Countdown to Flying Star Feng Shui – Day 9

Here we are!  Just nine more days until the new Flying Star Year begins.

In feng shui February 4 is called the Coming of Spring and is the first day of the new Flying Star Year.  This date is different than the first day of the Chinese New Year, which is based upon the ten thousand year calendar.

Feng shui works in cycles of 9:

  • There are 9 squares on the feng shui bagua.
  • There are 9 feng shui Flying Stars
  • There are 9 directions
  • There are 9 family members represented
  • There are 9 areas of life

Once you place your feng shui activations you will often start feeling their effects in as little as 9 days to 9 weeks.

Because of this cycle of 9 energy I find that I start feeling the effects of the new Flying Stars about 9 weeks before they fly in for the coming year.  If you’re sensitive to energy you may have been feeling this to.

To prepare for the 2011 Flying Stars I thought it would be auspicious to start our feng shui preparations 9 days before the new year begins.

Today is a great day to take down all of your Flying Star feng shui remedies and activations from 2010. 

Once you’ve done this be sure to clean everything you used by filling a sink with water and a couple of drops of lavendar essential oil or lavendar dish soap. 

Wipe down your feng shui items and let them dry.  If you used crystals or stones of any kind be sure to re-activate them by placing them out in the sunshine for at least 6 hours.  This will infuse them with the daytime (yang) energy and make them more effective for you.

If any of your feng shui objects are chipped, broken or being held together with tape or glue then replace them with new objects that are not broken.  Broken objects in feng shui represent broken energy which means these items will not be able to work for you.

Once you have everything cleaned up you’ll be ready to feng shui for the coming year.

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