An easy way to boost your feng shui energy

Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

For the past few years I’ve noticed an interesting trend going on.  I see it on cars, clothes, in shopping centers, on children, notebooks, backpacks, luggage, lunch boxes, shoes, hair dryers and on and on. 

You name the item and I’ll bet I can find one with this symbol on it.

And because people are always asking me how they can make their life better with feng shui it occured to me that telling people to eliminate this one symbol from their homes, cars, offices and personal clothing would go a long way toward lifting the energy around you.

What is that one symbol?

It’s been popular for hundreds of years.  It brings to mind images of adventure, intrigue, excitement.

It also brings to mind death, rape, theft, poison, and danger.

You probably guessed that it’s the skull symbol you see everywhere and popularized when Pirates of the Caribbean came out.   After all, seeing Johnny Depp as a pirate made this symbol sexy and hip.

Sometimes this symbol is cutsied up with a pink bow to make it look friendlier but it doesn’t change its negative energy.   After all, if you saw a skull with a pink bow on a bottle of arsenic would you think it was any less harmful?

It’s clever the way it’s been marketed to seem sexy, trendy even.  However, the energy behind a skull and skull with cross bones still remains the same – death – whether it be by poison, pirate, plague or other means.

Do you really want to be carrying the energy of death on your car?  Wearing it on your body?  Constantly picking up products that subliminally remind you of dying or that your death is imminent?

What’s worse is when you wear this symbol over your heart chakra.   Your heart chakra is all about self-love and love for others.  Do you really want to kill the love you have for yourself or the love you feel for others?

If you’re wearing a skull shirt this is the message you’re sending out to the universe.

One of the best gifts you can give yourself this season is to go through your closets, dresser, look at your car and your belongings and see if you have anything with this symbol on it.  If you do throw it away. 

Don’t give these items away because you’d be sending the message that you want that person to receive negative energy.   Not very neighborly not to mention the bad karma you’d be unintentionally creating for yourself.

Just toss the skulls and look for uplifting symbols to bring into your life like peace signs, sun symbols, roses, doves and wear those instead.  You’ll feel better and you’ll find that your frame of mind changes too.

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