Stephen Griffiths, the Crossbow Cannibal, gets his feng shui wish

Stephen Griffiths the Crossbow Cannibal

Stephen Griffiths the Crossbow Cannibal

You may have heard of him just recently.  Britain’s self-named ‘Crossbow Cannibal,’ Stephen Griffiths was finally arrested in May 2010 for the serial murders of three women in Bradford, England from 2009 until 2010.

What’s alarming and eerily fascinating about this guy is that he’s a psychology graduate and was a PhD student in criminology, which both deal with the nature and cause of human behavior.  It seems to me that his interest in these fields was an attempt at trying to understand his own demons.  Whether he does understand them or not we may never know but clearly he wasn’t able to gain control of them.

Stephens was finally caught for his horrible crimes after a closed circuit video in his apartment building taped him dragging his third victim to his room and then waving his crossbow in front of the camera after shooting his victim in the head with an arrow.  Apparently, this is how all three of his victims died.

Griffiths was arrested in May 2010, three days after his third victim was reported missing and was found guilty in court on Decemberr 21 this year after confessing to all three crimes.

The police had been watching Stephen Griffiths for a couple of years after he mentioned being obsessed with mass murder to an officer a few years ago.  But Griffiths never did anything following that comment to result in an arrest according to UK police.

So why did Griffiths start his killing spree in 2009?  Well, his Flying Stars hold clues to this.

Stephen Griffiths had two Stars that created big changes for him that year: the Disaster Star and the Violence Star.  The Disaster Star sitting on his Success direction made it easier for him to decide to start his new career as a serial murderer since he was pre-disposed to these thoughts.

And the Violence Star on his Relationship direction was a sign that either he would be a victim of violence or that he would be the the one bringing violent behavior to one or more of his relationships. 

Since the women he killed were prostitutes and not actual friends of his you may be wondering if his interaction with these women could really be considered a relationship at all.  In feng shui relationships are about people coming together whether they are strangers, relatives or good friends so the level of connection is not relevant to the Flying Stars.

In the end the timing of the Disaster and Violence Stars made it very easy for Griffiths to begin killing women in 2009 just as his Flying Stars in 2010 helped him get caught.

This year the Relationship Star has been sitting in Griffiths’ Success direction meaning it is easy for him to connect with people through his work.   In his profession as a serial killer this Star brings energy that would have made it easier for him to bring his two additional victims back to his apartment and shoot them in the head.

And because this Star makes you want to connect with people it’s no wonder that he flaunted his crime in front of the camera in the hallway of his building.  He wanted others to see what he was doing and to connect with the world in this very disturbing way.

But what he may not have bargained for was the Windfall Star on his Relationship direction.  This Star brings opportunities to you out of the blue and stumbling upon his victims earlier this year may have been just that for Griffiths.  But this Star is also represents the police and given his criminal background having the Windfall Star on his Relationship direction meant it would be much easier for him to get arrested this year. 

Since the Windfall Star is mainly associated with good fortune and opportunities landing in your lap from out of the blue it would seem that this Star didn’t work for Griffiths the way it was supposed to.  But I think it did exactly what he wanted it to do.  I think that because he was not able to control his mental illness that the only solution he could see was having someone else bring his nightmare to an end. 

He got his wish.

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