Charlie Sheen’s feng shui karma number tied to drug problem

Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half MenYes, I admit it.  I’m a big fan of Charlie Sheen’s show Two and a Half Men.  In the show Charlie is everything that is repulsive to me.  He’s a womanizer, he’s a drunk and he’s self absorbed but for some reason this show makes those qualities humorous and we have Chuck Lorre to thank for that.

However, Charlie Sheen is also like this in real life.  In the past year his drunken and drugged up escapades have sent his car over a cliff (it was supposedly stolen and run off the cliff by a stranger), led him to destroy a room in the Plaza Hotel in New York in an alcohol and cocaine induced rage and just recently he was rushed to the hospital for drug related illness after partying at his home with several porn stars (a favorite choice of companion for Sheen).  Now he’s in rehab and his show is in hiatus until he comes out.

Charlie Sheen has a history of making poor choices in his life and my belief is that is related to his personal feng shui.

A person’s feng shui Kua number often indicates the area of life that will give them the most challenges and bring them the most spiritual growth.  I think a better name for this number would be your Karma number because it really is more about learning to deal with issues that you tend to struggle with.

Charlie Sheen’s Karma number (I just decided I’m changing the name) is tied to wisdom and spiritual growth.  It’s also the number of the youngest son in the family which Sheen also happens to be.  (That part is just a coincidence but reinforces the energy of his Karma number even more.)

This means that Sheen’s primary challenges in life will be related to making wise decisions and learning from mistakes he makes in life.  I don’t think he’s quite figured this lesson out yet.  In fact, his whole life seems to be about rebelling against his karmic lessons.

The past couple of years have been particularly tough for him.  It doesn’t help that he had the Conflict Star on his Wisdom direction in 2009 when he broke up with his third wife, Brooke Mueller.  That Star brings arguments, divorce and lawsuits. 

And in 2010 he had the Illness Star on his Wisdom direction which can lead to poor choices related to mental, emotional and/or physical health.  This Star hasn’t left him yet which is why it’s not unusual that his drug problem made the news last week.

But beginning February 2011 Charlie has a new Star flying into his Wisdom direction and that’s the New Beginnings Star.  Although he entered rehab before this Star arrived we’re close enough to the new year that his efforts to turn his life around and stop using drugs could actually work.  That is if he really wants to.

Positive Flying Stars like the New Beginnings Star make it easier to move in a positive direction and when you combine the energy of the good Stars with your own personal efforts (you do have to do something; just sitting and waiting for the Universe to do everything for you doesn’t work) the results can be astounding.

Here’s hoping Charlie Sheen starts making better decisions for himself in 2011.


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  1. Euthad
    Feb 12, 2011 @ 17:18:53

    Enjoyed reading this, will check back soon!


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