How to clear your feng shui objects

feng shui wind chimesIn preparation for the 2011 Flying Stars that shift to their new location on February 4 make sure that you cleanse your feng shui objects for the new year.  Throughout 2010 your Flying Star remedies in particular have been working to absorb the negative energy of the Conflict, Disaster, Illness and Violence Stars for the year.  Before moving them to their new positions for 2011 you’ll want to clear them of the negative energy from 2010 so that they create the best possible energy for you in the coming year.

About a week before the Stars fly in (the last week of January is fine) take down your 2010 Flying Star feng shui activations and remedies. 

Next, you’ll want to throw away any of your feng shui objects that are broken, cracked or in need of repair.  Broken objects represent broken energy and are not effective in creating good feng shui.

Finally, add a couple of drops of lavendar essential oil to warm water and wash or wipe down the objects you used for your 2010 Flying Star feng shui like crystals, wind chimes, fountains, etc.   After you’ve washed your crystals put them outside in the sunlight for at least  6 hours to re-energize them. 

Your Flying Star feng shui activations will now be ready to use for 2011.

Flying Star Feng Shui 2011 by Chriss BarrIf you’d like to get your personal Flying Star Feng Shui predictions for the year along with all the activations and remedies for 2011 be sure to get a copy of my book Flying Star Feng Shui 2011 here:


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