Countdown to Flying Star Feng Shui – Day 4

Feng Shui yourself todayIt’s four more days until the 2011 Flying Stars fly in.  That means today is a good day to feng shui yourself. 

Here are some ideas to spark your creativite juices:

  • Go get that new haircut you always wanted
  • Spend the day at the spa
  • Treat yourself to lunch with a friend who’s company you enjoy
  • Join the gym like you’ve been telling yourself you are going to do
  • Join a weight loss or weight management program that fits your lifestyle
  • Do a wardrobe makeover
  • Get a personal makeover or just get a new blush or lipstick you like
  • Go see that matinee movie you have been dying to get to
  • Update your resume
  • Apply for a job, a promotion or new job
  • Call an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while
  • Sign up for a class that interests you
  • Set up that art or writing studio you’ve always wanted

Come up with your own ideas or use one of these. As long as you do something for yourself today that’s all that matters.  I’m thinking about spending the day at the beach with a good book.  



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