Birthday Feng Shui

Well, it’s official.  This week I turn 40 something.

In feng shui every birthday has it’s own Kua number and your number tells you a lot of things like what direction is best for your career, which area you need to feng shui to attract a loving relationship, which direction will cause you frustration and more.

Everyone has four good directions which are best for career success, good health, loving and supportive relationships and making good decisions.

You also have four directions that can bring frustration in your life, financial loss, illness and other misfortunes.

It’s important to know which of your four feng shui directions support you and which four create obstacles so that you can use your four best directions as much as possible and avoid the others.

Your Kua number  and directions also affected by the yearly feng shui Flying Stars.  There are 9 different types of Flying Stars and they are:

  1. New Beginnings Star – good for cash flow and career
  2. Illness Star – creates health problems and financial challenges
  3. Conflict Star – brings arguments, legal problems
  4. Relationship Star – good for attracting new people into your life and strengthening existing relationships
  5. Disaster Star – creates big changes, usually in abrupt and unexpected ways.  Can bring accidents, bankruptcy and other problems.
  6. Windfall Star – good for bringing financial windfalls or unexpected opportunities out of the blue
  7. Violence/Robbery Star – Can create accidents and theft
  8. Abundance Star – good for wealth, success and spiritual growth
  9. Fame Star – good for gaining fame and recognition from others

Do you know which of these Stars is going to affect your career this year?  Is it a good Star?  If so, how will you use your feng shui to enhance its energy?

Is it a difficult Star?  If so, how will you use your feng shui to neutralize this Star as much as possible to make your year go smoothly?

Do you know what the Star on your career direction means for you in 2011?

Which Flying Star is sitting on your relationship direction this year?  Is this the year you could find a loving partner once and for all or is this going to be a year when your relationships could feel draining rather than supportive?

If your relationship Flying Star is good for finding ‘the one’ do you know how to activate its energy?

If your relationship Flying Star is challenging do you know how to reduce the energy of that Star so that you sail through the year with a smile rather than a headache?

As I was thinking about turning another year older I decided that I should be giving a gift rather than receiving one so that’s just what I’m doing.

My gift to you is good feng shui for 2011.  Order your copy of my new book Flying Star Feng Shui 2011Flying Star Feng Shui 2011 between now and Friday, Jan. 21 and get 10 percent off the list price.  

You deserve to live and work in positive environment and Flying Star Feng Shui 2011 will help you do just that.  The new Flying Star Feng Shui year begins Feb. 4, 2011 which means you have plenty of time to read your personal Flying Star predictions for your career, health, relationships and more and use the feng shui activations listed in the book to create the best possible luck for yourself this year.

Order your copy now at and enter coupon code NPRFDYDT for your 10 percent discount.  This code expires Jan. 21 so order now and create your own fabulous feng shui for 2011!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ana M. Oliveira
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 06:09:04

    Hi, Chriss! That’s a very good article explaining the connection between Kua numbers and Flying Stars. I’m waiting for your book (faster ship from Amazon without taxes 🙂 and eager to learn a bit more about FS Feng Shui (there is so little information about these subject in internet!).
    And by the way… Happy Birthday to you!


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  3. Chris
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 19:22:10

    Hello Chriss,
    Happy Birthday to you!
    I have purchased your new book and after reading it have the following question: my Kua number is 1, my husband’s Kua number is 6. As I can see from the table on page 26, my best directions are my husbands worst directions and vice versa. If I understand it correctly, I need to calm the energy in my worst directions, however these are my husband’s best directions, so he will want to activate the energy there. How should we proceed?
    Also: the transformation star is in one of my best directions. In your list of the different types of flying stars I didn’t find the transformation star?

    Thanks in advance for your clarifications and thank you for writing the book.


    • cbarr
      Jan 17, 2011 @ 19:51:03

      Hi Chris,

      The Flying Star activation/remedy is the same whether the direction is good for you or not. Use the feng shui activations and remedies listed in the book for the directions as listed and you and your husband will be covered for the year.

      The Transformation Star is more commonly called the Disaster Star because it can bring major problems. However, I have found that most people experience it as unexpected and abrupt change that changes things for the better in the long run. That’s why I call it the Transformation Star because it brings about transformation to people’s lives.


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