The violent feng shui of Egypt

All eyes have been on Egypt the past few days as the protests of the people against the government have escalated into violence.  The change being demanded by the people of Egypt who say they are tired of the corruption and political oppression has not come despite promises by President Hosni Mubarak. 

Political unrest in Egypt fueled by Flying Star feng shuiBut Egypt is just the latest in the Middle East protests going on.  Tunisia, Lebanon and Yemen governments are also dealing with political unrest as citizens there have risen up the past few weeks to say, “No more!”

What’s going on here?  Not much has really changed as far as government leadership or management of the countries in decades so why the sudden uprising here?

Well, obviously people have had enough but the Flying Star feng shui is also affecting this area of the world and will continue to do so through February 2012.

Although the new Stars for 2011 don’t officially fly in until February 4 their effects can be felt as early as 9 weeks ahead of time and that’s what the people in the Middle East are feeling.  The Star they’re feeling is the Violence/Robbery Star sitting in the Center gua for the year.

If you look at a flat map of the Earth you’ll see that Africa and the Middle Eastern countries occupy the middle of the map.  If you put the feng shui bagua (which looks like a tic-tac-toe symbol) over the map the center gua (or box) is where those countries sit and with the Violence/Robbery Star sitting in the center gua this means that violence and theft will be a dominant theme for these countries this year.

Now, normally there’s fighting and violence in the Middle East anyway.  That’s not new.  But what’s going to be different this year as we’re already seeing is that countries that don’t normally experience violent protests and fighting within their countries are going to be subject to this Flying Star’s energy.

If you’ve been planning a trip to this part of the world for 2011 you may want to pick an area that’s more friendly like South America which is where the Relationship Star sits this year.

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