Flying Star Feng Shui outlook – March 2011

The monthly Flying Stars change position in early March.  Here is the outlook for the coming month:

  During March all of the Stars are doubly potent and what better Star to begin with than the Windfall Star in the southeast.  Even better is that the southeast is the area of the feng shui bagua associated with wealth.  This means the odds of getting an unexpected financial windfall this month is very good, especially if the front door of your home is in the southeast or if the southeast is your Success direction. 

Keep your eyes open for a tax refund, unexpected insurance rebate, bonus or other unexpected money that could come in your door this month.

South – This is an area of you’re home you’ll want to avoid this month because there’s twice the Illness energy here.  If your bedroom is in the south area of your home and you have a chronic illness that’s not well controlled then find another room to sleep in this month.  If you’re pregnant you will also want to find another room to sleep in.  If your front door is in the south area of your home you and your family are more likely to catch a cold or get the flu this month.  

Southwest – This is another terrific direction this month especially if you’re planning to get married, trying to find a date or even if you’re in couple’s counselling.  Spend as much time as you can in the southwest area of your home to create more support in your marriage and business partnerships this month because the Stars here are very supportive right now.

East – This is an area that can end up wreaking all kinds of havoc this month.  If you watch the news you’re very likely to see turmoil and possible disaterous situations affecting government as well as families because of the doubled energy of the Disaster Star.  This can mean loss of government benefits, increased taxes, more job losses, people rising up against the government even more so than we’re seeing now, the government strong arming citizens to try to keep control, etc. 

This year is going to be tumultous for governments and families all over the world.  This month and again in October the energy is particularly strong.

Center – Unfortunately, this is another area of trouble this month since we have double Violence/Robbery energy here.  What this means is that financial loss as well as an increase in theft and violence will be the overall theme for the world and your country for the month. 

Since the Disaster Star sits on government and families and the Violence/Robbery Star is the overriding theme for March this tells me that more people are going to be struggling to survive.  This can lead to more theft from people trying to find a way to pay their bills and feed their families, even people who would never think of doing such a thing under normal circumstances. 

It also indicates that more governments may confess their economies are in much worse shape than they’ve been willing to admit and that have no ideas on how to get their economies out of the ditch.   This could result in tax increases, new levies and tariffs, etc. which further strips people of the little money they already have.  I see this as a very tough month financially on a global level.

West – Here we have some better energy with the double Fame Star shining it’s light here.  We could hear about new technology that puts a particular company or person in the spotlight.  We could also hear news about someone from the tech sector that is positive or negative but, in any case, is newsworthy.  This Star is also very good for people who are writers, artists and those who have other creative talents they want to expose. 

Northwest – This month it’s very possible that we could hear news about the airline or space industry that become long-term and permanent changes.  Because this area is also associated with helpful people it’s a great month to reach out to advisors and mentors for help or advice.  If you have been thinking about finding a mentor or becoming one now is a great time to do it.

North – Ugh!  Here comes the Conflict Star to bring trouble to any already stressed workforce.  The north is tied to Career which means that arguments at work or about work are more likely now.  If you own your own business clients may seem more crabby or irrational than usual.  Make sure that if you have to sign any contracts right now that they have been reviewed by a good lawyer because lawsuits are more likely to result from anything signed right now.

Northeast – The New Beginnings Star is sitting in the area of education and wisdom and this Star is somewhat two sided.  On the one hand we could see new schools, churches and spiritual leaders emerging. 

On the other hand it can mean that schools we tought would be around forever in our neighborhoods or as collegiate pillars throughout our country could announce that they’re closing their doors.  The same goes for churches, temples and other religious places.  That’s because the New Beginnings Star demands that these institutions change with the times; something that’s easier said than done, especially the longer the institution is rooted in tradition and dogma.

The New Beginnings Star is great for those of you planning to take a class to learn something new, going back to college or entering the teaching community.

Remember to put your feng shui activations in place so you can bring out all of the best energy of the Windfall, Fame, Abundance and Relationship Stars and reduce the energy of the troublesome Illness, Conflict, Disaster and Violence/Robbery Stars.  You can get all the March 2011 Flying Star Feng Shui activations by clicking here.


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