February Flying Star Feng Shui outlook

This is it!  We’ve now entered the new Flying Star year for 2011. 

Since my book Flying Star Feng Shui 2011 gives you the outlook for the year I’ll just be posting the February Flying Star outlook here:

February 2011 Flying Star Feng Shui Chart

Southeast – This month there is a double metal clash on the area that represents wealth and money.  We’re likely to see problems on Wall Street and industries related to finances like banks, brokerage houses and investment firms.  The Stars in the southeast also increase the odds of robbery so it’s quite possible that you hear about an increase in bank robberies in your area or that a prominent bank is robbed that we hear about nationally or internationally. 

South –  Here we have what is called ‘bullfight sha’ which means arguments between mothers and sons.  I’ve also seen this manifest itself as disagreements between female bosses and male employees.  If you are a mom with a son or are a woman who works with younger men (or a man who works with older women) be sure to keep your sense of humor this month.

Southwest – This month has an interesting combination of Stars because you could feel this energy in one of two ways.  Since the southwest is the area for marriage and love you could find that you experience some kind of unexpected change with your partner.  On the one hand the change could make your relationships stronger.  On the other hand if your relationship is on rocky ground you could decide it’s time to seek the help of a counsellor or call it quits so that you can move forward.  In any case, these Stars bring up the unexpected.

East – This is another area where we could experience unexpected news with regard to our families, perhaps a parent or sibling.   Our government (local, state and/or national) may decide to pass a law that offers a temporary tax break or temporary financial assistance to a group of people.  If they do it’s likely to create problems in the long run.

Center – The center gua is good for romance.  Whether you’re dating or married this is nice energy to have this month so be sure to activate this area even if you don’t activate any of the others.  This area also increases the chance of making money through investing but do your homework first to make sure you understand all the risks involved.

West – If you’re a student or have children in school this is a great area of the house to study because this month the Flying Stars support academic success.  It’s also a good area for those looking to change jobs.

Northeast – This area is challenging for relationships especially if the woman in the home tends to be dominating.  The Stars here amplify this behavior so try to avoid spending a lot of time in the northeast area of your home or office.

North – This area creates conflict.  Men who have mental and/or emotional problems could find that the Stars make these issues even more challenging, especially as it relates to work. 

Northwest – This is another great feng shui area this month.  It supports happiness and is good for fun activities like family get togethers, parties and marriage.  This is another area you’ll definitely want to activate for the month.

This year I’m offering all of the monthly Flying Star Feng Shui activations and remedies through my website.  You can get your instant download of February’s Flying Star Feng Shui activations and remedies here.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jean Fioretti
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 13:56:27

    what would be the best direction for a kua #9 person to sleep in? s, e, se, or n


  2. Jane
    Feb 09, 2011 @ 18:20:30

    How do I subscribe by email to your wordpress posts??


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