Flying Star feng shui can be dangerous to your comfort zone

Have you ever noticed that some people say their desperate to change their lives and no matter what they do, nothing ever seems to work out for them?

I’ve seen this  a lot with the people I work with.  One woman named Linda from the U.K. contacted me because she had tried a different type of feng shui before and said she didn’t see any change.  She decided she wanted to try Flying Star Feng Shui to see if it would make a difference for her.

I asked her what, specifically, she wanted to change in her life and she said her career.   Linda had been in the same job for a number of years and felt she was ready to take her career to the next level.  But whenever she applied for a better position either she wouldn’t get a call back or she’d go for the interview and never hear from the company again.

She said that because she didn’t make much money she found that there were many times when she struggled just to pay her bills.  There was nothing left over for dinners out much less a vacation.

She also wanted to attract a boyfriend.  She said that she’d been on only a handful of dates in the past four years and none of those dates turned into a relationship.

I took a look at the floor plan of her apartment and could see several challenges going on for her.

First, she had the Illness Star on the money area of her front door.  This always means it’s hard to bring in money which was why she was struggling to pay her bills.  This Star can also keep you from advancing in your career to a higher paying salary because its job is to make sure your cash flow is anemic.  If by some chance you are able to bring in extra money it will be short lived because of the energy of this Star.

The second problem was that her kitchen was in her relationship area.  Whenever you have a kitchen, bathroom or laundry in one of your good directions it drains away half the energy of those directions.  It doesn’t mean you can’t be successful.  It just means you have to try a lot harder.

Her career direction was actually where her dining room was located which was good but with the Illness Star on her front door keeping money at bay was preventing her from being able to advance in her work.

The most important Flying Stars in any home are going to be the ones on the front door and the ones on the master bedroom.  The reason for this is that the front door brings in the daytime/yang/active energy and the master bedroom is the dominant room for the nighttime/yin/passive energy.

Although the other Stars in your home are important, these Stars will have the greatest overall impact on you and your family.

So I sent her the Feng Shui recommendations for her home and she was very excited to get them in place.  Once she did, though, she got a very unexpected surprise.

She said she got a raise at work within a week.

She said a friend she hadn’t talked to in months called out of the blue within a few days to set her up on a blind date.

She said she sat down to update her resume and the words came so easily she was able to finish it in a couple of hours.

Then other things happened she wasn’t expecting.  She said the people she worked with were nicer to her.  (I had no idea they were mean until she told me this.)  She also said that for the first time ever she was able to arrange a one week vacation to go home and see her family.

She was stunned.

She was also very scared.  She was scared, she said, because all these changes were coming too fast for her and she didn’t think she was ready for them.

So you know what she did?  She took down her feng shui activations.

And do you know what happened?  Her life went back to the way it was.  She went back to struggling to pay the bills.  The blind date that had been a hit ended up hitting a brick wall.  She decided not to look for a new job.

But in her misery she was comfortable because it was familiar.  Good fortune and luck were not things she was accustomed to and they frightened her.

Flying Star Feng Shui is definitely not for everyone, but if it’s for you then subscribe here to my Flying Star Feng Shui Blog’s RSS Feed and get notified instantly when I post a new article.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ana M. Oliveira
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 06:00:18

    Great article, Chriss!
    So much fear! “Be careful what you wish for, because you can get it!” right? 🙂 Yes, Change is a big challenge for many people.
    A technical question for you Chriss (:-): How did you find her FS directions at home? Looking for the year of the construction of the building, the date of her move to that house, or do you have in mind only her best directions?


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