Feng Shui conflict ahead for Reese Witherspoon’s relationships

Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon engaged to be married.

Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon (photo by Ramey)

Today I read that Reese Witherspoon is engaged to be married to a talent agent named Jim Toth.  This will be Reese’s second marriage after divorcing her husband Ryan Phillippe back in 2008.

It’s a great year for Reese to get engaged but I hope she decides to elope in January because when the Flying Stars change into their new positions for 2011 in February she’s going to have a terrible Star on her Relationship direction.

This year Reese has had the Relationship Star on her Relationship direction.  This Star makes it easier to connect with people, make friends and find a new love so it’s no wonder that she met her now husband-to-be in 2010.  Although this Star doesn’t guarantee you’ll meet the man or woman of your dreams, it does make it a lot easier because it brings a ‘coming together’ energy with it.

However, 2011 the Flying Stars change and the Conflict Star will be sitting on  Witherspoon’s Relationship direction instead.  The Conflict Star is not one you typically want to get married under because it brings arguments, disagreements and even jealousy.  Since this Star is going to be on her Relationship direction it means that her relationships with others (friends, directors, family, and her fiance) are going to be more contentious.   Although planning a wedding is always stressful and can make people disagreeable, especially the bride, the Conflict Star will amplify that energy and make it worse. 

If Reese and Jim do get married in 2011 it’s likely to be a bit of a challenging year.  They’ll need to remember that laughter is the best medicine because humor is a good antidote for this Star. 

I’m hoping they wait until 2013 to get married when both Witherspoon and Toth will have better Stars on their Relationship directions.  But hey, no one is asking me….

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