Look at the Flying Star Feng Shui before moving into an office

Bad office feng shuiTwo weeks ago I got a call from a lawyer who was getting ready to move into a new office.  He said he’d heard about me from a friend and wanted me to come look at the feng shui once he moved into his new space.

I told him that the time to look at the feng shui, especially Flying Star Feng Shui, is BEFORE you even sign the contract on an office because it’s very important to check the Flying Stars on the front door of the office and on the office of the person bringing in the clients.

If the Stars on both the front door and sales office are bad the odds of the business going under are extremely high.  In fact, you shouldn’t even rent or buy the office.

If the Flying Stars on the front door are bad but they’re good on the sales office (or vice versa) the business will do better but it will be a constant challenge to bring in new clients, keep clients and make money. 

As it turns out this guy’s prior office had a double Disaster Star on the front door and Stars on his personal office that indicated money would be like a roller coaster for his business – up one day and down the next.  It’s hard to budget when you don’t know what your cash flow is going to be because it’s so unpredictable.

His eyes got wide and he said, “Oh, wow, that’s exactly how it’s been.  Some days I go to the bank and the deposit is so small that I’m not sure if we’re going to be able to cover the bills.  Then a week or two later I get enough business that it relieves some of the stress, but I never know from one week to the next what’s coming in.”

Yep, no surprise.

It turns out that the office he was moving into also has a double Disaster Star on it.  (It’s strange how once you bring that energy in to your home or business you keep attracting it to yourself.)  Fortunately, the Stars on his personal office are good for attracting and keeping clients as well as making money.

So, even though this office is not ideal and will still be a challenge for him, at least his cash flow should become more consistent (though the clients he attracts may create headaches for him).

My point in blogging about this is to let you know that BEFORE you sign a contract to rent or buy an office or home make sure you check out the Flying Star feng shui of the building FIRST.  The reason for this is that you can’t eliminate the negative energy of bad Stars.  You can only reduce its effects.

It’s much easier to pass on a building with bad feng shui than it is to live or work in it. 

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