January 2011 Flying Star Feng Shui outlook

Although the 2010 calendar year ends today the 2010 Flying Star year doesn’t end until February 3, 2011 so we have one final month before the Flying Star energy shifts for the better.

The good news is that this month will be better than last month (not too hard to do given the difficult Star combinations we had in December).  Let’s see what possibilities lie ahead for January:

January 2010 Flying Star feng shui outlook

January 2011 Flying Star Feng Shui outlook

Let’s start with the good news, the Stars sitting in the Southeast are great for money and romance and since the Southeast represents finances this could mean that banks and other financial institutions report higher than expected profits for 2010.  It can also bring additional financial resources to you especially if the Southeast is your personal Success direction. 

Then we have the Stars in the South that create financial loss which counter the Stars in the Southeast.  However, these Stars can be controlled with your feng shui remedies so make sure to put them up.  From a practical standpoint it’s a good month to watch your spending.

This is also a good month to use your sense of humor, see funny movies or go to a comedy club because the Stars in the south are also known for bringing arguments and disagreement between people.   Laughter is good medicine for this.

The southwest is somewhat two-faced in January.  On the one hand it can bring an unexpected windfall.  On the other hand this windfall can be a result of some kind of unfortunate event like a car accident, loss of a loved one, etc.

The Flying Stars in the west can slow down cash flow to businesses that have a front door facing west.  It’s also likely that revenue will slow down for creative types like artists, authors and even people in the technology sector.  If you happen to be one of those people it’s a good month to take time off or plan for the coming year rather than launch a new product or service.

The center gua (square) contains some wonderful Stars that bring happiness and joy to your home and your relationship with a significant other.  Although these Stars are considered locked since they are boxed in by the other 8 directions of the bagua, activating the center area of your home with the feng shui for the month will help to bring out this energy so make sure to do that. (I will be posting the feng shui activations for January shortly.)

The east is going to be a bit problematic because we have what is called “double metal clash” between the Flying Stars here.  These Stars are also sitting in the east which is a wood element area.  Wood and metal clash in feng shui meaning we are likely to see a clashing of ideas, philosophies and rules between governments and citizens.  Citizens are likely to protest and demonstrate against changes to social programs, tax increases and other unpalatable legislation right now. 

The east is all about history and the past and it’s going to be hard for some people (both citizens and government officials) to let go of old ways that no longer work to make way for new ones.

In the northeast the Stars bring disagreement between mothers and sons as well as older women in the workplace and their younger counterparts or employees.  These Stars present the opportunity to listen rather than react.  If a confrontational situation or discussion does present itself this month and you feel that you or the other person is not ready to listen or react calmly then reschedule a time to meet after you and/or they have had a chance to calm down and collect their thoughts.

The January Flying Stars in the north have the same two-sided energy that the Stars have in the southwest but with a slightly different twist.  One of the Stars brings unexpected change and opportunity while the other one brings new relationships.

Some people may experience this Star combination in the form of landing a new job while others may find themselves receiving pink slips.  My feeling is that in general more people will be losing jobs this month than gaining and it is likely to come as a surprise to economists when the unemployment rate for January comes out in February/March. 

The Flying Stars in the north can also bring job related accidents so be even more careful if you work with heavy machinery or are in a dangerous line of work.

The final feng shui gua is the northwest and the Stars here are terrific for academics.  In fact, if you’ve been looking for someone to mentor, tutor or advise you in some way this is a great month to find that person.

If the northwest is your personal Success direction you could find that you land a new job this month or new clients if you own your own business.  If this IS your personal Success direction it’s a great month to enlist the help of a friend or group of friends to help you launch a new service, promote your business or get advice about ideas you have for a new product or service.

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  3. Elaine
    Jan 03, 2011 @ 13:49:07

    Chriss! Thank you for your insights and expertise. As an energy worker I find your flying star assessments so accurate. Your yearly Feng Shui Outlook (that I gave myself for Christmas) is already proving itself one of the best investments I’ve made in the past 12 months. Happiest of New years! Elaine Edelson-Your Prophet to Profit


  4. jeremy
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 02:19:03



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