur and earthquakes certainly fall into that category.  Although the tsunami, which is water, caused a tremendous amount of damage this wall of water was a result of the earthquake that occurred.

Since we’ve just enerted this month of double Disaster energy it’s likely that more problems in the east will occur before March is over.


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